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How much money does a nascar hauler driver make

how much money does a nascar hauler driver make

You might think that working for NASCAR is exciting and glamorous, but a good number of the behind-the-scenes nasdar are demanding and share little, if any, of the limelight. Moreover, the job entails much more than just driving. There are a number of ways to get in the door; the most obvious is to know someone who holds a spot on the team. Even a friend of a friend can give you a recommendation. If you have no direct connections, you may need to build a reputation by starting small. Volunteer at small races run by an organization such as the Automobile Racing Nawcar of America. Flood them with regular correspondence, attend the races, and get as close as you can to the drivers and their crews. It takes persistence, but a strong desire to become a NASCAR transporter, coupled with tenacity, can land you the gig. While driving is a big part of their job, they are responsible for carrying and maintaining most of the equipment racers and their teams rely on to win races. Transporters carry cars in 80,lb. The teams rely on haulers to get to the track early to bring team helmets, uniforms, satellite dishes and most everything they may need.

Typical NASCAR Driver Money by Year

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how much money does a nascar hauler driver make

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One team president said that the person in charge of selling sponsorship these days has the worst job in racing because it takes several pitches over several months to land a significant deal. One driver believes a crew chief has it tough, with all the decisions he must make before and during a race, plus the responsibility for setting up the car and running a team. But the majority of competitors and team personnel have the same answer. Plenty of people wish they could work in the industry and many would love to drive the team haulers. But the employee many feel worst for is the one that typically leaves home a day before everyone else and returns much later, spending most of his time and life on the road. Most do love it. Jeff Craven, who has been hauling racecars for more than 20 years, can be seen polishing the shelving in his truck just before the race starts. The hauler driver is responsible for nearly everything, and not just the truck itself. The driver needs to have enough extra time to take care of a problem as well as follow Department of Transportation regulations teams often have two drivers for trips over 10 hours, the limit a truck driver can haul before resting. The driving the truck is technically a hard job, but just being gone is tough. Mozingo is gone at least five days a week for Hendrick Motorsports. He will be on the road for 14 consecutive days during the Phoenix-Las Vegas and Texas-Phoenix swings this year. The longest trip is to Sonoma Raceway in Northern California, a hour drive. It gets hard for people. Mozingo has seen a lot on the road. He also can work as a mechanic on the car on race weekends. That can be helpful for his main job.

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Sprint Cup drivers put their lives on the line every time they step into a racecar. Then they go out and participate in one of the most dangerous professions in sports. How to fire a driver Should Stewart run Indy? Like most sports, a large pay disparity exists between the top stars and unproven rookies or veterans stuck with struggling teams. But unlike most sports, no union contract dictates when and how drivers can sign new contracts or renegotiate new deals.

Though their income typically pales in comparison to top athletes in other sports, those who play the game right can make millions, says agent Cary Agajanian, who has represented drivers for nearly 20 years. It completely works that guys negotiate and bargain and the teams have decided how much they can pay a driver and it fits in their budget.

Those at the top of the sport can significantly supplement their income with merchandise sales and personal endorsements. A driver near the back of the pack likely still will clear a few million. Compare that to the highest paid players in other sports, where salaries, not including endorsements, are known. Carl Edwards was in the headlines throughout when he flirted with a move to Joe Gibbs Racing before re-signing with Roush Fenway Racing.

This year, Roush teammate Matt Kenseth made the move, signing a contract with Gibbs that ended his year tenure with Roush after the season. He liked that the sponsor was an up-and-coming company with a product that aligned well with NASCAR and a driver who could win races.

Bowyer made it pay off for MWR, winning driverr races, making the Chase and finishing second in the final standings in Sports is a performance-based business. The top drivers get paid handsomely just to strap into their cars, while those trying to prove themselves typically rely on performance-based incentives.

InRobby Gordon was coming off a season in which he finished 26th in the Cup standings and agreed to sell his team to owner George Gillett. Obviously, the better a driver performs, the more money the driver can attract in base salary. Drivers typically command between 30 and 50 percent of what the sponsor pays the team, with the more the sponsor pays, the more that can go to the driver.

Teams now complete deals knowing they have the sponsorship to cover the costs. Psychologically, it aligns the driver with the team in making sure they deliver the best product to the sponsor. It should hwuler me. A team might have to go beyond what it has locked in for sponsorship, however, if a driver can command more money on the open market.

Car owners should be rewarded for their performance, which includes making a profit. He wants vriver be rewarded based upon his performance. With fewer Cup rides to go around, team owners sit in the drivers seat as far as contract negotiations. It has changed across the board. How about the length of driver contracts? Typically it doed on the length of the sponsorship. Most deals cover two to three years, although top drivers such as Earnhardt Jr.

Where a driver starts and finishes and how many laps completed can give fans an idea of how the driver performed. Drivers typically get 40 to 50 percent of their race winnings.

The team owner gets the other percent, with a small percentage going for team bonuses. According to his contract with Red Bull Racing, Scott Speed was mqke receive 40 percent of his winnings if he finished worse than 20th in the standings, 45 percent for 11thth and 50 percent for a top finish. Warpula said the standard on most current driver contracts is 40 percent, moneyy an increase to 50 percent for a race win.

Drivers with underfunded or less competitive teams make less money as far as percentage of winnings because the team needs to race off the money it generates week to week rather than sponsorship. Drivers typically get bonuses for nacar they finish in a race and in the final season standings. The more experienced drivers generally can negotiate better bonus structures. It just depends on the situation. Some drivers, if the sponsor does not take a cut, will get percent.

Busch, who won 21 Nationwide and truck races in and has 64 victories in those series in the past five years, likely earns much. And, of course, driver contracts and salaries change depending on performance. It should be performance-based, that dors be a critical part of it.

Racing on the Job: NASCAR Team Hauler Drivers

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