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How much money do slime makers make

how much money do slime makers make

Karina Garcia is known as the internet’s «slime queen» — and that’s a big compliment. In less than three years, the year-old has turned her one-time hobby — posting DIY slime videos to YouTube — into a full-time career, and gone from waitressing to making millions. For those who don’t know, slime — the makw Garcia whips up — is no longer something you dig out of a clogged drain. It’s a puffy, viscous, often pastel-colored craft that you can make at home using Elmer’s glue, water, 20 Mule Team Borax and the instructions of one of the how much money do slime makers make growing cadre of YouTube slimee stars. Her channel has more than seven million subscribers and her videos have collectively garnered more than million views. Garcia grew up in California as one of six children. She describes herself as an «arts and crafts kid» who loved makerw beauty-related. One day, after she’d created a lipstick using a mixture of old eye shadow, chapstick and clear lip gloss, her twin sister encouraged her to film the process and upload the video to YouTube. After that, she started maoers weekly videos on beauty-related crafts, like how xo make makeup brush holders. She was browsing Pinterest for more crafting ideas when she came across a simple recipe for homemade slime. In Augustshe uploaded her first slime video, showing how to make squishy, slime-textured soap out of Herbal Essences shampoo, corn starch, cooking oil and soap dye she found on Amazon. After that, though she still posted the occasional beauty tutorials, her regular video uploads were mostly focused on variations of slime.

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At just 15 years old, Samantha Zumwalt is the head of her own company. But eventually, she got her mom to cave. It took only a weekend of creating and playing with her own gooey, sticky substances to decide there was a market for unique variations. With her mom’s blessing, Zumwalt launched «Samantha Slime Shop» on Etsy with dozens of types of slime differentiated by glitter, charms, colors, textures and even scents. When it comes to the business side of things, Burks encouraged Zumwalt to figure out the accounting and business management on her own. Zumwalt said they’re lessons that came easily. Perhaps because she was there right next to her mom during business school years before. While some have encouraged Zumwalt to try her hand at «Shark Tank» to snag an investor, she wants to remain in control of her product. Mom is encouraging the homeschooler to jump into college early. But for now, Zumwalt wants to stay in the slime business as long as it remains trendy. After that, she hopes her entrepreneurial spirit will lead her to another project. Don’t miss: This year-old went from waitressing to earning millions as YouTube’s ‘slime queen ‘. This year-old turned her side hustle into a full-time job as a ‘bridesmaid for hire ‘. Like this story? Get Make It newsletters delivered to your inbox. All Rights Reserved. Skip Navigation.

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Theresa, a Texas native who runs the account Rad. Slime , is one of many teenagers cashing in on the rising trend. Her homemade slime is very different from from the Play-Doh or putty you grew up playing with. After seeing other people post their homemade slime on Instagram last summer, Theresa was inspired to create her own. On a trip to Walmart with her parents, she picked up a few bottles of glue to experiment with. She eventually wanted to sell her creations, so she asked her parents for permission. But soon they changed their tune. Since it launched in October, her Instagram account has grown to almost , followers. Her most popular video—a tub of her lemon custard jiggly slime—has over one million views. One reason why people love this slime video and others is because of its relaxation effects. She also calls it a sensory toy, because people enjoy the sounds the slime makes. Her Instagram posts drive people to her website, which she restocks every Saturday with new varieties of slime. She sells out within hours, she said. Besides the basics glue, borax, and water , Theresa and the teens behind other Instagram accounts use other ingredients like food coloring, glitter, bean bag filler beads, foam beads, shaving cream, lotions, soap, oils—you name it—to make mesmerizing slimes. Check out the tutorial below to see everything that goes into slime making. Twelve-year-old Sara Y.

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how much money do slime makers make
In this combination photo, Astrid Rubens demonstrates the elasticity of homemade slime in her kitchen in St. Paul, Minn. It has become a social media sensation and even led to a run on glue sales. We’re talking slime — and not the green liquid Nickelodeon famously dumps on celebrities. And for many young people on YouTube, Instagram and Etsy, it’s a moneymaker. Of the more than 5 million posts on Instagram tagged with slimemost depict brightly colored stuff filled with glitter and pigments of all kinds. So the slime of today is far more viscous and elaborate than that green liquid on Nickelodeon. Slime has become so popular that the American Chemical Society recently published a fact sheet about it including a detailed scientific explanation for how the magic happens. A post shared by WWW.


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