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How to make money clearing out junk from houses

how to make money clearing out junk from houses

Consider these four ways to turn your clutter into cash. Does your town or community hold a yard sale day? Join in. Ben Garvey of Audubon, N. Garvey advises that you clean and dust everything before you put it. Hoe with your shoppers helps. The keys to quick sales are good pictures and accurate descriptions. Make Craigslist transactions in cash, and if the item is small, meet the person in a public place. If the buyer comes to your home, arrange to have someone there with you, and make sure your buyer knows the dimensions of the item. If you want someone else to do the work for you, take your items to a consignment shop. Marcia Turner, a writer and author in Rochester, N. Turner washes and irons everything so they look ready to put on the racks.

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Just kidding. There are several ways to make money while clearing clutter. Your method should be chosen based on the type of item and its value. Though time consuming, garage sales are still the best way to discard an abundance of possessions. This is for major overhauls only. Also, make sure you have a couple of large, marquee items at your sale that draw people in from the road. Make it worth it. Also, talk to your friends and family about joining you for a multi-family sale. The more quality items at your sale, the better the traffic, and the better chance that your 20 year old dirt devil finds a new home. Ebay has been a trusted reseller for over 10 years. A good picture — This is essential. The better the picture, the better the return. See 4. A reasonable price — There are several options when it comes to setting a price, so research them before you begin, but if you forego the traditional auction style for a higher starting price, make it reasonable. Start your price too high and you may not get a single bid. An excellent seller rating — Your customers will rate you based on their experience. Make sure you send the item out in a timely manner, are accurate with your description, and practice your customer service skills. The better your rating, the more trusted you become, and the more items you will sell.

How to Make Money on the Internet

Andrew TavinContent Manager April 24, Spring cleaning is as great a time as any to purge your home of unnecessary stuff. Those old clothes? That guitar you bought but never learned to play? Outta here! Well, maybe that can stay. It is adorable. But the point still stands. Disco: Create your favorite playlist—something that motivates you to get moving. You can make money on unused items using mobile marketplace apps like, say, 5miles. Donate: Choose your favorite charity donation shop or shelter and create a tax write-off for your return. Disinfect: Use green and eco-friendly products to make your house smell beautiful with lemon. You can either set aside a little time each day to tackle a small project or set aside an entire weekend and knock it all out at. Now lay out each coat so you can see them all at .


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