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Jobs that make a lot of money infp

jobs that make a lot of money infp

If you’ve scored as INFP on a personality testyou know that you want to do something you care deeply. And you want to do it all on your own terms. The problem, however, is that society kicks jobs like this to the curb. Indeed, out of all the personality types, Introverted-Feeling types sit right at the bottom of the salary scale. Fortunately, several lucrative careers live up to the INFPs deep ethical values. You might find something you like. Starting the list jobs that make a lot of money infp is psychology, a profession that plays to the INFP’s strengths. Psychologists must be skilled at reading between the lines an N traitable to spot inconsistencies in themselves and others an F trait and adept at responding to whatever happens in a situation a P trait. Excellent at reading the feelings and motives of others, INFPs love being able to work face-to-face with clients and seeing how their considerable talents have impacted another’s quality of life. Nothing feels more rewarding to an INFP than watching people flourish under their sensitive guidance. Psychologists operate in all fields, from substance abuse to business consultancy. The profession demands just as much creativity as logic. Architecture allows INFPs to exercise their creative muscles without letting them fall into the stereotype of starving artist. Being idealistic can be a huge plus in this profession.

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Your personality plays into what kinds of jobs you might be good at. It also says a lot about what kinds of jobs you would enjoy better than others. INFP is an abbreviation which means introversion, intuition, feeling, and perception. Sixteen personality types were found to be common among our populations, according to research which spun from the work of Carl G. Jung, noted psychiatrist. INFP is one of those personality types. They make decisions based on their feelings and intuitions. They are often artistic and dreamers. They look for the extraordinary in life and shun the mundane. They want to make the world a better place and help others. They are passionate about everything they do. They seek to find deeper meanings of things while reserving the opportunity to be flexible in their views as they seek to learn more about why others might feel differently than they do. If you have an INFP personality, you are probably a very patient type of person. At the same time, you can be sensitive to how others feel about you. When you set out to do something, you do it with commitment and dedication.

jobs that make a lot of money infp

Final Remarks

Whether you are starting out in your career or trying to find your footing in the best paying jobs, it is useful to know your personality. While personality is not a determinant of success or failure, it can be helpful to use it to choose the right career. Armed with that information, you will have a good position to select a career that is both rewarding and fulfilling. INFPs have strong value systems and a deep interest in people; they usually put the needs of others above their own, show strong devotion and loyalty to causes and people they believe in. They are future and growth-oriented, creative and inspirational, original and individualistic, highly independent, value authentic relationships. INFPs are not particularly driven by status or money when they are selecting a career; rather they align themselves with personal values that allow them to help others. They are mainly motivated by inspirations and visions, mostly preferring to work on projects or causes that are important to them. Because of this, they often struggle in the corporate sector, and find themselves lost and disillusioned in an environment that is primarily concerned about productivity, results, and money. Some even fall into depression. This article is written for those INFPs who desire life to purpose, meaning and yet not find a need to compromise their deeply held values and their desire for independence. Their individualism plays a great role in enabling them to think outside the box and never run out of inspirational ideas. It takes creativity and inspiration to write up a spark, which INFP personalities have. The creative element with people in this personality type helps them succeed in writing-based careers and particularly in journalism. INFPs draw their inspiration from seeing other people succeed; you will find them in almost all fields ranging from marriage counselors to drug and abuse sectors, and business consultancy among others. Architecture as a career requires a lot of creativity; the famous Lloyd Wright was an architect. This career allows INFPs to fully exploit their creative muscles without the risk of falling into the oft-stereotyped starving artist. An idealist in this career has an added advantage; one can design structures which serve humanity well. In fact, many of the most iconic buildings in the world were probably designed by artists that let their imaginations run wild. Human Rights Crusaders are law professionals who represent those whose rights and liberties have been abused. One can specialize in a given area such as mental health, discrimination, social justice, or asylum among others. Although the journey through law can be tough, the earnings and the personal reward of standing up for the hurt and marginalized can be rewarding.

5. Veterinarian – Median salary: $90,420.

Which would you rather have, a job that you love that only makes enough money to live on at a middle class level, or one that makes more makf, but which you don’t like. It is MOST important that you understand that they are not mutually exclusive. When your thoughts are tbat alignment with the reality you wish to create, loy create that reality and the rules that others buy into which is what joobs doing now no longer apply to you. Maybe all the revenue you make won’t come from your job, but it can be.

I rather have a job that I love than a job the makes a lot of money because with the job you love, contentment is fulfilled with and makes your life meaningful. When your in a job that makes alot of money but doesn’t satisfy you, then your life will be in a repetitive state of not being satisfied which will make your imfp not meaningful and more or less feel in vain. Having done both, I can say to you with the utmost certainty lto ‘stuff’ really doesn’t matter.

What’s the point of clawing your way up the ladder, missing life, just to fill a bank account with money that doesn’t really exist anyway? Right now, I make about a third of what I was making the last 5 years. A job I love, as long as it does just a little better than paying the bills.

I wouldn’t shovel you know what 8 hours a day for bucks an hour. It’s not my job’s job to make me happy, I get that in my «real life». And I found out the hard way: my whole life I went after jobs that made me happy, but the stress of ghat broke is affecting my «real life».

So I say, unless the job is unethical in some way, that it’s perfectly acceptable to pursue a job for its financial merits Trending News. Teacher who kneeled during CFP title game speaks. Deadly avalanche strikes California ski resort. Fired Cowboys coach reportedly lands a new job. Grammys CEO threatens to ‘expose’ academy.

Experts share what not to do at a funeral. Common not to know of your non-Hodgkin lymphoma? Cover of Eminem’s surprise album has hidden message. Answer Save. The Guru is in Lv 7.

Paul C. How do you think about mone answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Kristen Lv 4. The Spirit Of Cosmos Lv 7. You don’t need a lot of money, and you don’t need to love your job. One that jobe the most money. Believe me, you are going to need it. Show more answers 5. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking .

INFP Careers List, Best Jobs for INFP Personality Type

They want to use their creative gifts and maie in ways that bring personal fulfillment and contribute to the greater good. Before settling on a career path, INFPs want to know who they are and where they fit into the fabric of the working world. They want a career that capitalizes on their unique abilities, coincides with their values, and ignites their drives and yhat. Because most jobs fail to consistently inspire them, INFPs often end up feeling restless and dissatisfied. Even those with a college degree may struggle to find long-term career satisfaction. If their interests happen to rhat with the features of an existing career path, INFPs should consider themselves fortunate. If not, they are faced with the tall task of pursuing their interests on a largely independent basis. INFP college students may experience similar difficulties in identifying a major which fits their skills, interests, and abilities. Fortunately, as Introverts, INFPs can gradually narrow their interests once they feel they have sufficiently explored all their options. The problem is this can or quite a few years, even well into their thirties, for their niche interest to emerge with sufficient clarity.


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