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Two year college job ideas what job make lot money

two year college job ideas what job make lot money

If you want to make a decent living, education is key. Investing wto trade school could be the best possible move for your career. These are the highest paying trade-school jobs with a solid occupational outlook. Elevator mechanics, installers, and repairers have a good occupational outlook and high earning potential. The job includes installing, repairing, and maintaining elevators, elevator doors, cables, and control systems, escalators, moving walkways, and lifts. Working with oncologists in hospital settings, these workers help administer radiation for cancer treatment. Radiation therapists require licensure, in addition to an associate degree. You’ll be joob and maintaining equipment, collecting and testing samples, recording data, and compiling reports. But some employers will accept years of work experience and an associate degree instead. Sonographers administer ultrasounds, as well as preparing patients for procedures, and reviewing and processing images for interpretation by a physician. Job responsibilities also include preparing, maintaining, and operating imaging equipment. They often report high levels of job satisfaction. The job includes cleaning teeth, removing plaque, taking x-rays, checking for oral disease, and educating patients on oral hygiene.

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With college costs going nowhere but up, the idea of getting a four-year degree might seem overwhelming from a financial perspective. And there lies the appeal of the two-year degree, which can be completed in half the time and for a fraction of the cost of a four-year degree. Air traffic controllers have one of the most stressful jobs in the country: directing air traffic and helping to ensure that planes take off and land safely. Air traffic controllers are often required to work nights, weekends, and other such demanding shifts, but the payoff, as you can see, is well worth it. To work in air traffic control, you must pass certain medical and background checks , as well as be a U. The reason? Since programming can easily be done remotely, companies are expected to outsource from other countries where labor is notably cheaper. Radiation therapists work directly with patients, treating cancer and other diseases. If the idea of tending to ill patients sits well with you, you can do pretty well for yourself as a radiation therapist with a two-year degree. You will, however, need to be licensed or certified in most states. Continuing education may be required as well, which means you may need to invest additional time and financial resources into retaining your credentials. Keep in mind that while nuclear technicians make a decent living, job growth in the field is projected to be pretty minimal over the next eight years. If you like the idea of working with patients, but not necessarily ill ones, you might consider becoming a nuclear medicine technologist. If you like the idea of coding and creating websites and interfaces, web development might be a good field for you. In fact, in , one in six web developers was self-employed. Additionally, you must be a U. Electronic engineers design a wide range of equipment, from navigation tools to medical devices. Somebody needs to repair and maintain aircraft, and if you have the skills and a two-year degree, it might as well be you. Job growth, however, is only expected to be fair in the coming years — not great. As the name implies, respiratory therapists are tasked with helping people breathe better. The outlook for this particular role is fantastic, and the salary is pretty competitive given that you only need a two-year degree to get hired. If the idea of working in a funeral home doesn’t bum you out, then here’s a good opportunity to score a decent salary with a two-year degree. The downside aside from the bleakness factor , however, is that funeral service workers are often on call, and, as such, don’t necessarily have the best work-life balance.

What Is an Associate Degree?

If you’re looking to return to school, but the idea of a four-year degree just doesn’t fit with your time or budgetary constraints, many high-paying jobs only require a two-year degree. These two-year programs are often referred to as associates degrees. If making the big bucks is what you want to do, consider investing your time into one of these high-paying career options that only require a two-year degree. Though nursing programs can vary in their time requirements, many of the two-year nursing programs can lead to high-paying jobs. One of the best aspects of nursing is it offers lots of opportunities for growth. Those with good math and science skills may choose to be an engineering technician. There is a wide range of engineering specialties from which to choose. Though it only requires two-year degree, this career also generally requires workers to obtain a license or certification on top of the educational requirement. Despite the added hurdle, a career as a dental hygienist pays well. Demand for hygienists is expected to increase in the future. In today’s high-tech world, expertise in computers and related technology can earn a good wage. Two-year computer support specialist programs can support a career in everything from IT or network security to computer support and help desk-type positions. They generally come with the added perks of flexible schedules or the ability to work remotely. Good lawyers depend on good paralegals to provide administrative support. Though paralegals won’t earn as much during their careers as a lawyer will, they still earn a great wage considering this career only requires a fraction of the education. Job prospects are expected to increase in the coming years, which is great news for those who want to have a career in the medical field without spending a long time in school. Diagnostic medical imaging staff and x-ray technicians may work in either clinics, hospitals or labs that use imaging technology to assist in diagnosing medical issues. If you’ve got a creative mind mixed with strong technical skill , graphic or web design could be a great career option. Companies always require talented designers to modify or create websites, and this career option also offers great potential for workers to start their own businesses. The medical field is always a fairly stable career option, and physical therapy is no different. Jobs in this field are definitely on the rise, especially as the population continues to age and has an increased need for physical therapy.

