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How much money does a lawn technician make

how much money does a lawn technician make

Grounds maintenance workers, mke called lawn care workers, care for the environs of private homes and commercial and public institutions. Some lawn care workers specialize in how much money does a lawn technician make activities, such as trimming and pruning trees and bushes or the application of pesticides. As ofthe Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that nearly 1, grounds maintenance workers were employed in the United States. In general, those who were employed by the government or technixian elementary and secondary schools tended to make more money than momey employees of private contractors. Those in the Northeast and on the Pacific Coast reported higher average wages than the rest of the nation, and those in the Southern states makw some of the lowest. The BLS reports that groundskeeping personnel who specialized in the trimming of trees, shrubs and hedges also tended to make more money than general lawn care workers. Trimmers and pruners working for the government earned far higher average wages than those working for dors contractors. The BLS predicts that job growth among lawn care workers will be strong between andadding an estimatedjobs to the economy by the end of the decade. Additional employment is expected to be available in both the private and public sectors, as urban municipalities plant more trees and open more parkland and as techniciqn and more aging Americans require lawn maintenance for their homes. According to the BLS, work prospects for this occupation will be strongest in temperate areas where lawn care workers are needed throughout the entire year. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In1, people were employed in the U. Skip to main content. Accessed 18 January Time, Forest.

Geographical Pay Variations

HVAC business owners, however, need to make sure their employees are comfortable. Hiring HVAC technicians is tough , and so is retaining them. While there are tons of factors that influence whether an employee signs up with an HVAC business and stays for the long term, salary is at the top of that list. HVAC employees come with diverse experience, expertise, business functions, and even cost of living needs. With that in mind, see below for average salary data:. Again, this data represents a broad mix of job titles and functions—from administrative assistant to senior HVAC tech, so the salary range reflects that as well. What factors do you think influence the salary range by location? Demand for services? Cost of living? So where are all those good-paying jobs?

How much does a Lawn Technician make at Lawn Doctor in the United States?

For You. Start Salary Survey. Salary Research. By Company. By Job Title. By Degree. By Certification. By Skill. By Industry. By School. Salary Negotiation Guide. Cost of Living Calculator. Career Path Planner. Find Jobs. Career Advice. Career Profiles. Current Events.

how much money does a lawn technician make

Gender Breakdown

Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a spray technician. Get a quick view of the requirements as well as details about job duties, licensure, and occupational outlook to find out if this is the career for you. Spray technicians apply chemicals to plants, and maintain, service, and operate the equipment used. Although a high school diploma is the only required education for this career, many spray technicians are required to have a state license for the application of pesticides. A spray technician, or pesticide handler, applies herbicides, fungicides, or insecticides into soil or onto plants. They may work as part of the grounds-keeping crew for establishments such as golf courses and schools, or for chemical lawn services. Employers usually prefer a high school diploma or equivalent in addition to state licensure for pesticide application. A spray technician may be employed by a wide variety of employers, including local and state governments, wholesalers, elementary and secondary schools, lawn and landscaping companies, parks, and recreation facilities. The technician is responsible for properly mixing and applying herbicides, fungicides, or insecticides to trees, lawns, shrubs, or botanical crops. The spray technician is usually required to have a state license for pesticide application. This usually includes taking a test on proper use and disposal of pesticides. A spray technician is usually responsible for mixing chemicals and water in sprayer tanks and applying the pesticides in the needed amount, which may depend on weather conditions and application variables. The technician may need to manipulate nozzles, tubes, or hoses during spray application. The technician may be responsible for operating motors or machinery on some spray equipment, as well as may need to use a variety of vehicles for transportation over larger areas. The technician may need to clean and service tools and machinery. According to the BLS, employment of ground maintenance workers was expected to increase faster than the national average for the years from to This was predicted to be due to several factors, including an increased demand from institutions attempting to attract personnel and clients through good landscape design, two-income household homeowners lacking the time and increasingly hiring services, and an increased elderly population requiring assistance in yard care. Temperate climates are likely to require grounds maintenance year-long, and job opportunities may be affected by local economic conditions. Spray technicians mix and apply various chemicals to crops, trees, shrubs, soil, and lawns. Many need a state license, which typically involves passing an exam covering how to properly handle and dispose of chemicals. The steady growth for ground maintenance workers predicted through , including spray technicians, is partly due to the increasing demand for landscape design. Researching the Job Market Video. Find out how to become a lawn spray technician. Research the training requirements and learn about the experience you need to Many college grads hitting the job market have been frustrated by a bad economy. However, not all fields have high levels of A video resume can allow you to get you face-to-face with potential employers and may give you the edge you need to get your

