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How do companies like musicmagpie make money

how do companies like musicmagpie make money

Since that article, musicMagpie’s exposure has continued to grow, mainly thanks to a sustained advertising campaign. To start selling your DVDs you just enter the barcode from the box on the website, and it will give you a quote for how much cash it will trade. To send your items you can print off Freepost labels from the site or book their free courier service. Once they’ve been checked you’ll get paid by bank transfer or PayPal. Compare high-interest current accounts. Like musicMagpie you just need to enter the barcodes to get an instant value or download the app that allows you to save time and scan them in. CeX will tell you the cash value it is willing to pay and the alternative CeX voucher value you could. You can choose how you get your money from CeX vouchers, cheque, PayPal, bank transfer or even Bitcoin, though going for the CeX voucher gets you slightly .

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But instead of binning the almost useless plastic discs, dad-of-six Joe Kadomrezz, 30, saw an opportunity to make some extra cash. I saw that people were interested in buying vinyl so that’s what I started selling at first. Unlike eBay you’re guaranteed to sell it but you also might get a lower price. They downloaded the app, gathered together all their old discs and began work on cleaning them up, packaging and flogging them on. YOU can make money from flogging your old things online, from clothes to furniture. Before you throw them away, think about whether it’s worth making a profit from your junk. Gumtree — You can list jobs, property, clothes and even pets on Gumtree for free but you’ll have to pay a fee of you’re a business, agent, dealer or landlord. Preloved — Similar to Gumtree, you can list things for free. It works best when the seller can meet up with the buyer. It’s cash in hand and there are no postage costs. Depop — The app helps you sell your clothes. It might not seem like much money, but Joe seized the opportunity to make more by buying bought cheap CDs in bulk from secondhand stores and local council house clearances. Then when that ran out we went to secondhand stores. But you don’t always get as much as they say online because they might say that the condition wasn’t as good as we’d said. If they’re in good nick then this is what they could be worth:. Within six months, Joe and his friend had made enough money to pay off his bills and even splash out on a holiday. Joe is now back with his girlfriend and after two years making money through Music Magpie, he’s now moved towards selling retro games, buying them in bulks and then flogging them individually online. If you’re feeling the squeeze this month then here are some ways you can make some extra cash from home. From getting paid to fill in online surveys to transcribing meetings for a fee , to selling your unwanted giftcards , there are plenty of ways make money.

how do companies like musicmagpie make money

If you’ve bought a pre-owned DVD or CD on Amazon, chances are it’s from this fast-growing Stockport outfit

Some articles on the blog contain affiliate links, which provide a small commission to help fund the blog. Read more here. Instead I tried these six different companies which all promise to buy your unwanted physical media:. Above or below every barcode is a 13 digit number. All the companies I tested also offered an app which allowed me to scan the barcodes. A much quicker process. Most allow you to drop the box off, though some will collect by courier. You only get paid once the items have been received and checked. Most allow you to be paid to your bank account or PayPal. Best prices for the books and DVDs it did want, but it rejected most of the titles. Music Magpie took a wide range of books and DVDs but at very low prices. It offered just 1p for quite a few titles, which really is pointless. However it did offer me money for everything else, even if it was just a penny in some cases. You can also hand over items in one of the many CEX high street shops. You can get a bit more for your trade in if you take the cash as credit to spend with them. Low prices again. From my test the answer is generally no. The vast bulk of companies refused to take most titles I had. Those that did take a wider selection offered such little money it hardly made the time taken to scan, package and post worthwhile. Why they even bother offering 1p is beyond me. But you will get larger amounts for special editions, rare items, recent releases or textbooks. So maybe worth being patient. MusicMagpie rejected a lot of dvds and for other they paid maximum 10p. CEX could be a bettter option, but again, a lot of dvds were rejected. Ok thank you ,i would never sell to them because there prices are insulting. These are then free for people to take, or to put their own books into. They can keep them or return, most people seem to put more in than they take. We also have scheme where you can contact through the local authority recycling service, a charity that will come a collect a box of books to resell and support those in need.

musicMagpie CEO on creating the company in his garage

Received my phone after a few days. So far so good. I was scared as this is the 1st time I am buying a refurbished phone. Phone arrived, working well so far and looks brand new!

