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How much money does nascar drivers make a year

how much money does nascar drivers make a year

More from Forbes :. In addition to lower salaries, the downturn in licensing earnings and endorsements for the new crop of drivers has been steep. And this time, JR Nation won’t have to wait until the after the season’s halfway point to see their favorite driver back behind the wheel. Although Danica Patrick was raised a Chicago Bears fan, she has how much money does nascar drivers make a year switched her allegiance, for obvious reasons, and cheers for not just boyfriend Aaron Rodgers but also the Green Bay Packers as a team. She’s been a vocal supporter throughout the NFL season, so of course, she was pumped when the Packers beat the Seattle Seahawks,on Sunday. Patrick was at Lambeau Field for the divisional round playoff game, when Rodgers threw for for yards and two touchdowns to lead the team to victory. The Packers advanced to Danica Patrick officially launched her podcast, Pretty Intense, back in August, and it’s featured a wide range of guests. But no one’s appearance has been more highly anticipated than Aaron Rodgers’. The Green Bay Packers quarterback and Patrick’s boyfriend was on the episode released Thursday, and in nearly two hours, they covered just about every topic, from football obviously to Jeopardy! Patrick confirmed the two were dating back in January ofbut they first met at the ESPY Awards and were friends. So of Please enter an email address.

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With all this television coverage come the big money and high annual salaries. SI says the highest-paid driver in was Dale Earnhardt Jr. While there are substantial risks to racing Dale Sr. Give it a spin with our salary calculator. It took me 15 years to win the first million. Old number 43 is not exaggerating. The owner makes money via corporations which pay big bucks for those stickers sponsorships that are plastered all over race cars. The size and location of the sticker determines how much a corporation pays the team owner. The most expensive location is on the hood of a race car, most prominent during TV broadcasts. For big name driving teams, multiply these numbers by one and a half or more:. According to, nascar. Deals that were once done on a handshake will now be penned via a three-year contract by a professional human resources coordinator. The drivers are paid, like entertainers or other athletes, for performance.

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In what other sport would an athlete perform — let along put his life on the line — and not be sure he is getting a paycheck? In what other sport would an athlete compete not really knowing what he would get paid? They eventually settled, but the deposition is part of the public record. Ever wonder what a development driver makes? He tested and received a portion of prize money for six Nationwide races. He competed in one Nationwide race. The Hendrick deal ended as it did not pick up his option. He ran four for TRG Motorsports where he was not paid; he just agreed to do it for experience since it was a locked-in car. Then Finch signed Kurt Busch and Cassill was out of a job. If they raced the full event during the year, he got percent of the prize money with no base. They settled out of court. So what does Cassill have after all that? He has what many would consider a high middle-class, 2,square-foot home. For a year-old, many people would say he has made a lot of money.

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I needed to be able to get around town,» Busch, who’s currently on the Joe Gibbs Racing team, says. I can run into a wall and break my legs, or maybe something worse, and that’s it, you know? And Logano points out that it’s not just race car drivers who should plan financially for the unexpected. By the time he was about 20 or 21, though, Harvick had earned enough money to buy his own truck. That purchase was something he says he will never forget. ET on NBC. Don’t miss: The splurge Kevin Hart made with his first big check: ‘It was stupid plus stupid, which equals stupid’. Like this story? Get Make It newsletters delivered to your inbox. All Rights Reserved. Skip Navigation. Success 5 mental traps that successful people never fall for, according to psychologists Anna Borges, Contributor. Work These are the 20 best jobs in America in , new ranking says Courtney Connley. VIDEO Kyle Busch on July 26, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Joey Logano. Yet he’s prudent when it comes to money. Kevin Harvick. But before he was getting paid to drive fast cars, Harvick had to share a set of wheels. Martin Truex Jr.

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Typical NASCAR Driver Money by Year

how much money does nascar drivers make a year
Lots of people drive fast simply for the fun of it; however, that can be an expensive hobby, as most fast drivers also tend to collect speeding tickets. For the lucky few who make it as drivers in the NASCAR series, driving fast is more than just a passion — it’s also a job. Sure, it may be a great way to make a living in a position that millions of people worldwide envy; but when it comes right down to it, being a NASCAR driver is still just a job for many drivers in the series. Obviously, ticket sales and merchandising play a role, as well as endorsements and sponsorships. Eventually, all of that money purse money is divided between the drivers. In this article, we’ll learn all about how NASCAR prize money works, including where it comes from, how much is typically there for the taking and who gets the biggest share. You may be surprised to learn that it’s not always who you may think!


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