Irrigation technician salary by state

And also, what is the job like? I am only looking for answers given in a purely objective, or at least as objective as possible, manner. So I worked two summers, basically. It was a tough job, and I had to be out in the field all summer.

There is a lot of independence, and the need to manage your own time and skills. No one is there breathing over your shoulder, but you still feel the pressure to have everything done on time and done properly. Basically I never had an ‘average’ day. It all depended on what Bow was monitoring. So I followed schedules.

If it was fish, I had to follow boats, or catches. There was a lot of coordination involved, especially for a state job, because you have to make sure that everything is done within protocol. All in all, it took lots of initiative—I was given my goals at the beginning of the season so I had to make sure I had them done at dooes right intervals.

Oh, and I made around a month Techs don’t make much, maybe 25k max for a starting salary, likely lower mine was in such a highly competitive field. I would define the job moneey You could survey raptors, sample stream chemistry, sample soils, and hoe out a brick of paperwork all on the same day, while mame days might be spent doing nothing but baiting traps or typing into an Excel spreadsheet. A lot of the work is done on your. Whoever’s in charge usually gives you broad goals to reach at the end of the week, month, or year, but from my moey, a good part of the time you don’t know what you’re doing that day until you walk into the office.

Overall it’s an exciting job that gives you a variety of experiences, but positions can be somewhat difficult to. I suggest for the best, most accurate answer you locate the appropriate website for you ‘provincial government’ and search for the section on wildlife. In general, where I live, wildlife technicians are employees of lwan Fish and Game Dept.

They do research in their specialties sometimeshelp with populations of fish in lakes, take daily measurements at bridges over rivers ; measure dkes of lakes, to report the rise and fall of levels, and alert people of impending floods. They regularly walk or ride ATVs through areas to become familiar with the terrain and the wildlife they are to protect. They look for unusual amounts of insect life threatening species of plants or trees ; do population counts of wildlife such as bear per sq.

The work will mmuch due to seasons and weather. I have two friends in FG who love their jobs, but they often work weekends and holidays looking for poachers, illegal catching of fish or wildlife. Good luck. Depends what ,uch particular wildlife management area muc are appying for typically surveys. One management area may do the majority of their studies on deer populations, while another may be alligators and waterfowl. The work itself, at least in Texas, is mainly field collection and maintenance of grounds, and equipment.

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The Habitat Dr. I was a wildlife tech in the forest service for a year and a half in Susan Lv 4. Still have questions? Makee your answers by asking .

National Salary Statistics

How much should your people earn so you can attract top talent, reward them fairly for hard work, yet still maintain a nice profit? Are annual raises a necessity — do they really motivate people to produce? Are your salespeople earning reasonable compensation and hitting benchmarks? What about incentives for all employees:. Making Hours Count. Employee retention is critical for running a successful operation, and compensation and incentives keep people productive. To be sure his compensation and incentive systems are working, he offers every new employee a wager during the day review. And so far, we have never had anyone accept a check. All entry-level employees at Buckeye EcoCare are paid hourly. When employees are promoted to route manager, they are assigned a route of to customers. Then, their pay option changes. They can choose to go from straight hourly to guaranteed hourly. Straight hourly means employees get paid overtime for hours over 40 per week. Guaranteed hourly employees get paid for 50 hours per week regardless of the time spent in the field. During a rainy week where they clock 25 hours, they still get paid for If they work more hours one week to make up for rain days, their hourly pay does not reflect overtime. Twice a year they are given an option to change their payroll category.


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