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Can you make money drilling water wells

can you make money drilling water wells

Can you make money drilling water wells are seven things successful water well drillers do:. It is important for well drillers to have all of the required federal, state, and local permits and licenses, as well as be up-to-date on state and local codes. State well codes contain minimum standards that must be followed when water wells are built, repaired, or abandoned, and when pumps and pumping equipment are installed. Local permits contain information about the geology of the area for optimal well placement, minimum well depths and other important considerations. Business owners should be sure mkney plans are in line with their operational and financial goals. The common thread among these longtime operators is exceptional customer service. That means around-the-clock emergency service, providing knowledgeable and trusted advice, and offering cost-effective options to their customers. Successful business relationships often stem from excellent communication skills. Polishing people skills, practicing active listening, and picking up on positive or negative nonverbal cues from customers will help establish trust. People want to work with others who are positive, truthful, helpful and genuine. In addition to providing basic contact information, creating a professional website to tell the story of your business, the services you offer, and the technical expertise you and your team youu can create a positive impression of your business among potential customers.

Consider the Long Run

When I was one, my family moved from a large farmhouse in northwestern Vermont into a small cabin my parents had built at the edge of a nearby hardwood forest. The cabin featured neither electricity nor indoor plumbing. It was lit by smoky kerosene lanterns, and we bathed in a metal washtub filled with water heated atop an old wood-fired cookstove. At first, my parents hauled totes of water to the cabin in the backseat of their rust-bitten Volkswagen Beetle. When they tired of this, my father rigged up a hand pump and managed to pull water from a stream nearly a half-mile distant and at least a hundred vertical feet below the cabin site. He was understandably proud. Though I was too young to grasp the implications, that pump was my first experience with water that hadn’t come from a municipal authority. My next would come twenty-five years later, after my wife, Penny, and I closed on forty remote acres of our own. Seeking a more permanent solution than my father’s stream-fed hand pump, we chose to drill a well. It has been another two decades since then, but I remember clearly the day the rig arrived to set its bit. If we didn’t strike water by feet or so we needed a small reserve to pay for the steel casing that would line the well from surface to bedrock , we’d have to pull the plug. At a hundred feet, the bit struck a vein of water that produced thirty gallons per minute. According to the EPA, the average American family of four uses four hundred gallons of water a day. We’d have plenty to spare. That night, we ate steak. Last summer, Penny and I drilled yet another rural well, to serve a house we are building on a hundred acres in Vermont’s remote Northeast Kingdom. Again we faced the obstacle that all property owners do when they drill for water: There is no way to know with certainty how deep the water lies, or how much water there is to be found. If the four hundred gallons a day statistic is correct, a mere third of a gallon per minute is all that’s necessary to supply the average family of four, but that leaves little wiggle room for times of heavy use or variations in flow. Besides, we keep livestock, including a small herd of cattle, thirsty beasts capable of drinking thirty gallons a day apiece. I wish I could report that this time around money was not an issue. Alas, my career as freelance writer and small-scale farmer has ensured that I cannot.

How Well Drilling Works

You can drill your own shallow water well using PVC and household water hoses. It is a cheap and effective way to dig your own shallow water well. Water well drilling isn’t just for the pros with huge commercial drilling rigs. Digging a water well yourself is both interesting and fun. They will not work if you need to drill through rock but, if the area you live in is flat or relatively flat, it is definitely worth a try. Many folks think they have to dig or drill their well into an aquifer. For irrigation and lawn watering, reaching an aquifer isn’t necessary. You only have to drill under the standing water level. It is very likely that you can drill your own well. Many successful wells have been drilled using this well drilling method. It is cheap. In these pages the «do it yourself water well drilling» technique is referred to as well drilling, but many call this technique «washing» or «jetting» a well. It is somewhat similar to the rotary bit method which most real water well drillers use for water bore drilling. The DIY technique involves water pumped down the center of a PVC schedule 40 pipe used as both a drill stem and a drill bit. The pipe is rotated back and forth as the PVC pipe is slowly worked into the ground while the cuttings are brought to the surface by the upward flow of water in the annular space around the pipe. If you want to dig your own well, try this technique. Installing a well and a pump can save a lot of money, especially if you are now paying the local utiilty for irrigation water. You have probably noticed that just watering the lawn can get expensive. You can spend less money watering the lawn. Actually, you can spend almost no money watering the lawn.

