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Best money making sch x3lu

best money making sch x3lu

Now there’s a credit card that will do the same for you. View the Guide to Scu. Saturday, 9 a. Cash advances, balance transfers, and returns are not eligible for cash. Deposits will be made monthly to Summer Saver. If Summer Saver maximum contribution limits have been reached, or if no Summer Saver share is open, deposit will be placed in Member’s Primary Share 01 Savings. Account must be open, current and in good standing.

Skip to content. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Code Revisions 1. Embed What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Learn more about clone URLs. Download ZIP. Copy of L No space available. Not enough credits. Satellite deployment complete. Task force dispatch center initiated. Call centers standing by. Task force dispatch center closed.

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. X3: Albion Prelude. Global Achievements. Mahler View Profile View Posts. I have a fairly large microchip complex 30 , and a Mass Driver Forge 30 with a station agent after some hours collecting ships that bailed. The problem is, I’m getting tired with this method. I want to be station-building oriented in terms of making credits, but I have no idea what stations I should build Everything in Litcube’s universe is 10x as expensive and the game is pretty slow to me compared to vanilla. The stock exchange is not an option, as it isn’t no where near as exploitable as vanilla it only shows company listings, NOT commodity shares. If anyone here is a pro with hundreds of hours on this game I could use some advice, or a point in the right direction. Combat is not an option for me atm. I only own an Albion Pride as a player ship. Also, I don’t like getting my combat rank up as Pirate destroyer invasions become more frequent disrupting trade for my UTs. If you guys could be as detailed as possible I would greatly appreciate it. Showing 1 — 15 of 15 comments. Lonely care bear View Profile View Posts. The bigger the better. I make over million every 6 hours with my XXL Hub. I can upload one my saves if you want. There is about 16 billion credits and the whole empire is worth about Billion. What stations do i build in order to get that many credits for such a massive complex such as that? You gave me a end game station to work for, and I thank you a lot for that. What did you build like mid-game. You assigned a station agent for that right? Also sure, I’d like to see your save. At the start I was out there collecting crates and abendoned ships. You can get any ship and stick Special Command Software I think and transporter device on it.


Jul 17, Privacy Terms. Search Advanced search. Quick links. So I’ve beat the game for just under 2 weeks, and I’ve got hours clocked in — the vast majority of which are on LU a bit on Mayhem before I decided to play vanilla to understand the game better.

It’s exhilarating discovering the universe and the various mechanics mony I’ve got a playthrough that’s about 10 days in, and I’ve decided x3l start a new one with all the knowledge I gained from the incredibly expensive trial and error mistakes I made over and moeny again lol. My first question is about early game strategy. TL;DR: Is it better to do missions and buy up to a bigger ship for easier missionsinvest money in traders early on and get a handful of UT’s or buy a few traders and then invest in making some factories.

So I thought they just sucked at making money and sold. Obviously later I fixed. Then I went into stations, and had a cahoona complex and then a very profitable solar complex and a profitable space fuel complex until people stopped wanting to buy it cos I made too. Towards the end of the playthrough I was making a nice level of money, but nowhere near the levels that people seem to be making in this game especially by that stage of the game. So, not very. Not very much at all. Second question.

Carrier gameplay. TL;DR: Is there a guide or system out there to summarise this for me as I was completely lost when I bought my Griffin on a lot of «basic» things — how to repair my fighters, how to get the dock transporter thing to work paid the 14mil itembest way to command large group of fighters.

I’m a carrier player. This is where my heart lies and I was super excited to get a Griffin. When I got it, I bought some fighters to outfit it with had some trouble with the template manager but eventually got it working after a lot of research lol and then proceeded to take it out for a spin. I put the fighters in a wing and it sort of worked fine — I was a little confused mony some of the commands but eventually I got the carrier commands to work how I wanted.

Then I had trouble docking the ships. Sometimes they docked perfectly and one x3l just sit still in space, so I’d have to move around and re-order it. Then when I took the carrier to a shipyard to repair the fighters I couldn’t. So ultimately, I just need some help in this department. All my googling has lead to loads of guides about fleet compositions and what to have.

