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Mma fighters don t make money

mma fighters don t make money

How much money do MMA fighters make? For such a short and simple question, you might be surprised to learn that the answer is a bit more complicated. With the explosion of popularity in MMA thanks to fighters like Conor McGregor over the past few years, the pay has mma fighters don t make money risen. Although there is still a significant wage gap from the highest to the lowest paid in organizations like the UFC. This is actually an implication from the rise of some of the top stars in the sport. How much money did MMA fighters make in ? S average household income.

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When people daydream about the life of a figure of interest in the world of professional sport, they imagine incredible fame and a great deal of money based upon their undeniable greatness in their realm of preference, be it basketball, football, or maybe , a UFC fighter. Given how the company has grown over the past 10 years pulling the sport along with them , fighter compensation has become a debated issue. Obviously, the pay in the sport of MMA and the UFC has grown sharply over the past years, but is it really such a drastic increase that it can not only rival what the sport of boxing pays, but also surpass it? The amounts that the big stars of each sport make cannot honestly be compared. In addition, there is the sponsorship monies that men like Georges St-Pierre and Jon Jones make—figures that cannot be easily quantified. So we are left to focus our attentions to those fighters on the rise: men and women looking to make a name for themselves as best they can, sometimes taking fights on very short notice. After all, the exception is not the norm, and not every UFC fighter on a PPV is getting the big bucks, thus not all UFC fighters should be seen as reaping those kinds of rewards. Now, the average fighter fights somewhere between four to seven times a year, and if he is in the UFC, he fights fewer times given the sheer size of their roster compared to the amount of available slots on a given PPV or Fox card in a calendar year. Most who have examined this topic with nothing more than a passing curiosity have seen the figures for the fighters on the bottom of a UFC PPV, noting with alarm at just how much it seems those fighters make. Obviously, there is a great difference in the paydays of both men, but that is to be expected and is seen in all combative sports; Dan Henderson is a known name and a proven commodity, where as Villefort is not, as of now. Contrast this with the disclosed figures for the Manny Pacquiao vs. These figures did not include profits paid to each fighter for PPV percentages. The first thing you notice is the massive difference between the big stars in the sports, but after that you see that there were no bonus monies paid for victory for the boxers. Now, it is unknown just how often these boxers fight in a calendar year, or what kinds of sponsors they have if any , but Mikael Zewski fought five times in , which is fairly common among boxers trying to claw their way into the big time.

Myles Jury is a damn fine fighter. Myles Jury recently broke down the typical expenses for an MMA fighter and put it into perspective with what a fighter gets paid. Medicals: Fighters need to pay for their own medical tests in order to get licensed by each commission. Coaching Fees: Basic coaching is included in gym fees, but many fighters need to bring in specialists from around the world and it can really add up. Misc: There are a lot of other costs, including travel expenses for coaches, supplements, flying in training partners, nutritionists, clean eating, sports massages and chiros, etc. Related Items less money mo problems myles jury. Scroll for more. Recent Articles. Video of the first confrontation between Khabib and Poirier leading up to title fight Articles June 14, Donald Cerrone gives an update on his eye injury Articles June 11, Two kicks to the head on the ground… One of the toughest Knockouts of Articles June 5, Front Page SideBar Ad.

mma fighters don t make money

Greener than the border of a fresh dollar bill, the Lambo spits fire like someone just threatened its khaleesi. Henry Ford and H. Wells, typing for fortnights on end, could never have conceived of such a machine. But if you’re the king of MMA here in , it’s yours. It’s good to be the king. The glitz is downright blinding. You don’t see a lot of Dodge Neons out in the streets these days. Murphy’s is a piece. It’s careworn. And here that Neon is, cooling its heels in the middle of the Arizona office park where Murphy trains. The Neon doesn’t spit fire, at least not on command, but there is still good news on the vehicle front for Murphy, and the good news is twofold.

Log in or Sign up. These stats are for the ufc : The average household income in the U. Only fighters in the UFC mkae currently earning six-figure salaries. This can also be contributed to the rise in interim belts.

Is it worth getting punched and kicked in the face, moneh thoughts? HirashinJun 12, RicardinhoPTRum and Klaavical like. KlaavicalJun 12, Boombxxxxwwkirk and 4 others like. How much is the average in pro boxing? Yes its worth it to. FlowchartRoggevoudaneDeathStroke mlney 1 other person like. Joined: Sep 20, Messages: 2, Likes Received: 5, Doesn’t matter.

They want to fight in the UFC and are willing to take dogshit pay to do it. It takes alot to fighhters being able to negotiate from a good position. ChumpyKiwiJun 12, Koney and gevoudane like. Joined: Feb 25, Messages: 13, Likes Received: 20, The last HW Champ still worked makke day job. Blanqa Blanqua doon, Jun 12, FlowchartRogwwkirk and Con like. ,oneyxxxxgevoudane and 4 others like.

WizzlebizJun 12, Joined: Sep 4, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 1, AtaTheCrowJun 12, Low pay and wear and tear on your body that will affect your life long after MMA.

I sprained my foot a year ago and it still bothers me at times let alone getting kicked and punched by others with all their might, fuck that noise.

Train and spar sure but only fight for real when there is no other option. Amst3rdamJun 12, GBJohnBoomb and Moonwalker95 like. You want to fight because it’s in your heart then fightbut if your goal is money then go to school. GBJohnBoombpeterparker66 and 4 others like. FlowchartRog likes.

Tree fiddy I’m the first one? Joined: Aug 27, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 1, Hirashin likes. An Uncertain Choice likes. An Uncertain Choicefilthynumber1 and eighterumg5 like. Joined: May 20, Messages: 7, Likes Received: 5, MadHouseJun 12, You must log in or sign up to reply. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

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How Exactly Do MMA Fighters Make Their Money? Myles Jury Explains on Inside MMA



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