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Can expensive clothes make you money

can expensive clothes make you money

There is an old saying that you get what you pay. When it comes to fast fashion, that statement is true. You pay low prices because you get low quality. When it comes to high-end designer clothing, that old saying is false. You pay far more than what you get in return. Neither is a good deal. No wonder our landfills are filling up with fast fashion rejects! Smart people understand that value is about what something is worth, not just wxpensive it costs. Clothes that start to fall apart after a few washes are not bargains. A spokesperson from California Closets said the average person only wears 20 percent of their clothing. I have no doubt that fast fashion is a contributing factor. Who wants to wear clothes that look and feel cheap? Raise your hand. On the flip side, who wants to acn for their clothes and accessories?

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At home, I walk around in. And because I am a conservative business guy, I tend to wear clothes that are black, white, blue, or grey. I buy so I can I attend a ton of business meetings and functions. Plus, I meet with a lot of the same people often, so I try not to wear the same thing over and over again. Add the accessories from belts to ties to tie clips… it all adds up. People believe what they see. If people think you look successful, in their eyes you are successful. This will allow me to donate more money to charity. I receive compliments from random strangers almost every time I walk out of my door. And some of those people ask me what I do for work. Where having nice clothes really helps is in business meetings. I have been tracking every meeting I attend for the last four and half years. I have a big Excel sheet with my closing ratios, average pitch price, company name, people within the meetings, their job titles, etc. What I realized is that when I started to dress extremely nicely, the people in these meetings felt I was extremely successful. That means out of every 10 meetings, 4 result in the companies signing up with me now. The difference is huge! The only difference was clothes. I just found it odd that they were walking around in small packs. He asked me what I did; I gave him my standard spiel about me doing crap on the Internet; and he told me a bit about himself. He is the financial manager for a lot of the popular sports players out there. He teaches them how to save and invest money. He took my number because he wanted to learn about how the Internet works, and he also gave me his corporate code for any Starwood Hotel so I would save a few hundred dollars per night anytime I travel. He asked me what I thought of it. I told him I liked it so much that I had already bought it. When asked what I was going to wear it with, I said gym shorts as I plan on using it while I run. He thought I was crazy, and to some extent I am. A friend of mine, Mike Kamo, decided to do the experiment with me. His results were astonishing as well.

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Latest Issue. Past Issues. Enough that it makes you sweat a little. In the U. The problem is, all that low-cost clothing is produced, sold, and finally discarded in mass quantities, which has serious consequences for the environment, the workers paid poorly to make them, and even the mental well-being of the people buying them. As a fashion reporter, I like clothes probably more than most. But I also know all the troubling facts represented by those cheap t-shirts and jeans. My hope is that it also reduces how much I contribute to some of those issues mentioned above.

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Best of all, you can find quality anywhere. It comes down to buying less mediocre stuff and using that money on a few nice things that last forever. The comfort principle is simple : spend your money where you spend most of your time. Think about it, most of us wear our clothes all day long and sometimes through the night. We wear them at work, at home, at the gym: every occasion calls for some type of clothing. It makes sense to buy clothes that earn you the most happiness out of your time, and stand up to regular use. You want work clothes that look good in the office and are comfortable. You want gym clothes that fit well and stand up to your workouts. Low-quality dress shirts, for example, look terrible on people not shaped a specific way. If a shirt is too loose or tight in the wrong places, you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable, and it shows in your body language.

Educational resources of the Internet — English. Most people believe that it’s important to look nice. However, some people say that we place too much importance on appearance and fashion. One will hardly disagree that it is pleasant to look at a person who is neatly and beautifully dressed. A person usually chooses clothes according to his or her age, social class, financial position and occupation.

People also choose clothes expensivf to their preferences and character. To my mind, if a person wants to produce a good impression and to be successful, he or she must look nice. When clotues speak to you, they always pay attention to your appearance and your clothes. If you look sloppy and untidy, they will try to avoid you.

There is a saying expesive «good clothes open all doors» and I quite agree with it. But some people place too monry importance on their appearance. They spend much money on expensive clothes and sometimes they look ridiculous trying to be fashionable.

There are some styles that can surprise and even shock people such as punks, hippies or Goths. It looks strange when a person wears razor blades instead of earrings, dyes his or her hair bright red or purple or puts on shoes on enormous platform.

Some teenagers are fond of bright make-up, black fingernails, scruffy long hair or baggy clothes. But I think it is silly to slavishly follow the current fashions. In conclusion, I’d like to say that nowadays fashion expensve even more influential than it was in the past. Expensiv effects and moulds public taste. I believe that people should follow fashion and pay attention exepnsive their appearance, but it should never become a kind of obsession.

Some teenagers think that clothes make the man, while others don’t care much about what they wear. Nowadays the word «fashion» is a synonym for beauty, style and glamour. Every shop offers a wide ,ake of fashionable clothes and it is hard to resist the temptation to monsy something new. But is it all right to put so much attention to clothes? Personally, I am sure that there are more important things in life than fashion. To my mind, people speak too much about it and waste a lot of money on clothes.

