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What to sell to make easy money on ebay amazon

what to sell to make easy money on ebay amazon

With more than million active users inEbay remains one of the top online platforms for buying and selling products. It currently sits at the number 3 spot behind Amazon and Walmart in terms of visitor numbers, with an impressive million visits per month. Ebay lets sellers create an auction easily and cash in within a week. As of February ofthe app has an audience reach of People dipping their toes into Ebay for the first time are usually looking to sell pre-used items. These Ebay users pop up only when they have stuff to sell, usually items they have around the house. This group of Ebay sellers trade during their free time and usually scales up when the business shows true potential to expand. Refers to established businesses with a large customer base and significant product turnover. They typically work full-time on their Ebay business. Knowing who to source your products from and building a strong relationship with suppliers is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle if you want to have a successful dropshipping business on Ebay. Most beginner dropshippers will probably fire up Google and try to look for a product to sell and where to source it. And while you may want to give them a shot, your Scam-O-Meter tells you. The truth is, these products have so much competition that only the top sellers with thousands to spend on marketing and massive orders are getting the bulk of the sales.

One tool to sell in the busiest online marketplaces

Check it out. Here’s how. Plus, insider tips on how to make money on eBay from eBay senior exec Jim Griffith. Ramit Sethi. We also interviewed a senior executive at eBay to get insider tips on how to make money selling stuff on eBay. Want more money? Susan and I are both fans of Big Wins. That means aggressively cutting costs, optimizing our spending, and earning more. How much can you really make on the site anyway? Most importantly: Is it worth it … or am I just going to get screwed by selling all of my stuff way below market value. Photos are going to be the very first thing people look at when they click on your product listing. So make sure they look as good as possible. To do this, photograph your product on a flat neutral-colored surface and background ideally white so your product will pop. I made an epic guide full of proven ways to make money. The buyer wants comfort. What are they struggling with? How does my product service those needs?

Steps to Getting Started and Growing an eBay Business

So clearly, there is money to be made. The general idea is simply of finding products for a good price, maybe something on clearance which you are able to sell for profit. Most people seel through Amazon, because well, they are you can find anything online at a great price. Clearly, you can make a huge profit here. So you buy it, send it to an Amazon warehouse using FBA and they ship it to you when it sells. Yes, it does entail a little more work than that but you get the idea. If this sounds good to you so far, give Amazon selling a try. Start small, though. Go through your own things and sell a few on eBay and a few on Amazon. This will enable you to familiarize yourself with the way both sites work before you decide to jump in. It has the added bonuses of getting rid of some of your clutter, freeing up storage space and making you a few bucks with no outlay. Choose a category and then Best Sellers. Monitor best sellers for a few days or even a few weeks to help make your decision. Within those items, choose some things you have some familiarity with. Books are also readily available and cheap.

What Are You Selling?

Amazon and eBay are 2 very different creatures, 2 very different companies, doing 2 very different things that occasionally, in some way, overlap.

As a seller in a marketplace, you need to find a balance between sales and fees, traffic and competition. In this article you will learn everything you need to make the best decision that help help grow your sales:. Sure, both sales channels have similar endgames — they put products in front of buyers. Not only does Amazon have more buyers, but the trust factor is also higher compared to eBay. So, there are multiple factors that make Amazon a more reliable choice for new brand users.

But as a seller, they are going to treat you both very very differently. One of these creatures can make you a bucketload more money than the. Depending on what you sell. Now consider for a moment, having your own website, the home for your brand, while simultaneously using the engaged traffic of Amazon and eBay to spread your brand notoriety and grow your sales.

This would put you, the seller, and your brand, in a powerful and convenient position. Amazon and eBay — and your own website — are what this is all. If you cast a bigger net, you catch more fish.

Summarizing these 2 behemoths of the eCommerce world is near impossible. Just about everything can be found on eBay. Both brand new products and used products can be sold on eBay. What makes eBay so unique?

The auction format of some of its listings. You can sell something for a flat fee, or choose to sell it via an online auction — or even. This is great when the value of your product is unknown. This eBay listing is an auction, with a reserve price as well as an outright purchase price.

Many brands, both big and small, have an established presence on eBay as it continues to provide a huge amount of traffic to listings. A similar age to eBay, Amazon is also a marketplace where buyers and sellers cross paths and exchange money for goods. With no auction model, Amazon sells mostly new products to buyers. A buyer searches for a product and commits to the purchase. There are no or, minimal duplicate listings on Amazon.

One product has multiple sellers. Amazon will also take care of any returns in this case. Amazon Handmade is a relatively new service when small crafters and DIYers can sell their unique, small-batch products. Amazon is also in the business of digital streaming and selling their own products — Kindles, for example. The similarities between Amazon and eBay are huge, but as are the differences.

