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How much money does a nurse midwife make

how much money does a nurse midwife make

As the demand for highly skilled nurses has begun leading many RNs to pursue higher degrees, the certified nurse midwife CNM career has become a popular advanced nursing pathway. Those with a passion for women’s health, infants, and the child-birthing process can find much success in the role. With advanced practice nurses regularly making six figure salariesRNs interested in both a rewarding and lucrative career option are increasingly turning to the certified nurse midwife option. This tool will allow you to easily search and compare the average salaries of nurses for many cities and locations across the U. You can search by city and state. Salary data is provided through the BLS. Certified nurse midwives can work in physicians’ offices, hospitals, outpatient care centers, alternative birthing centers, private practice, and. Each of these employers has a different payscale, so CNM salaries can vary widely from one to the. City and state play a large role in CNM salary averages. Urban and highly populated areas including large how much money does a nurse midwife make tend to pay more than rural areas. Certifications and credentials can also lead to higher salaries, as employers often base salary amounts on the level of training and experience a CNM can demonstrate. Research available midwifery schools and DNP salary.

Starting Salary for Nurse-Midwives

These days, more and more nurses are exercising their options to become Nurse Midwives. Becoming Nurse Midwives allows nurses to take part in the job of child birthing while providing emotional support to the couples and their new babies. Nurse Midwives offer specialized services, and they receive very lucrative salaries. A Nurse Midwife is an individual who receives specialized training in Midwifery and Nursing. They provide their services to women who are considered a low heath risk, which means that the women and their neonates are considered a low risk for complications during birth. Once certified, Nurse Midwives can practice in any of the 50 United States. They can practice in medical clinics and hospitals around the country, and they can deliver babies in homes and birthing centers. Nurse Midwives can prescribe some treatments, therapeutic measures, medications, diagnostic measures, and medical devices to patients in each of the 50 states. Their scope of practice may vary according to the state in which they are licensed to practice. Nurse Midwives provide medical care to women, including care for neonates, intrapartum care, antepartum care, gynecological care, postpartum care, and nonsurgical care. Some states allow Nurse Midwives to provide care to the male partners of their female patients. They can provide these male patients with care in the areas of reproductive health and sexually transmitted diseases. They also work closely with Obstetricians and Gynecologists with patients who develop diseases and complicated medical histories. It takes approximately 4 to 6 years of schooling to become Nurse Midwives. Nurses should attend accredited colleges and universities so that they can have the best opportunities for success as Nurse Midwives. Some employers will not consider graduates of non-accredited colleges and universities. Undergraduate nursing programs consist of laboratory work, classroom instruction, and supervised clinical experience. Nurses must attend graduate school to become Nurse Midwives.

Median Annual Salary

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Average Salary and Beyond for Nurse-Midwives

CNM salaries vary widely based on geographic region, responsibility and experience level. A number of variables can affect salaries for CNMs and CMs including: type of practice setting private practice, hospital, birth center, home birth, health clinicgeographic part of the country, type of location urban or ruralbenefits packages offered with salary, hours worked per week, and type of care provided full-scope of midwie health services, pre-natal care, gynecologic care.

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Top 10 Highest Paid Nursing Professions

Average Salary and Beyond for Nurse-Midwives

Nurse midwives are currently enjoying phenomenal job growth partly due to their advanced nursing background. A nurse midwife salary can vary based on employer, education and area of specialty, but generally the salary range is excellent. Like many jobs in the medical profession, nurse midwifery can earn you a pretty decent paycheck. According to the U. Actual salaries may vary greatly based on specialization within the field, location, years of experience and a variety of other factors. Nurse midwives are expected to be in high demand for the foreseeable future, especially in places with fewer medical resources, like inner cities and rural parts of the U. Additionally, The American College of Nurse-Midwives estimates one in 10 babies will be delivered by a certified nurse-midwife in the near future. This is a jump from the 3 percent of U. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is much faster than average. The advanced training nurse-midwives receive allows them to write prescriptions, act as a primary care provider and perform many of the same tasks as a doctor, but at a lower cost to employers and patients. Because of this, nurse-midwives how much money does a nurse midwife make become an invaluable resource in the medical community.


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