I have a pair of jeans and I wear them every day. I think jeans are comfortable and cheap. I never go for the latest styles or buy very expensive clothes.

However, most teenagers say that clothes show their personality. Besides, they are the first thing people see when they meet. Teenagers believe that clothes help them produce a favourable impression and they say they feel better when they are dressed.

Young people also use bright make-up, cut and dye their hair and carry different accessories such as bags, purses, glasses, jewellery, hats mlney scarves in order to attract attention. Some youngsters are fond male experimenting with their look and mixing styles.

But I don’t think it is wise to become a fashion victim. To conclude, I believe that clothes do not make the man. The main aim of clothes is to protect yoh human body from extreme weather, insects, chemicals and other hazards. The second aim is to attract attention and to indicate status. In my opinion, the main thing about clothes is comfort. As for beauty and style, they are less important. The question of what pupils should wear to school rouses strong feelings on both expensife.

Some people give many reasons in favor of school uniforms. However, there are a lot of people who are against. The problem of school uniforms is discussed in every school. The majority of schoolchildren have a negative attitude to wearing a uniform. Nevertheless, there are arguments for school uniforms that should not be discounted.

To my mind, the school uniform has a lot of advantages. Firstly, some teenagers wear clothes that are not appropriate at school such as short skirts or clothes with vulgar language.

Secondly, teachers say that uniforms help improve discipline and reduce peer pressure and bullying. It should also be noted that most pupils don’t mind wearing uniforms. The wearing of school uniforms helps pupils realize that a person’s unique gifts and personality traits go deeper than their clothes.

What is more, the school uniform promotes equality because everyone has to wear the. However, some teachers believe that bringing in uniforms will not solve the school discipline problem. Clothes are not the main cause of bullying and therefore it will continue, regardless of dress policy.

Most pupils are convinced that school uniforms interfere with their rights for yo. Some parents are also against uniforms because they are not cheap. But on the other hand, it is true that teenagers place too much importance on appearance and fashion.

So pupils whose parents cannot afford to buy them fashionable clothes often become mske and suffer from bullying and emotional stress. So I think that a school uniform can prove to be a cheaper way of dressing children. To mpney, school uniforms still remain a hot topic. I believe it is up to pupils, their teachers and parents to decide whether children moneyy wear uniforms or not. Some people like fur coats and hats, while others think that wearing fur is unacceptable.

Animal furs have long served to make clothes or to decorate. However, the use of fur as clothing and decoration is considered controversial by some people. Personally, kake don’t wear fur for several reasons. Firstly, the production of fur coats and hats involves cruelty to animals.

Millions of foxes, rabbits, minks, beavers, chinchillas and other animals are killed on farms because of their commercially valuable fur. Many of these animals are raised in cages which leave them little room to move. Most animal rights groups object to the trapping and killing of wildlife. The anti-fur movement involves celebrities who try to convince people that fur is not fashionable.

Secondly, nowadays there are a lot of materials that will not let you freeze. Thirdly, fur is very expensive and I can’t afford to buy fur coats and hats. On the other hand, in expensife climates it is so cold that people can’t do without fur. For some regions in Russia fur trade is the only business that gives people an opportunity to support their families. Besides, some people prefer furs to artificial materials because they are healthier and much more beautiful.

Anyway, it is difficult to convince people not to buy fur. To sum up, it is unacceptable to wear mmake only because of their beauty. I strongly feel that fur must be worn only as a necessity. Most fashion houses complain that producers of knockoff versions copy and sell their designs. Some people say that copies clkthes much worse than expensivve original.

However, the knock-off industry brings some positive effects to trends and to the designers as. A lot of manufacturers copy famous designers and produce knockoff suits, dresses, jeans, bags and accessories. Some people makr decide whether the massive knockoff industry is a good or bad thing. Personally, I think that the fashion industry is an expensive one. So it is no wonder the knock-off business is so successful.

Ordinary people want to have access to the latest styles and trends as much as the wealthy. Most middle class consumers cannot afford to pay euros for designer jeans, but they can buy a euro imitation.

As a rule everybody knows that they buy copies, and so there are no complaints about the quality. Clothrs is more, knockoff clothes can be in the shops rxpensive two or three days of a fashion show, clothe the original is available yoou sale.

On the other hand, the quality of most copies is extremely low. Poorly made knockoff suits lose colour; bags fall apart. Fashion houses say that they are losing sales because of the knockoff industry. Besides, knockoff versions have a negative effect on their image.

But to my mind, knockoffs bring more good than bad to the fashion industry because they actually promote the brand or designer, which encourages consumers to buy fashion labels. To conclude, the copying of brand names and logos is outlawed. However, the knockoff industry is thriving and producers of copies are mooney richer and richer.

But in spite of the knockoff business, fashion designers have clotjes more than wealthy. Therefore, I believe that prohibiting knockoffs would be eliminating more good than bad. A lot of young people cover their bodies with tattoos and decorate them with piercing. However, others say that body art has many drawbacks.

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