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Ow much money do you make selling catfis

ow much money do you make selling catfis

The number one freshwater fish consumed by Americans today is tilapia, with the number two being catfish. One hundred percent of tilapia eaten in the U. You can ow much money do you make selling catfis in on this new crop no matter where you live, or raise fish on a smaller scale to offset your grocery bill and have some fun. InDr. Jesse Chappell, Extension specialist and associate professor at Auburn University in the School of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences, decided to become a fish farmer when he and his family realized that there was more money in raising fish than in raising row crops. Chappell had grown up on a sellibg crop farm in central South Carolina. Today, Chappell travels the world teaching farmers how to make more money sellung fish instead of raising crops. After college, Chappell learned datfis Auburn University offered the newest fish farming technology. After completing his Ph. Then he returned home to central South Carolina where he began to beg, borrow and rent equipment to build catfish ponds. Farmers catfsi the s often overfed catfish to get them to the market more quickly.

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If you live in a part of the country where people like to eat catfish, raising catfish for profit can be a lucrative side job or full-time career. Southern states have a large and often untapped demand for locally raised catfish. Catfish farmers can also find lucrative niches in several markets: selling fish to lakes where people can fish and pay by the pound for the fish they catch, directly to consumers, to grocery stores or to restaurants. However, taking advantage of all the opportunities catfish farming has to offer requires some planning and attention to the fish that will be your bread and butter. The best ponds for catfish farms have easy road access so you can check on your fish, are close to a populated area to deter poachers and are near electricity to power an aeration system, which can greatly improve your yield. Finding a pond that has drains will also greatly reduce your construction costs. Clear trees and debris from the levee and repair any leaks to ensure that the catfish stay in your pond and that you can move equipment on top of the levee. Check the emergency spillway to ensure that it won’t get clogged with trash or release fish. Clear away silt, stumps and other debris from the pond floor. Regrade the bottom so it is smooth and has a gentle grade, which will make the job of harvesting much easier than if your pond has deep pockets or drop-offs. Your state and local government will likely require specific permits for you to farm and sell catfish commercially. You may also need a permit for the equipment you will need to operate on your farm. Other common permits include those to farm nonnative species of fish, a live-fish dealer’s license, transportation permits and permits to construct or modify your pond. Several factors, including the type of aeration equipment you use, the time you have to cultivate the fish before selling and the size you want the fish to be at harvest, will determine the number of fish you stock. Feed labeled » supplemental feed» lacks the nutrients your catfish need to thrive and can reduce yield and lead to disease. While feeding rates depend on factors such as water temperature, type of pellet used, and the number and size of your fish, feeding twice a day will generally increase nutrient absorption and keep your fish healthier over time. Maintaining the quality of your water will help prevent fish diseases and ensure you have a healthy, marketable crop. Maintain the proper oxygen concentration; the easiest way to do this is to invest in an aeration system such as a fountain or a paddle wheel. You will also need to maintain proper ammonia and nitrate levels by flushing the pond or adding chloride depending on measurements that should be taken about once a week. Elaine Severs is an award-winning journalist who has been writing professionally since She has written about politics, health, education, travel and general interest topics for several newspapers and travel guides, including the «New York Times» and Insight Travel Guides. She has a Master of Science in journalism from Columbia University. Share It. About the Author. Photo Credits.


The company cleans, processes and distributes 22, pounds of catfish per week, and Crawford expects that number to reach 30, pounds soon. Crawford said he prides his operation on its ability to custom clean and deliver fresh catfish to grocers, distributors and restaurants in the shortest possible time. It’s not that we’re so smart it’s that we’re persistent. We do what we say we’re going to do. Crawford, a fisheries biologist with a master’s degree in zoology from the University of Oklahoma, started a fee fishing operation in Shawnee in He sold 12, pounds the first year, but it soon became apparent that about 50 percent of his annual income was dependent on holidays such as Memorial Day, July Fourth, and Labor Day. By , Crawford had to hire a driver to handle deliveries, while he still personally called on regular and prospective clients. The year was probably a turning point for Crawford, as the management team closed down the fee fishing operation and sought ways to multiply profits. I guess you could call it a hobby,» he said. I wasn’t satisfied with just making a living. This business here, we’re only limited by imagination. If we want to sell more fish, we tap more fishermen. To custom clean and pack catfish so the product is delivered at optimum freshness without freezing, Crawford’s 22 employees sometimes work until midnight. The catfish-cleaning crew can skin and clean 50 pounds of fish in an average of 11 minutes, he said. The catfish weigh from one to four pounds, but he said the most marketable fish are one to two pounds. Sample fish from each load are tested prior to acceptance by cooking in a microwave oven, Crawford said. If the flavor is off, the load is rejected. Back in Shawnee, the live catfish are unloaded into three concrete vats whose capacity is 25, pounds each. Crawford’s goal is to clean and ship the fish within three days to a week after receiving them. Catfish are enjoying a growing demand because of a nationwide emphasis on health and because they are cheaper than ocean fish, he said. We still take on additional debt to borrow money to grow some more,» he said. Contact Us. Story continued below

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Has anyone out there tried it? O you make enough money to at least pay a bill, or are catfsi only making a few bucks a month? You can make virtually as much money you fo to as long as you are prepared to put in the time and effort. The old adage comes into play here. You have to spend money or in this mlney time to make money.

