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How to make money off alchemy wow

how to make money off alchemy wow

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Alchemy has been a profession with very variable results in BfA. In this post I will focus on the raid related consumables, which means flasks and potions. You will thus have to have alchemy on a max level character that can get the rank 3 recipes and finish the questline for the tool of the trade. You can see the difference that makes from the screenshot from my spreadsheet below! The main goldmaking recipes you want to get rank 3 of are the flasks, all of the Battle Potions and the Potion of Bursting blood and Potion of Rising death. These potions and flasks represent all the Best in slot consumables that Alchemy can craft. All of these recipes are obtained from getting to revered with the various factions on your side. For the Alliance you need to hit Revered with:. This gives you a great spread and you sell roughly the number of flasks that players will need for a single raiding night. This means you can generally take a higher price than people posting in just stacks of 1. Eventually you will want to focus on some of these stack sizes as you figure out which work best on your realm. For potions players generally need a much larger quantity than for flasks. I prefer selling them in stacks of 5, 10 and 20, but you should experiment with what works on your realm. Once again I suggest experimenting and changing the quantities around until you find something that works well for you. We will have two sets of auctioning settings below. It will be the same basic group in both cases, but different prices. The main factor when considering the minimum price is what percentage of your crafts are done while the buff effect from the Tool of the Trade is active. The first set of settings is for plain rank 3 settings, which means an average proc rate of 1. The second set of settings assumes you craft everything with the Tool of the Trade, which means an average yield of 1. In both cases we are assuming you hit the long term average rate, so you will have to craft a pretty large volume for these settings to work optimally. If you want to level up your gold making consider supporting my Patreon. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Search for:.

List of materials and regents required to level to 150

You will be making potions, elixirs, and oils that are most likely to sell on the AH for more than the cost of their materials. However, since they should sell for more than their material costs, you should be able to turn a profit while you level alchemy! You will use these to craft 60x [Minor Healing Potion]. This is entirely server dependent though. You will need x [Swiftthistle], x [Briarthorn], and x [Empty Vial] in order to get your skill level up to while making [Swiftness Potion]. These are great for making gold and will likely be one of your main money makers as a low level alchemist. These are another item desired by twinks since they are the best healing potion available to the level bracket. These elixirs are in demand because Leatherworkers need two of them to create [Toughened Leather Gloves] which are great rare quality leather gloves that offer agility and stamina so every Rogue, Hunter, and Druid will be drooling over these which drives up demand. So you got your Alchemy skill to in Classic WoW, congrats! I hope you enjoyed this guide! Don’t forget to leave us feedback wherever you found this guide or by contacting us at contact classicraids. If you’re interested in future guides, including the higher level versions of these profession guides and endgame content guides then you should register and join our mailing list and gametime giveaway or signup for our mailing list directly! Looking for a guild? Check out our list of Classic guilds recruiting. Looking a specific type of player? Check out our Classic character lookup. If you liked this guide then you should check out our other gold making profession guides. This potion prevents you from being stunned or having your movement impaired for 30 secodns. Great for Warriors and Feral Druids! These instantly give rage to the player. These are used a lot for twinks and high level PvP. This is a fun elixir to use and has great role-playing uses. It turns your character into a giant for two minutes. These are the best healing potions for level 19 twinks and are also used for great healing gloves called [Truefaith Gloves]. Regent for [Toughened Leather Gloves] which is a piece of 29 twink gear and good leveling gear. These are amazing for any PvP above level 20 including twinks and endgame PvP.

how to make money off alchemy wow

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I am planning on going herbalism and alchemy when classic launches. When I am leveling I am going to be using all the herbs I pick to level up my alchemy skill which will decrease the amount of gold I am making because I will be getting high…er skill level off my own supply. Do I have to wait until 60 to actually start making gold with alchemy or are there specific potions I should be making while leveling that also make money? On a PvP server, swiftness pots and invisibility pots sell fast and for respectable amounts of money. In general, I did better selling the herbal mats for potions than I did selling the pots themselves. With the mats, other alchemists can make the desired pots and maybe also skill up. Yeah, typically people are willing to spend money to level professions so that they can produce their own pots and such, and only a handful of oils and pot recipes will sell well. Your daily transmutation is, of course, a steady earner. Everyone wants their arcanite bars. Your server will be different, but it might be worth keeping an eye on the price of thorium and arcane crystals versus the price of arcanite bars. If that is the case what is a good secondary profession? Swiftness, invisibility, free action, weapon oils. All decent sellers. The herbs themselves will fetch a good margin also. Its all goint to boil down to the current market performance. If just making nut on the AH is your primary goal, the mats are a way to go. I personally enjoy alchemy, so many recipes to play around with. Also does anyone know if its better to sell as you go when the server is relatively new or is it better to hold onto the herbs and wait until a later patch to post? It seemed to me a consistent seller, but spit in the ocean to what I made as an herb farmer. Common sense rules here. The first few days or a week nobody has any money. As soon as raiding starts prices go up. Generally I fell somewhere in between hoarding and quick selling — and I was able to get my mount at 40 and epic mount at but I worked the AH pretty hard to do it. Depending on server. After awhile, once everyone has their arcanite… G. When does alchemy actually start making money?