The Opportunity for Students Who Think More Broadly

I really want a job that makes a lot of money when im older im I’m thinking about a pharmacist because it seems interesting and you make a lot of money. I have been interested in it alot for some reason.

How much do you think you can make for your first few years when you are unexperienced. And how long do you have to go to college to be a pharmacist? If you want to make a lot of money, then being a pharmacist is a pretty good choice. Even if you are inexperienced, you should still make quite a lot. It really depends on what you are doing as a pharmacist ireas, retail, drug companies, etcwhat city you work in, how many hours you work.

You have to go to pharmacy school to become a pharmacists. Depending on the program, you will have to spend years in college. How much do you think you can make for your first few whta when you are It’s not so much what will make you a lot of money, but finding something you love, and where you can find a job!

Right now it’s careers like Information Technology, Biomedical Engineering, and Education to name a few but by the time you get to college that — and your interests — will probably change quite a bit! For now, do what you can so you stand out to college admissions. You’ve got plenty of time to get involved in extracurricular activities, leadership roles, AP Classes, community volunteering, and maybe even a precollege program or two.

Don’t do so much you are overwhelmed. Balance is important — and colleges look for that, too! By the time you graduate high school and have idead really think «college» — you won’t even have to decide on a major. You’ll have time to sample a variety of classes to get a better idea of what you want to be jdeas what you are idsas in.

Finally, how much you make a year uob depends on where you live and the cost of living in that area. Shoot for a career where they need jobs and that you are interested in — and the rest will follow!

Money isn’t. I’m in college right. I was premed for the money. Trust me, don’t do something just for the money. You’ll hate your life. If you want to make a lot of money, do research. There are many many jobs that make a lot of money. You need to work extremely hard to get that kind of pay. If money is your end goal, plan on working yourself to the bone.

The ones with the highest salaries are the ones in the most demand by employers. And the higher they pay, the harder they are. And remember this survey only covers the students who got a job in their field of study. The lower paid the job on this list, the few the number of graduates in a particular major got a job in their field.

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Shoppers are ‘blown away’ by this sound bar. I Came in Through the Bathroom Window. Answer Save. Stacie Lv 4. This Site Might Help You. RE: What jobs make a lot of money right out of college? Jessica Nunemaker Lv 4. Think Precollege Classes! You’re Just qhat your life. Don’t worry about it.

No need to plan. It’s actually better if you don’t. What are you really interested in? Find something you like for the sake of enjoyment, not money. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Chuckles Lv 7. Here is a listing of the average starting and mid-career salaries for most 4 year majors. Still have questions?

Get your answers by asking .

20 Best Side Hustles for 2020 (make more money)💰

I found my online school there and I’m very satisfied. Here’s a common question: Is it possible to get a job that pays well without spending four or more years at a traditional college or university? The answer is yes. In fact, a lot of people choose to bypass that longer path and end up with some of America’s highest-paying jobs. Without a degree like a bachelor’s, they are still able to out-earn many four-year college graduates. So, what cpllege it take? It takes jo broader view of your educational options as well idezs the enthusiasm to learn what kinds of skills collee actually needed in the marketplace. That’s what this article is. Let it be your introduction to a world of high-paying careers—with little schooling necessary—that you might not have considered. The opportunities for those with just two years or less of trade school or vocational training can be surprising. Many traditional four-year degrees aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. For example, on average, people who attend conventional ma,e and graduate with bachelor’s degrees in majors like education and the humanities go on to have some of the lowest earnings of all their peers. And did you know that more than half of college graduates with a traditional bachelor’s degree in science, technology, engineering, or math STEM aren’t even odeas in the fields they studied? Science majors, in particular, often have difficulty finding two year college job ideas what job make lot money in their fields. In many cases, success in these areas requires spending additional time in school to earn master’s or doctorate degrees. The result is that a lot of college graduates who choose the conventional route end up underemployed in jobs like retail or food service. Those who major in science or the liberal arts are especially vulnerable unless they go on to graduate school to increase their opportunities.


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