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How to make the most money with a finance degree

how to make the most money with a finance degree

Financial services have long been considered fniance industry where a professional can thrive and work up the corporate ladder to ever-increasing compensation structures. Career choices that offer experiences that are both personally and financially rewarding include:. Three areas within finance, however, offer the best opportunities to maximize sheer earning power and, thus, attract the most competition for jobs:. Aith Potential Directors, principalspartners and managing directors at the bulge-bracket investment banks can make over a million dollars — sometimes up to tens of millions of dollars — per year. Why do senior investment bankers make so much money? Directors, principals and partners lead teams that work with high-priced items and make big commissionssince the bank’s fees are usually calculated as a percentage of the transaction involved. Investment banks are brokers. Not bad for a team of a few individuals — say two analyststwo associates, a vice president, a director and a managing director. Job Duties Analyst pre- MBAassociate post-MBAand vice-president levels are the proving grounds, and the hours can sometimes exceed a hundred per week. Bankers at the analyst, associate and vice-president levels focus on the following tasks:. Directors supervise these efforts and typically interface with the company’s » C-level » executives when key milestones are reached.

What Does a Financial Advisor Do?

Cutting through all of the nonsense about challenging and rewarding work, there’s only one driving reason why people work in the financial industry — because of the above-average pay. As a recent The New York Times graph highlighted, workers in the securities industry in New York City make more than five times the average of the private sector , and that’s a substantial incentive to say the least. So what are the highest-paying careers in finance? First, Let’s Get the Definitions Straight It’s not hard to create a very broad definition of a «career in finance. Likewise, teaching financial theory or economy theory at a university could also be consided a career in finance. I am not referring to those positions in this article. It is indeed true that being the CFO of a large corporation can be quite lucrative — what with multimillion-dollar pay packages, options and often a direct line to a CEO position later on. Likewise, academia pays better than many people realize, with professors at top schools earning six-figure salaries and reaping the benefits of consulting or part-time work that they get due, in part, to the name value of the university at which they teach. Instead, this article focuses on jobs within the banking and securities industries. Banking — Not as Demanding, but not as Lucrative There’s a reason that soon-to-be-minted MBAs largely crowd around the tables of Wall Street firms at job fairs and not those of commercial banks. While these pay packages don’t sound great compared to the six- and seven-figure paychecks of Wall Street workers, a little perspective is in order. By and large, becoming a bank branch manager or loan officer does not require an MBA though a four-year degree is commonly a prerequisite. Likewise, the hours are regular, the travel is minimal and the day-to-day pressure is much less intense. In terms of attainability, these jobs score well. Wall Street — The Back Office Wall Street workers can generally be classified into three groups — those who largely work behind the scenes to keep the operation running including compliance officers , IT professionals, managers and the like , those who actively provide financial services on a commission basis and those who are paid on more of a salary plus bonus structure. Make no mistake, the back offices of Wall Street do not pay as well as trading, analyzing or managing money. The hours are generally not as good as in the non-Wall Street private sector and the pressure can be intense pity the poor IT professional if a key trading system goes down. Wall Street — The Commission-Earners When it comes to Wall Street professionals paid on commission, the range of potential compensation is truly enormous. The largest group of commission-earners on Wall Street is stock brokers. What’s more, the entry criteria are pretty basic — brokers are generally expected to have graduated from a four-year college and they must pass licensing exams , but this is definitely a job where your on-the-job performance is vastly more important than your resume and it’s not often too hard to find a place that will give a newcomer a chance. But there’s a catch. Although brokerages will often help new brokers by giving them starter accounts and contact lists, and paying them a salary at first, that salary is deducted from commissions and there are no guarantees of success.

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Financial Advisor Salaries and Career Outlook

how to make the most money with a finance degree
If you love mathematics and are excited about the ways that it impacts the business world, then you likely majored in finance during your university years. Finance is an excellent degree choice that offers challenging work in a variety of industries. The ideal results of your work should be optimized company resources and robust financial performance. Financial managers need to know how to prepare budgets, understand financial statements, and analyze budget variances. Financial managers need excellent written and verbal communication skills since they regularly present and defend capital investment initiatives to company board members, executives, and colleagues. All industries need financial managers. Most organizations want finance degree graduates to have at least five years of experience in the finance field before they will consider them for financial manager jobs. This career is perfect for finance professionals who decided to return to school for a finance degree after working several years in more junior-level finance jobs. Since financial managers oversee numbers and people, most hiring managers prefer to see candidates who graduated from finance degree programs that included leadership training courses within their curricula. However, finance graduates who have C-suite ambitions will use the role to prepare for Chief Financial Officer positions. Economists evaluate economic issues that relate to the production and distribution of raw materials, goods, and services. They present their findings to government agencies, corporations, and academic research organizations. Their work helps public and private groups to forecast important aspects of their operations such as job availability in specific sectors, labor shortages, and natural resource scarcity. You must have these top skills to work as a successful economist:. Check out this example of how economists influence society. Economists collected data about students who were enrolled in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics STEM degree programs years ago. Their findings indicated that there would be future shortages in domestic STEM talent. As a result, education departments around the country invested heavily in early childhood education STEM programs, and they partnered with industry to create real-world learning opportunities to prepare grade-school children for rigorous college STEM curricula. Other government agencies used the findings to justify how to make the most money with a finance degree through more lenient visa requirements for immigrants who work in STEM-related fields. Economists have great career prospects in many industries that include healthcare, construction, education, and energy. Most employers allow finance majors to compete with economics majors for entry-level economist jobs.


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