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So far I can only make up to healing potions and one thing I’ve noticed is the herbs to make them cost more then the healing pot itself so I how to make money off alchemy wow just wandering at what lvl and what kinda pots until you generate profit?

Especially if you are relying on the Auction House to get the Materials. Gathering Professions Skinning, Herbalism, Miningwhere you are gathering these raw materials, are where you make money, because people are willing to buy the materials.

If you are doing professions for money I wouldn’t suggest Alchemy. It is basically only useful for healing potions and when you get to 70 making potions for raids. I have a maxed out alchemist and I never make any money selling potions.

What I do make money on is just selling the herbs I pick up. I suggest if you want to make money to drop alchemy and take up mining or leatherworking along with herbalism.

The gathering professions like that always make you money fast. On my server I can sell a stack of copper ore the very first thing you can mine in mining for about 2gold a stack.

The main time that profit is made from «Crafting» professions, is when they are maxed. Generally, to accompany Alchemy, you should have herbalism, as by doing so, you can produce the herbs. Gathering professions are Herbalism, Skinning, and Mining.

These are professions that can make money once gathered and sold. These are the money making ones. Crafting professions can sometimes be expensive to level, but you can make profit once they are maxed, so long as you require ‘tips’.

Edit: I meant you can use your own herbs when making potions, instead of buying. Sorry if I confused you. Trending News. Teacher who kneeled during CFP title game speaks. Deadly avalanche strikes California ski resort. Fired Cowboys coach reportedly lands a new job. Grammys CEO threatens to ‘expose’ academy. Experts share what not to do at a funeral. Common not to know of your non-Hodgkin lymphoma? Cover of Eminem’s surprise album has hidden message.

Or did you mean potions? Answer Save. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Still have questions?

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how to make money off alchemy wow
Herbalism Mining Skinning. Alchemy, at least once you have reached a certain level of skill and acquired a few high-demand recipes, is a fairly good money-making venture especially when combined with Herbalism. Compared to other production professions BlacksmithingEnchantingLeatherworkingTailoringgoods you sell from Alchemy are, for the most part, consumable so your customers will keep coming back for. Also, there isn’t anything that requires farming ridiculous amounts of rare materials; even the highest-level recipes require only a few herbs per potion. Although some of the recipes are quite difficult or time-consuming to obtain, these recipes will become your premier money-makers. As with any economy the main way to make money involves supply and demand. Be prepared to spend top price for rare recipes and spend hours grinding reputation with several factions. If you have Herbalism as well as Alchemy, be sure to check how much you can just sell the raw materials. For the common recipes you can often make more selling the herbs than you could by turning them into potions! Before making potions to sell, check prices and demand on your server. You should be able to make a profit from buying herbs from the Auction House and selling the finished product. If you cannot make a profit from doing this at higher alchemy levels, then you need to find better recipes. Healing and Mana potions are constantly in demand, although you’ll find more buyers for the higher-level versions. Especially the highest-level versions and the ones that buff multiple stats, such as Elixirs of StrengthElixirs of Intellectand Elixirs of Major Agility are usually good sellers. Again, the higher-level versions will sell better, since higher-level characters have more disposable income. There are a number of potions that PvP players will constantly need. Some potions are needed for quests, or for other professions. Elixir of Defense are needed to make Toughened Leather Gloves an excellent set of blue gloves ; there is a quest that needs a Strong Troll’s Blood Potion ; Goblin Rocket Fuel is needed for a number of Engineering recipes; Ghost How to make money off alchemy wow is needed for a number of Tailoring recipes; Elixir of Shadow Power is needed for the Warlock epic mount quest. Shadow Oil and Frost Oil are also used in various recipes or weapon enchants.


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