can you make money drilling water wells

Resumes and CVs

Having a well drilled is a unique experience. You need to get water from a hole that is drilled deep into the ground. You are about to spend a chunk of money for a hole with a pipe sticking out of it that is no bigger around than a dinner plate. You are told by others that you will have to pay even if there is no water in that hole. In your lifetime, you will probably not spend more money for a product with less up front information. Although many well drillers do a great job drilling wells, most drillers cannot or will not communicate. In an area like ours where the rapid pace of development has exceeded the capacity of the local drillers, this lack of communication has led to misunderstanding, abuse, and even fraud. The following insider information will help you understand what takes place, and how to protect yourself. Weather, repairs, access, having to drill deeper than expected, being asked to drill more than one hole on a property, are all valid reasons why a driller can be late to your jobsite. The games begin when your driller is supposed to move twenty miles to your jobsite, but a neighbor across the road where he is currently drilling asks him to drill his well. There is a substantial cost to moving big heavy equipment miles away and then miles back. The games continue when the driller expects your well to be either shallow or difficult sometimes both. What then, is the motivation for a fixed price driller to be honest when he has drilled down hundreds of feet and has hit a little water? If the driller simply says that there is no water, he pulls his tooling out of the hole, folds up his machine, and you have to pay him full price for:. You have just spent major dollars on having your driller work at trying to convince you that you have a dry hole! The games continue when there is obviously water coming out of the bore hole while the well is being drilled. Again, what is the motivation for a driller to install many feet of the more expensive perforated pipe that allows more water to come into the well? The incoming water from around the bore hole needs to directly access the inside of the well no matter what level the water is coming in from. Much less water will be available with only one twenty-foot section of perforated pipe installed at the bottom of the well. Will the water that has to drain down through the gravel pack between the bore hole and the well casing that is not perforated ever make into the well? Will the water find another fracture on the way down and go elsewhere? All of the water needs to directly access the borehole and installing perforated well casing from the bottom of the well to the standing water level is necessary and does cost extra money. When a contract is signed with a driller, the driller needs to state how much perforated casing he is going to install in a producing well. The bore hole has to be large enough for a proper gravel pack. The most important reason to have a gravel pack is to make sure that the wall of the bore hole does not get saturated and sluff down into the bottom of the well where it will plug up the perforations in the well casing. For instance, shale is a soft rock trying to turn into a hard rock with compression and time. When a bore hole though shale fills with water, the shale begins to soften, and with no gravel pack, the now goopy clay-like shale drops to the bottom of the well and seals off any percolation through the perforations.

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We specialize in drilling wells in and around the Oakland area. We are very familiar with the geography and have the necessary equipment to reach into any type watre environment to drill your water. We have drilled thousands of wells in Oakland and offer you 15 years of well drilling experience.

Call us Today There are several characteristics Oakland has that make it a truly unique city. Being one of the top ten largest cities in California, Oakland has a population of just overConserving water has a huge impact on this great city and we can show you how drilling a well can save you money and help the city conserve it’s water resources. As a local Well drilling contractor we have been providing drilling and boring services for over 15 years in and around the Oakland, CA Area and would like to offer you referrals from our last well drilling or pump repair.

We continue to be one of the most respected and on time water well drilling maintenance companies in the Bay Area based on our record and experience repairing pumps and drilling water wells.

It’s relative proximity to water ways makes it an ideal area to drill for wells. The city of Oakland has a total area of About two-thirds of Oakland lies in the flat plain of the East Bay, with one-third rising into the foothills and hills of the East Bay range. Whether you live in the hills or flatlands we can access your property for water well drilling. Oakland has more than 50 distinct neighborhoods across land running from the San Francisco Bay up into the East Bay hills, many of which are not «official» enough to be named on a map.

We service and repair water well pumps welos all of these area’s. We service and repair water pumps for moneyy commercial and industrial businesses.

We also service East Oakland, an area that encompasses more than half of Oakland, stretching from Lakeshore Avenue on the east shore of Lake Monet southeast to San Leandro. North Oakland, another service area we cover encompasses the neighborhoods between downtown and Berkeley and Emeryville. West Oakland is the area between downtown and the Bay, partially surrounded by the Oakland Point, and encompassing the Port of Oakland where we have service thousands of customers over the past 15 years.

