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How much money does a cosmetologist make per year

how much money does a cosmetologist make per year

We are going to take an honest look at monej cosmetologist salary. But to be really honest, it is all very relative. Relative to where you live, relative to your skill level, relative to your specialty and passion, relative to your specific clientele, relative to your marketing skill and client building abilities, relative to your how much money does a cosmetologist make per year abilities. Do you see what I mean? I will give you the range of a cosmetologist salary provided by the United States Department of Labor and Statistics but there is more to it. Let me first show you, then I will explain. I will give you the highlights here so you don’t have to understand charts. That means they took all the information provided by W-2’s, added them all up and took the average. Now I’m saying there is more to consider. The only information they are going by is what was on a hairstylist’s W Paycheck plus tips. I’m going to be very general here as practices are different all over the country. If a tip is charged on a credit card there pee a paper trail and will have to be claimed as income. However, cash tips can not be proven.

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Cosmetologists provide cosmetic treatment to hair, nails and skin. This overlap of services between barbers, hairdressers, manicurists and cosmetologists can cause confusion, but one thing is clear: all states require board certification and licensing. Though requirements vary among jurisdictions, every state requires successful completion of an approved training program and state licensing exam. The first step in becoming a certified cosmetologist is to enroll in a state-approved cosmetology program. Full-time programs usually last at least nine months and are available through numerous private vocational schools. This training prepares cosmetologists for their entrance into the workforce, where they will analyze makeup, provide facial and scalp treatment and occasionally clean and style hairpieces. A graduate of a state-approved cosmetology program must successfully pass an exam to be licensed to work. The licensing of cosmetologists is not standardized and varies according to jurisdiction. As a result, rarely can licenses be transferred from one state to another.

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With the booming population, cosmetologists and other beauty professionals are in high demand. One of the great things about cosmetology is the flexibility that comes along with it; because beauty services are requested in the evenings and weekends in addition to normal daytime hours, many cosmetologists are able to create a «non-traditional» work schedule that allows them to work during the days and times they prefer. This also typically means that earnings can be dependent on how much a cosmetologist works. Cosmetologists most commonly work in spas and salons, but they can also be self-employed. Other employers may include beauty or fashion magazines, haircare and cosmetics companies, and the entertainment industry. Salaries can fluctuate wildly between these industries. Even within spas and salons, a cosmetologist can earn significantly more at popular, upscale establishments. City and state play a key role in a cosmetologist’s salary.

how much money does a cosmetologist make per year

Where can a Cosmetologist earn more?

Cosmetologists study and work hard to become accredited professionals in their chosen field. Since that is an average, of course, the hourly rate does vary widely from employer to employer and among locations. Since those who are just starting out are likely to be on the low side of the pay scale, new cosmetologists may expect a similar wage for their first year. As cosmetologists establish themselves among clients in a salon, they can attain a very good reputation. Word of mouth recommendations and high praise from satisfied clients can lead to higher earnings from salons that are willing to pay more to in-demand cosmetologists. If a cosmetologist decides to also run her own salon, she will also enjoy higher earnings when she becomes known and requested locally from clients who recommend her services to others. How much a cosmetologist earns can be greatly influenced by their geographical location. For example, cosmetologists who become successful in show business stand to earn top salaries. What may be surprising, though, is that the places that pay cosmetologists the best in the United States are Hawaii, Washington, and District of Columbia. A lot of cosmetologists work only on a part-time basis for salons based on when their services are needed.

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how much money does a cosmetologist make per year
Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Cosmetologist Explore career information by location. Search Location. How much does a Cosmetologist make in California? Most common benefits Flexible schedule Yfar discount Professional development assistance Food provided Paid time off View more benefits. Where can a Cosmetologist earn more? Compare salaries for Cosmetoloigst in different locations. Explore Cosmetologist openings Compare. Top companies for Cosmetologists in California. Massage Envy. Roosters Men’s Grooming Center. TGF Hair Salon. Highest paying nearby cities for Cosmetologists. Most common benefits for Cosmetologists. Flexible schedule Employee discount Professional development assistance Food provided Paid time off Paid sick time Store discount Loan assistance Disability insurance Retirement plan Free massages k. Salary satisfaction.


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