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Do the stones make any money on cuban concert

do the stones make any money on cuban concert

CNN It may have only been rock ‘n’ roll — but Cubans seemed to like it. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos The Rolling Stones historic concert in Havana. Isolated Cuban town still calls US ‘the enemy’. State Department pulls employees out of Cuba. Headed to Cuba? What you need to know. Is this audio injuring US staff in Cuba?

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Havana Moon was filmed on 25 March in Havana , Cuba. The film is a recording of a free outdoor concert put on by the band at the Ciudad Deportiva de la Habana sports complex, which was attended by an estimated , concert-goers. The concert marked the first time a rock band had performed in Cuba to such a large crowd, breaking the previous record of the Italian singer Zucchero Fornaciari who performed to a crowd of nearly 70, goers in When the news that sitting United States president , Barack Obama was to visit Cuba was released—marking the first time a sitting president had visited the island nation in 88 years—the concert was rescheduled from 20 March to 25 March The concert took place 5 days [9] after President Barack Obama visited Cuba, [10] marking the first time a sitting United States president has visited the island nation since the 30th President of the United States, Calvin Coolidge , visited the nation 88 years earlier, in The show was originally scheduled to take place 20 March However, after it was announced that President Barack Obama was scheduled to arrive on the same day, concerns were raised and the decision was made to reschedule the concert to 25 March The Vatican also suggested that the band delay the start of their concert until midnight to avoid the holy day. Prior to the show, the band were guests of honour at the British embassy in Cuba, which held a meet and greet on 24 March for approximately people, many being Cuban musicians. Havana Moon had a limited one night premiere in over one thousand theatres internationally 23 September The concert itself was attended by a crowd estimated to have consisted of over , concert-goers [19] [23] and marked the first time a foreign rock band had performed an open-air concert in Cuba to a crowd of that size, [10] [24] [25] breaking the previous record of the Italian singer Zucchero Fornaciari who performed to a crowd of nearly 70, goers in This was no ordinary concert. People hugged and shared looks of disbelief. Coming at the end of a run of shows in South America and Mexico, last night might have marked at least a temporary pause for the legendary group, but it had all the markings of a new chapter for music in Cuba. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Havana Moon Official cover. Dewey, Rolling Stone , 26 March [22]. Foto Image. Archived from the original on 4 March Retrieved 2 March Melodicamente in Italian.

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Published on March 27th, by Alan Cross. By all accounts, the Rolling Stones gig in Havana Friday night was a massive success both in terms of a spectacle one report say the gig was attended by 1. The event was also logistical triumph given that the. The event was also logistical triumph given that the Stones had to bring in literally everything to make the show possible. All the crew and all the gear, right down to the generators and porta-potties had to be imported. Damn, this must have been expensive. The show was free. No tickets required. And although the Stones could easily afford to underwrite something like this themselves, I have a hard time believing they did. What about sponsors? Was their sponsor placement—signs, announcements, etc. Anyone know? Could the US government have had anything to do with it?

do the stones make any money on cuban concert

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As Sir Mick Jagger and his mates debut in Havana on Friday, audience should expect more rock than rebellion. New York, United States — Cuba’s revolutionary regime and the Rolling Stones have one thing in common: unexpected longevity. The left-wing government has defied expectations by outlasting the Soviet Union, its former backer, by decades. The Rolling Stones, a year-old unruly rock ‘n’ roll act, still wow crowds with impressive vim for septuagenarians. These two worlds collide in Havana, Cuba’s capital, on Friday, with the British band’s debut there. The show takes place against a backdrop of slowly improving relations between the US and Cuba, former Cold War enemies. Not only are they still out there, but they’re not taking the easy route. They’re inserting themselves into a worldwide political conversation. Sir Mick Jagger, the band’s raucous front man, was a schoolboy in , when Fidel and Raul Castro began a rebellion that eventually deposed the Caribbean Island’s austere US-backed government and launched socialist reforms. In , when the Stones formed in London, the United States imposed a full trade embargo on Cuba and the world approached nuclear Armageddon as Moscow and Washington rowed over Soviet missiles on the island. Decades of animosity ensued. This week’s visit of President Barack Obama continued a US-Cuba detente that began 15 months ago and has seen Washington ease restrictions by opening up flights and some trade to an island only km off Florida’s coast. As Obama toured Havana, a crew of Stones employees and some 80 Cubans were setting the stage at the Ciudad Deportiva de la Habana sports complex to welcome hundreds of thousands of fans to the show, called the Concert for Amity. Speaking with reporters, the band’s production manager Dale «Opie» Skjerseth, joked that Obama was their «opening act». The gig was a late addition to the group’s Latin American tour, which kicked off last month in Santiago, Chile. The band used 61 shipping containers to import an estimated tonnes of equipment, such as the stage, speakers, lights and video screens, Skjerseth said. A Boeing arrived from Mexico last week carrying the last of the gear, he added. The Stones are not strangers to the Caribbean.

