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Can you make good money with a hot dog stand

can you make good money with a hot dog stand

Many of the websites that sell courses and plans for getting started, including some manufacturers of hot dog carts, tout huge hot dog vendor income potential. Although some hot dog vendors make huge incomes, it’s not all of us. Some of this information is just there to entice you into purchasing their goods. This can attract many people to the street food business that have unrealistic expectations. Without talking to ‘s of vendors and getting an accurate income from each of moeny, it would be impossible to get an accurate average. Remember, this is an almost all cash business. Most vendors will share what income moneyy report on their taxes, but not all will share how much they made in total. Let’s do some math, but before I do, let me share with you the variables. I don’t know a vendor working 30 days a yok. Weather, sickness and many other unforeseen obstacles can prevent a vendor from working that. Figures based on hpt experience and figures provided by hundreds of other hot dog vendors. Not a bad day, huh? But I don’t know anyone getting their supplies for free. We still have costs of goods sold COGS and we have all the incidental costs; napkins, foil, sanitizer, ice, propane.

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Once again, it is best to keep your nose clean and avoid problems. Does anyone no someone who is really good. Well, if they are expecting income based on what the hot dog cart makers are promising — they will probably be disappointed. They make it look easy by laying out the math like this:. Income will vary depending on location, location, location. This leaves roughly 30 percent for overhead and 30 percent for you. Some people choose to lower their margins on food and expect to make it up in volume, some will raise their margins because they feel a quality product or unique product is worth the extra bucks. I have family that is getting into selling hot dogs. Most of these guys seem to be selling something so the natural skeptic in me thinks they may be stretching the truth a little when it comes to the expectations of the amount of money that can really be made. So my question to you experienced hot dog cart operators is…. My family lives in Houston and I have never seen one hot dog cart, but a lot of taqueria carts. Any input is appreciated. We sell hot dogs, pulled pork, sloppy joes and chicken strips. Same spot, same people, same hours, 11 to I read the first post by the op and here I am. I set up and was running at 11am, the rain started at 1pm I left at 3pm and not by choice, this was a Florida tropical storm type rain, and I was soaked to my skiveys. The second place, cars a day right off of the interstate for 8 days. It sucked, not enough traffic, period.

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The temptation to lower your prices is very strong during this period because it makes you feel more confident. In reality this terrible strategy is based purely on your fear of failure. When you charge that extra fifty cents, your costs have already been covered in your base price so you keep percent of that extra fifty cents. When you charge the base price, 30 percent of that price is eaten up by your costs. You only keep 70 percent of it. See the leverage you get by charging a premium price? Math is cool. Serve a kick ass product. Use top quality ingredients, super fresh condiments, ice cold drinks, and name brand chips. Watch those expiration dates — your customers. Be exclusive. Do the regional dogs. Slaw dogs. New York red onion sauce. Be creative. Jump on this trend by offering gourmet hot dogs.


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