Our tanks have a proven track record of superior performance, with minimal maintenance costs over time. Cab carry many a wide variety of water tanks to match any water. These pipe drilking are generally made via a T pipe which allows liquid entry and exit without disturbing any crust on the surface.

Today the design of the tank usually incorporates two chambers each of which is equipped with a manhole cover which are separated by means of a dividing wall which has openings located about midway between the floor and roof of the tank.

We offer complete septic tank can you make money drilling water wells service in the Oakland area. We specialize in septic systems to help comply with local Oakland, CA ordinances. A properly designed and normally operating septic system in Oakland is odor free and, besides periodic inspection and pumping of the septic tank, should last for decades with no maintenance. Generally in the Oakland area a well designed and maintained concrete, fibreglass or plastic tank should last about 50 years.

Latitude Oakland is a major hub city for the Bay Area subregion collectively called the East Bay, and it is the county seat of Alameda County. Nearest cities: Piedmont, CA 1. Drinking water stations with addresses in Oakland that have no violations reported:. San Rafael. Contact Us.

Site Map. Call us Today There are several characteristics Oakland has that make it a truly unique city. Products and Services offered in Oakland, CA:. We have had thousands of satisfied installations of our water well pumps and submersible pumps in Oakland, CA. Our pumps have years of proven drillung featuring the best sand-handling, and abrasion resistance. We carry all the necessary pumps and pump parts for any water well applications you might encounter.

Please give us a call so we can help you with your water pump project. Happy customer in Oakland poses with his water tanks. He loves how they save him money on his water. Walnut Creek.

#211 — It Is 100% ILLEGAL To Drill Your Own Well!!!

Folks, if you’ve been waiting for us to come up with the perfect, rural-based, «be your own boss» business—one that might be right up your alley—be sure you give this article a darn good looking over Now, anyone who has ever seen a conventional drilling machine will probably feel it’s unlikely that an individual could set him- or herself up in this business for a reasonable investment But suppose just suppose that you could purchase a completely functional, hydraulic-powered, domestic water well drilling rig that would fit on a small trailer or the back of a pickup truck, be capable of boring a hole eight inches in diameter and feet deep Furthermore, suppose that the fellows who made such a miracle earth piercer were willing to provide a two-day training course in using the device even can you make money drilling water wells you weren’t at all sure that you wanted to buy it? Sounds pretty good, huh? Especially when you consider that owning an inexpensive well drilling machine would enable you to charge less for your services than the «big boys» do thus giving your customers a money-saving break Well, it’s all true! To begin with, there are two principal techniques used for boring domestic water holes: cable and rotary drilling. Cable or «pounder» rigs hammer out a hole by repeatedly dropping a 1,pound «tool string» onto an earth-cutting bit. Any driller using such a rig must stop every few feet and—with water and a long bailing bucket—clean out the bottom of the hole. You might imagine that all the required pounding and bailing would make for some pretty slow progress Rotary drills, on the other hand, use a high-powered engine that screws a cutting bit into the earth while continuously flushing water down through the hollow sections of drilling pipe or «drill stems»and out through holes in the bit. The liquid washes the cuttings to the surface to clean out the hole. Any suspended particles are then allowed to settle out, after which a second engine the mud pump cycles the water to the bottom of the well. Both rotary and cable drill operators have to charge a considerable price can you make money drilling water wells their services: The first group are forced to do so because their equipment is so costly, and the second because theirs is so slow. The rotary-driven EXPLORERthough, can work rapidly enough to—as Skip Piper says—»wax those cable pounders,» yet its purchase price undercuts that of other rotary rigs by a factor of 30! What’s the secret of Roy and Skip’s rig? Well, its main asset is, simply enough, an economy of scale. Most rotary machines are, in addition to their water-finding jobs, designed to have the capability to drill oil or industrial wells that are over 2, feet deep! Every feature of such a machine must be massive: It uses a pair of large, fuel-guzzling engines, a to 60 foot tall drilling tower, drill stems that often can’t be raised without a crane, massive pumps to circulate huge quantities of water. In fact, the rig’s operators may need to own one extra truck just to carry the drill stems


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