They both achieve the same thing, but do it in two different ways. Keep this in mind when establishing which of the two platforms is best for your business! With Amazon, you spend a lot of time waiting to get approved for things.

Each platform comes with its pros and cons and things that make it unique. Only when either the buyer or seller asks, will eBay themselves get involved and try to settle a dispute. It operates in some way in 36 countries. Entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes can make money by turning over 2nd hand items in nearly any condition.

Couple this with the eBay Auction feature and money can be made from 2nd hand items of unknown value. Nearly 9 million used products on eBay. As an entrepreneur, this means you can use the incredible amount of traffic eBay get to draw attention to your product and seal the deal outside of eBay — minimising transaction fees, but also taking more time.

Not to mention, they are much less confusing. Selling on eBay is simply easier. Amazon listings get many more views. So not only does Amazon have more buyers, but those buyers are more likely to see your product when they want to buy it. Sure, you can buy a Ferrari on eBay, but if you could afford it, would you?

Fulfilment By Amazon is a feature that makes selling to all these buyers much easier. Sure, it costs money, but it saves you a lot of stuffing around with customers.

Essentially, you just have to make sure that the Amazon Warehouse has plenty of your stock. You must respond to questions within 24 hours. Because of the flood of traffic, Amazon forces you to be the best seller you. Some businesses that thrive on eBay may sink on Amazon. Which one is best for your brand is only something you can decide. If someone is already selling your products on Amazon, are you able to compete on price? If your product is already being sold by others on eBay, what can you do to stand out?

This is where true entrepreneurship comes in. If your idea is in its infancy or you are testing whether there is demand for your product, Amazon may be best for you. Both sales channels have different buyers at different points of their buying cycle. Use your target customer and establish which sales channel they will be on. Both websites have insane amounts of traffic. There is no doubt about. But specifically how much, and what other important stats do we need to know?

Both websites are very very popular in terms of global traffic. So it makes sense that these are great places to sell products. If you need to educate your potential customers about a product, you will waste your efforts by selling on Amazon. Are you looking for the best selling items on eBay? Trying to find the best selling items on Amazon so you can turn a quick dollar?

The internet is full of pipedreams and quick ways to earn a dollar online. The hard truth is, earning a passive income is not easy. And selling stuff on Amazon and eBay just to make a quick profit is a passive income idea that sucks. No one is going to tell you to sell X or Y to make a huge profit. Anyone that says they will, is probably selling you their own online course that claims to make you a top eBay or Amazon seller. If you want to find the most popular items on, simply go and look at the best selling items on Amazon.

Over 50 people sell this same clock on Amazon. How can you compete? You need to get creative and figure out how to find what can generate a decent profit. Keep in mind, starting a business based on Amazon or eBay requires you to invest some time and money.

Take a look around your house, bedroom, office. Write down your ideas no matter how awful they sound. Watch TV advertisements and see how you can complement products being advertised. Take a look at popular products that solve problems and find a problem they create.

How can you solve that? This product solves a problem and has very little competition. Look at the most popular products on eBay and think of a product that works well alongside.

Product research plays an incredibly important part in terms of pricing your product. Third-party tools like Splitly can be used as an automated repricer for private label sellers. Because it uses machine learning, it is the most effective way to always have your price optimized for profit and rank. A recent case study showed that selling a higher quality and higher priced product was more profitable than selling a lower quality, lower priced product.

Poor quality product may save the buyer some money but ultimately leads to poor reviews and less customer satisfaction.

Large, unusually shaped products are going to make it difficult. Keep it simple. If you plan on selling ex-military jet engines online, be aware that postage may be difficult. Answering these questions is just the modern-day equivalent of a pyramid scheme. If you want to pay someone to tell you what to sell on these marketplaces, well perhaps you should look at another career path. The best products to sell online are products that YOU know people want.

To find that, YOU need to do the research, you need to find the problems these people have and then find a product that solves. The product itself and the business you build around it will ultimately determine whether you sell on Amazon or eBay. Your venture will get the most traction if you approach it as a business. Not only is Multichannel selling the future of eCommerce, but putting all your eggs in one Amazon or eBay branded basket is not a smart .

How We Got Started Selling on eBay

I have tons of boxes shipped in to my house almost every other day. They monry filled with inventory of all different types and kinds. When I started as an entrepreneur, I was always looking for the perfect product. If I showed you what my inventory was, it would not make you successful. Once you do that, you can make a lot of money. Go into your living room, or your bedroom, or your front porch. Pick a random object. I have a metal chair on my porch. Do I need this chair? It’s nice to have, eaasy do I need it? You need cash to generate cash. Once you have enough cash, you can start getting boxes of inventory that make money for you while you sleep. No way! You would pocket it, use it, invest it. What else can Sell sell?


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