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Would associate degree make money

would associate degree make money

Want to find out how much you can earn with a two-year degree? PayScale has the top associate degree majors ranked by salary potential. Take our free salary survey to find. If you are considering going back to school to earn an AA, choosing the right major will have a huge impact on your future salary. An associate degree fegree a great way to kick off a high-paying career, especially in the Healthcare, Technology and Engineering fields. This would associate degree make money can help you find the best associate degrees by salary potential. Students who enroll in physician assistant studies programs learn skills necessary to work as a physician assistant in a medical facility or clinic setting. A radiation therapy degree includes coursework in oncology, pathology, radiation physics and treatment planning.

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Finding the right career path, and the degree needed to get you started, can be a daunting task. Likewise, if you are juggling a full- or part-time job and are completing your degree through night and weekend classes, it might take longer. The extra time and effort will make it worthwhile in the end. Likewise, be realistic about the job market. If you live in an area without a large airport, you should avoid getting a degree as an air traffic controller, unless you plan to move to a larger city to find work. This is important for two reasons:. This means you can earn a full-time salary while some of your counterparts are still working on a four-year degree. You will face a less severe financial loan burden. Professionals in this field work with engineers and architects to create highly technical diagrams of machines and mechanics. These employees work closely with engineers and scientists to create blueprints for machines, tools, and products. An interest in and understanding of science, especially physics, is a must. Technicians working in the field of mechanical engineering usually develop and test specialized equipment. The career is best suited for employees who are comfortable working with computer programs and engineering techniques. These specialists often perform mechanical repairs and provide updates and repairs on motorized and robotic machines. Also referred to as physical therapist aides or PTAs, these assistants usually work in hospitals, assisted living facilities, and private physical therapy offices under the direction of a licensed physical therapist or physician. PTAs are needed to help patients recover from injuries and illnesses, and they often perform hands-on exercises to assist clients. Using medical equipment like sonograms and Holter monitors, cardiovascular technicians help monitor and diagnose problems related to the heart and blood vessels. This growing field has an excellent outlook for job openings. Some cardiovascular technicians take extra course work to become certified as an EKG technician, so there is room to grow within the field. Working with scientists and engineers, geological and petroleum technicians study soil, rocks, and other naturally occurring resources. Work is usually performed in a lab or in the field, gathering samples. Technicians use mapping software and other sophisticated tools to study the quality of these resources. While this job is similar to that of a physical therapy assistant, OTAs work with patients who have trouble completing everyday activities, like getting dressed and writing a letter. In many cases, these patients suffer from an illness or disability, like cerebral palsy.

would associate degree make money

List of Associate Degree Jobs

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5 Jobs You Can Get With A Science Degree (that you didn’t know existed)

Regional Salaries

Last Updated: Aug 12, By TBS Staff. An associate is a two-year college degree offered at most community colleges, technical colleges, vocational schools, and some four-year universities. Have you ever thought about being an allergy technician? Architectural technician? How about a crop production specialist? Below, we will discuss some of the best associate degrees for high-salary career paths. Based on salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Work in the dynamic media industry, using your communications skills to sell advertising space, time or media in television, radio, publications or on the Internet. Most people have the impression a pilot controls the airplane, but air traffic controllers know better. Communicating to pilots from towers on the ground, air traffic controllers provide and relay pivotal information and directions to pilots to ensure a safe and effective flight for hundreds of pilots and thousands of airline passengers each day. Allergies affect people ranging from mild annoyance to life threatening; allergy technicians are the faces of hope, sympathy, and kindness as they assist patients and doctors through the allergen testing process. Allergy technicians perform tasks ranging from paperwork, to blood draws, to interactions with patients. Once an architect degre a design, the architectural technician transforms it into a workable project through developing and associahe up a set of construction drawings. Due to employees working from various locations across the country or the world, businesses often hold meetings via computers.


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