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In Cuba, cash is king. Your American credit and debit cards simply won’t work. Use this guide to learn all about using cash, cards, and checks in Cuba—after, feel free to message us with any questions you still have! Want to make the most out of your trip? Tap into our network of local travel planners— Heroes —who build unique, locally-curated trip plans, designed just for you.

Get started. Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about. To get the best exchange rate and avoid getting ripped off, be careful where you exchange money in Cuba.

Have more questions about money in Cuba? Here is a list of our local Cuban travel experts who can help, or simply send us a message. And b efore your trip, make sure to check out:. Everything she suggested for us was spot-on, and I feel we got the best experience by following cubxn local’s guidance. It is helpful to exchange a little bit of your money into CUP. As a traveler, you might use this type of Cuban currency for street foodflea markets, colectivoslocal neighborhood restaurantsice cream stands, or giving tips.

Bills are printed in 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50, and peso denominations. Coins are minted in 1, 5, and centavo centas well as 1 and 3 peso denominations. What kind of traveler are you?

People want different things when they travel. Vo Local Tips. Exchange most or all of your cash into CUC. Most restaurantsbars, museums, taxis, stores monej local department storessouvenir markets, lodgingand tourist transportations only take CUC. Many richer Cubans, usually those in the tourism industry, have access to CUC and use it frequently. Bills are printed in 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50, and CUC denominations. Coins are minted in 1, 5, 10, 25, and centavo centas well as 1 CUC denominations.

Where To Exchange To get the best exchange rate and avoid getting ripped off, be careful where you exchange money in Cuba. Major hotels like the Hotel Nacional or Hotel Saratoga.

Always count the amount of Cuban currency you receive. It’s common for tellers to intentionally miscount. Make sure the currency in your hand matches the number on your receipt when you travel to Cuba. As long as it is not a US anh card, you can often use debit cards to exchange money. You can exchange for CUPbut many airports won’t allow it for foreigners. But a few CUP can make a nice souvenir or addition to presents for friends if you find yourself with a lot of CUP left at the end of your trip.

Paying for lodging via Airbnb is helpful, as it lessens the amount of cash you need to carry. A few CUP go a long way. Plus, you confert only use it in some places and CUC is accepted.

Credit Cards No credit card associated with an American bank can be used while in Cuba. Cards from Stonegate Bank can be used if you sones expressed your intent to travel to Cuba and signed their compliance form.

Then, those cards may be used at stores, hotels, and restaurants, but not at ATMs. Contact your bank beforehand to ask if your card will work in Cuba. For those traveling with all other non-US credit cards, most hotels and high-end restaurants will accept credit cards.

Otherwise, all other transactions will be in cash. The same goes for all Do the stones make any money on cuban concert debit cards, regardless of country of origin. Traveler’s Checks Traveler’s checks do work in Cuba. The most reliable ones are from Thomas Cook and Visa, as long as they are associated with non-US banks.

All that said, traveler’s checks can be very inconvenient. If you’re careful with where you keep your cash, there’s no need to bother with. Still have questions about travel to Stonss Why not ask someone who lives there? ViaHero connects you with a local to help plan your trip. Find a local today.

The Rolling Stones play to 1.2million in Cuba!

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It will be filmed for later release. The free concert will take place at the Ciudad Deportiva de la Habana and will be the first open air concert in the country by a British rock band. Always exploring new horizons and true pioneers of rock, the Stones, who have toured every corner of the globe, will bring their high octane performance and incredible music catalogue to the Caribbean for the first time. The band are also leading a musician to musician initiative in which much needed musical instruments and equipment are being donated by major suppliers for the benefit of Cuban musicians of all genres. The Stones concert has been in the planning stages for several months, the release continues. Fundashon Bon Intenshon initiates and supports international charitable projects in the fields do the stones make any money on cuban concert education, athletics, cultural literacy, healthcare and tourism as well as other attempts to mitigate the impact of general poverty. Paul Dugdale will direct. The fabled English rock band has performed in Communist countries before, from China in to Iron Curtian-era Poland in According to the Feb. Cuba therefore can relive an unforgettable stage of their lives to materialize the show to be held in late March The negotiations with the Cuban authorities began to take place for months and part of the infrastructure for the concert and arrived in the country. It remains to be seen if the Cuban government imposes any song restrictions on the Stones, arguably the most profitable touring band in history. Real Estate. About Us. Community papers. Subscription Services. Privacy and Terms. Public Safety. At least 1 killed, 3 injured in fiery Mission Valley crash. The off-ramp from southbound state Route to westbound Interstate 8 is expected to remain closed Saturday morning, according to the CHP.


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