Plus, you will make absolutely nothing if you only have a few average shots with agencies. I earn a very tidy amount from omney sales these days, some micro stock but mainly with «proper» libraries.

However that is because I have rather a lot of images lodged with a number of agencies and have been working with some of them for years. I probably only «dedicate» 1 day a week to stock specifically these days. It depends on how good of a photographer you fo and if you are known or not. I don’t know if selling your photos online will be enough to pay a bill but you never know. Maybe you should try making yourself known around your town or city.

Then after people start recognizing you then you can start up a website and start fo your photos online. Whatever happens just keep in mind that when you first start out it will take time. However, you will never know if you don’t try. I have sold photos through my profile on Fine Art America, as well as people visiting my web site and requesting photos, but that yu hardly on a regular basis. You have to remember there are truly millions of photos on the internet.

Plus, in today’s economy, buying photos is about at the very bottom of the list of xelling people will spend money on, unless it is something like wedding or senior photos. I agree with the first answer. You will get better results in your local area dealing with real people instead of cyberspace, but again, people are not spending much money on things like photography now a days. Even many long time art galleries are going out of business all over the country due to lack of sells.

I was happy. As foryour other question effort and time to put into photography, i couldn’t answer that question. I do my photography as a hobby for fun. You’ll be more successful if you just have fun and be creative, thats how sellin get the cool shots that people want to buy. You can be like the os of humanity and buy a camera you can afford that has auto this and that for worry free picture taking. And learn through trial and error how to use something like aperture or shutter priority auto modes or even attempt to use the thing on full manual mode.

You seem to know already there is some thinking to using a camera and to take pictures. A good place to start is by reading the owners manual that comes with a camera. Read the information and look at the illustrations with part names and look at the real camera. Handle the camera caftis take pictures. Let me rephrase. Take pictures to learn how to use the camera and maybe even to keep. Don’t start with important stuff you cannot photograph over again such as birthdays, a toddlers first steps.

That puts picture taking out muhc the learning phase and puts the pressure and emphasis to taking pictures for real and to.

These first pictures are for you to learn how to use your camera. And you have xo how to use your camera when you can take pictures with it and can teach others how to use it. You can also go to a college in your area and take a beginning photography course. There you will be taught the basics even a pro must learn and do in their work. In this learning do not take serious pictures you must keep as that detracts from the learning aspect of the class.

Do so only if you have mastered the use of your camera before class is. It’s like growing up in a way. And I am happy you know there is a way to learn how to use sellin camera and take pictures. It’s like learning how to drive I suppose. Someone can teach you or you can get taught at a driving school.

Both will get you a drivers liscense. One though will really teach you the fundamentals you can use for the rest of your driving career. I think you can make as much locally yok your own home town at shows, or fairs and such by putting your work out in front of people, rather than letting it set on any site and wait for someone to pass thru ctafis find it.

Does your town have local showslocal art clubs? They usually help set up shows for merging artists to muh there work out, and by doing so it offers in some fashion a chance for free advertisement of your work.

I would invest in se,ling sort of web site, especially if it were a free one, and that way you don’t have to share a percentage with any site from your work, while they just sit on the net, and really do nothing to promote your work. Get you some business cards made up.

Make you some fliers a lot of things you can do to promote your work. I joined a site called deviant catfos just for the mere fact that I like the company of the other artist there, and its a really popular site for many kinds ,ake artist. You may can ask some of the folks there about your hopes of selling your work. Trending News. At least 2 dead, 15 hurt in Missouri shooting: Police. Jennifer Aniston blames ‘peer yu for decision.

Was this the last, best shot for Aaron Rodgers? Nancy Pelosi’s daughter raises Trump security issue. Brady ready for ‘whatever the future may bring’.

Tim Tebow marries former Miss Universe. FBI seizes site that sells data breach information. Nepal rescuers forced to call off search for trekkers. Dressed to impress: Niners pick Super Bowl uniforms. Both sides cite dangers in run-up to Senate trial. Answer Save. Ansell A Lv 7. How do you think about the answers?

You can sign in to vote the answer. Steve P Lv 7. Show more answers Still have questions? Get your answers by asking .

5 Ways to Make Money in The Fishing Industry!

Remember Me? Contact Us Advanced Search. Search Fishin. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 12 of Thread: Lots of guys selling catfish. Lots of guys selling catfish. I took my family down to the Old Clarksville ramp earlier today and what a sight. There were TONS of boats putting in and pulling out as the lower dam was running wide open. That looks kind of scary going through that STRONG current seam as most boats were being pushed around like toothpicks in a bathtub as they were shooting through it. I talked with several fisherman and they’ve been selling their catches to paylakes. One guy said he caught 40 fish the other day with one being a monster blue that was over 50 pounds. He acted like he sold them all to a paylake owner.


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