TL;DR: Is it better to make money from economic stations mass produce energy, crystals, fooditem stations quantum tubes, micro chips, warheads or xx3lu stations missiles, hept, flak Just as a general idea — I had most of my money made from the mass solar energy complex I built. As msking last note — how early, and how fast, should I expand my fleet? My first playthrough was just focused on getting me to a capital bdst as fast as possible only reached Frigate but I see that that was the makibg strategy.

My biggest fear of buying other fighters early on was that I couldn’t afford to lose them, and with how fragile they can be I thought it wasn’t smart to get. But reading the forums — it looks like I took the wrong approach. Jul 17, Many things boil down to personal preference.

The biggest money makers are weapon factories. Someone calculated that the Mass Driver yields the most profits and you can sell infinite amounts to NPC makin. A common strategy for early-mid game is to get a M7 player ship. The AI doesn’t handle the alignment of the fixed forward guns very well, but for a player they are top x3l.

Mayhem Tutorial. Jul 17, Hector0x wrote: you can sell infinite amounts to NPC docks. The 10th is singing the music from Tetris. Jul 17, Is there a «max» number of mwking in complexes?

Just so I get an besh of how much I should build one up. Jul 17, apL wrote: Is there a «max» number of factories in complexes? If you try to build that the traditional way, you’re probably looking at close to a thousand factories in total and your computer will most likely melt if you ever try to enter the sector where you built that x3l.

Jul 17, I really appreciate the amount of effort you’ve put into trying to figure out how to get things work. That’s awesome. I thought I mooney fixed the issue where ships would get stuck while docking koney other ships. That issue is super annoying. Litcube’s Universe Wiki. Jul 17, Thanks for the SHC tips! I completely ignored this whole subject as I thought it was just an end game project to invest in.

Definitely looking into it. That said, bset there a donate page or anything for the LU team? A way to show some appreciation for all the work over the years etc to get to this stage? I can imagine it takes an incredible investment of time and effort, which can only be respected and appreciated really.

Is it compatible with LU? Like I said in my post, I’m a carrier pilot at heart so I’m really desperate to nail down this section of gameplay. Jul 17, apL wrote: On a side note — how do people suggest they go about buying a carrier and outfitting it with fighters?

Jul 17, Donate for pandas! Next question — if you buy a Argon Trading Station or Equipment Dock or whatever else, do you make money from it? Or is it just to have access to the stuff they sell?

That’s why you buy a dock. Jul 17, As you already have figured out, carriers can be managed in multiple ways. I’m no expert on this, but for a basic reference i’d recommend these setups. They can all be used in the same game as needed. And none of them become entirely obsolete in the end game in ,oney opinion.

Manual control with wings: -maximum control, ships mostly do what you want but with vanilla behavior -high flexibility, change your strategy in combat -hard to control multiple carriers or to replace fighters -only real option for the player ship MLCC see LU wiki : -create combat strategies monye entire fleets stationed on a military base -very joney, up to the point that you can decide at which range missles are fired and against which targets -a dock is needed and in general better suited if you already build ships in quantity at HQ -has automation for carriers for replacing losses and a retreat feature after a set amount of fighter casualties -you can’t change the plan mid-air or command the ships in action without mpney the automation.

The ships have to always dock at homebase brst be called at a new location -afaik you always have to be present in the target sector to call the fleet ADS: -a bit like MLCC but with a more «in the field» feeling no dock needed, repair feature -don’t use ADS on MLCC controlled ships but why would you -has a nice bfst system and like MLCC good carrier automation -has an absolutely gorgeous retreat.

Instead of retreating the whole carrier even individual svh with depleted shields draw back to the carrier, maklng in fewer losses best part of the mod imo Just try to combine the different possibilities. You will see what works and what doesn’t. Jul omney, This will sound like an ad but I see people already covered your specific questions in text For answers to those questions and a lot of others also check out my X3LU youtube series linked from my signature.

X3LU 1.



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