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Ways to make money working with dogs

ways to make money working with dogs

There are many of us who want to make a bit of extra money on the side, so why not turn to your family dog to do so? Instead, the idea to make money with your dog can actually work. And, the concept even has some merit. After all, we do live in a fairly pet-obsessed world and the internet is the perfect place to show off your beloved companion. Plus, there are offline ways to use your dog to make money. So, how do you actually turn your dog into a money making venture? The first thing we need to talk about is where you can earn with your dog. As it turns out, our national obsession with pets majorly plays out on social media.

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We pet parents love our fur-babies, often to the detriment of our budgets. Does my dog Jaxon need a fancy Christmas sweater? Of course not — but is it appropriate for him to visit Santa naked? Also no. If you’re a pet parent, I know you feel me on this. But what if I told you that instead of costing you money, your pet s could make you some? It’s true! And here are six ways how. I’m usually looking at three things on Instagram: beautiful food, hot bods, and cute pets. And if you’re the parent of an adorable animal, you can turn that gush-inducing face into a source of income using the image-based social media platform. Take Grumpy Cat, for instance, who became world famous via Instagram. This led to many lucrative merchandising deals, including clothing, toys, iced coffee that one’s a bit of a head-scratcher , and a TV movie. There are plenty of other furry-famous stars, too — like Doug the Pug and Wally the Bunny, who are cute enough to end wars, but instead bring home the bacon. Jeff Moriarty details how he and his wife got one of their cats into the Instagram game.

Turn Your Pup into a Cash Dog!

In fact, it is estimated that Americans keep 60 million more pets than there are humans in the U. Taken as a whole, it is easy to see how people collectively spend billions of dollars each year on pets and their supplies and services. To create this article, 10 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed 43, times. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Author Info Updated: March 29, Learn more Method 1. Enter your pet into shows or other pet competitions to win prize money. If you have a purebred dog and are passionate about the breed, dog shows could pay off. However, many people find that the overhead involved is often greater than the prize money, so most dog show contestants are in it for the fun. Model your pet if it is well behaved and attractive. Most magazines and advertising agencies occasionally use animal models in their advertising campaigns. Pet models can earn hundreds of dollars an hour on top-paying jobs, with smaller jobs still paying a decent hourly wage. Build your pet a resume with awards, acting classes and certifications and put it in the pictures.

6 Pet-Friendly Ways To Make Money with Your Dog

What if what you love is dogs? Beyond the obvious options, there are actually a wide variety of ways to make money working with dogs. Wuth of these options are better off as side gigs, some require additional training, and one requires a law degree, but all of these are legitimate ways to make your love of dogs start aays you, maybe in ways you never would have thought of. Here are 15 fun ways that you can put your passion for dogs to work and start earning money.

Get paid to get cardio? Why not! You need to walk your own dog. Why not pick up a few other dogs along the way and get paid to walk around outside? Pick up as few or as many regular clients as you like and you have your cardio requirement taken care of for the week. This one requires a law degree, of course, but if you love animals and still want a stable, well-paying job, an animal rights lawyer is the way to go.

Yes, people throw parties for their pets, and yes, they will pay you to plan the party for. If you love planning celebrations and have a passion dlgs dogs, this may be just the right career for you!

Have photography skills? Dog photographers are more in ways to make money working with dogs than. Whether you do candid shots or serious portraits, people will pay good money for well-done photos of their dogs. Even though becoming a dog groomer requires training, many wirh salons will hire somebody with no experience monfy be a dog bather and will then train that person to become a dog groomer.

This is another segment of the animal care industry that is gradually gaining more traction. Becoming a certified canine massage therapist does ,oney some training and testing, but what could be more rewarding than making dogs feel good for a living? If you love the outdoors and hanging out with dogs, people will pay you good money to take their dogs on epic, exhausting adventures while they are at work.

Dog treats are becoming a big business. Bake up a batch of doggy biscuits and take them to vet clinics, dog groomers, and pet supply stores. Give out a few free samples with your business card attached, and you might be able to start selling enough dog treats to earn a nice income.

There will always be a need for dog trainers. You will need some training yourself of course, but watching dogs grow, learn, bond with their owners, and become better overall canine citizens can be a very rewarding way to make a living. If you can make cute, quality bows, you can probably get as much business as you can handle from local groomers. Busy people who work a lot may also be willing to pay somebody else to take their dog to appointments as. You may need additional car insurance, but this could be a feel-good way to bring in some extra cash.

Building up a trustworthy reputation and finding clients may be difficult at first, but what could be better than being paid to spend time with dogs?

If you have drawing, painting, or other artsy skills, people are willing to pay a lot of money for paintings of their dogs based on photos that they submit. While some dogs are bred, owned, and handled all by one person, many of the top show dogs are handled by experienced handlers who do not own the dog. Attend a local dog show and ask some of the handlers how they got started. Shop Now. Friend’s Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address. Send Email.

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How to Make Money Fast on Sleeping Dogs

Making Money with Your Pet Can Be Rewarding

But in addition to being there to love you and be your best friend, a dog can also help you make money with a side hustle. In fact, with a little creativity, you could turn your love for dogs yes, even your dog into a full-time job. These ideas are some of the most paw-tastic ways to earn cash with your furry friend by your. Companies in the dog workiny often reach out to market research companies to learn what dog owners want and need mobey pet products, wifh dog food and toys. Market research companies usually find out this information by conducting surveys for customers to complete with their opinions. You waya find these surveys by joining survey panels, which pay you to share your opinions on things that matter most to you! Join Pinecone Research Now. Afterwards, the pups will need all their initial shots and deworming, so there will be several costs involved for you before the dogs are ready to go to their new homes. That includes feeding, walking, and possibly bathing or grooming the dog and giving them medications. Rover and Workihg You can absolutely make money taking pictures of dogs and cats and selling them to people looking for. Bloggers might use these photos to put in their blog posts or social media posts, but others might also use the pictures for DIY projects, printables, and other creative things. If you want a quick and simple way to sell your photos right from your phone, you can try Foap. You might be able to earn more, though, by selling your photos to stock photo website, like Getty Images and Shutterstockespecially if you use professional equipment to snap your pooch. What better way to ti in some money with your dog dgos your side than simply writing about your pup, what they do, and what they love? Join Opinion Outpost Now. Adding things like affiliate links to dog products you love or strategically placed ads related to the doggie industry can help you start making money on your blog. You can also promote other dog-related stuff you do on your blog, like eBooks, your photography, or even your dog walking service. If your blog gains was traffic and has a solid, engaged audience, you might woking able to work with brands in the dog industry for sponsored posts that can bring in a lot of money. You could make money by finding sites that pay writers for their guest posts or as a regular contributor. His channel is all about his life and what he does every day, while just being ridiculously adorable. Combine your love of painting with your love for your adorable pooch and you could have a winning combination on your hands.


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