Fingers crossed it continues this way. Excellent service and fast delivery. Item excellent condition and amazingly cheap price for a relatively new artist cd. Much recommended. Purchased 2No Lee Child paperback books. They were how do companies like musicmagpie make money buy one get one free. They arrived within a few a days and are in fantastic condition.

Cannot think why I would now buy from anywhere else! Quick and easy. Bought a re-furb iPhone which arrived quickly and was just as described. Was very happy with my purchase and would use. Music magpie companjes the best website for buying reused phones. Musiccmagpie have bought several phones from this website and they have all worked perfectly, thank you for providing a really good service and for reusing and recycling and refurbishing phones that are an affordable price.

Only recently discovered musicMagpie and so glad I did. Bought refurb iPad and iPhone and really pleased with. A great service with communication and speed of payment. So easy to. Excellent service and products! I have bought 2 IPhones from musicMagpie. Both have been in excellent condition, although only rated as good on the website.

They have both been com;anies full working order and we have not had any issues with either of. Delivery was quick and problem free and we had helpful regular updates from musicMagpie of the progress of our order. Marvellous book on Darcy Bussell. Ingenious price and in perfect condition. I bought it for a good friend and she absolutely loved the book. Fabulous price for a large hard backed new book. I could not believe my luck. Bought a refurbished Samsung A9, great value and no problems.

Excellent service and product as described. Very likr Fantastic service from start to finish. This company does not care about their clients, they use very poor quality of packaging materials to send out their products. No regards to looking after their products in transit, shame.

I use Music Magpie all the time. Delivery is quick and the quality is spot on. I bought my daughter jusicmagpie iPhone XS Max in ‘Good’ condition and i must say i am very pleased, there are minor scratches on each corners that aren’t even visible as she uses a case and there are 2 or 3 mkae on the back but she doesn’t mind. She’s started to have some problems with the device, she’s said that it’s like her musicmwgpie is controlling itself omney randomly typing while she’s trying to type and clicking on other stuff while she’s doing something like messaging friends or watching a video.

Very fast response Excellent service, fast response upon receiving my device, money paid very quickly into my account, fabulous! I have made purchases from musicmagpie over several years. I have found the site easier to use,clear and concise. Customer service support has been excellent when I have required to use it.

Shopped with Music Magpie over man years never had any issues with my purchases so keep the good deals. Overview Reviews About. Write a review. Filter by:. Received my phone after a few d Received my phone after a few days.

So far so musicmafpie Review-cd Excellent service and fast delivery. Super easy Super easy. Quick and easy ordering Quick and easy. Best website for buying refurbished tech Music magpie is the best website for buying reused compaanies. Great Service A great service with communication and speed of payment. Books and things! Excellent service and product as… Excellent service and product as described.

Moneey service d start to finish Fantastic service from start to finish. This company does not care about their… This company does not care about their clients, they use very poor quality of packaging materials to send out their products. I bought my ,usicmagpie an iPhone XS Max… I bought my daughter an iPhone XS Max in ‘Good’ condition and i must say i am very pleased, there are minor scratches on each corners that aren’t even visible as she uses a case and there are 2 or 3 scratches on the companiee but she doesn’t mind.

Very fast response Very fast response Excellent service, fast response upon receiving my device, money paid very quickly into my account, fabulous! I have made purchases from musicmagpie… I have made purchases from musicmagpie over several years. Read 2 more reviews about musicMagpie Only the latest review will count in the company’s TrustScore.

The best way to earn some money on your old books -MusicMagpie-UK

MusicMagpie allows you to sell off your unwanted DVDs, CDs and games quickly and easily. But does it pay as well as eBay or Amazon?

This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. Inside hlw package was a used Queer as Folk box set — each of the pre-owned discs carefully checked to ensure they were scratch-free and ready to play as soon as the delivery reached its new owner. The destination? Vatican City. Its bread and butter are albums of a bygone era. As soon as the latest title is released, people rush to box up and sell off their old games, along with other discs cluttering up their homes. This is how the company builds its vast and ever-changing store of used items. Every month, musicMagpie sells two million of these pre-owned items and buys in another two million to replace. Init started buying pre-owned books; it now receives 10, every day — chief among them, Fifty Shades of Grey. On both Amazon and eBay, where the company does musjcmagpie of its business, musicMagpie has racked up more transactions than any other seller.


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