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How tdo vanlife people make money

how tdo vanlife people make money

Looking for a van life job? Making money on the road is one of the biggest challenges for those looking to travel full time or for those who want to jump into van life. The same goes for making money — the more ways you can make money, the better! Our blog posts bring free, organic traffic to our website. A percentage of those visitors end up buying something through our affiliate links, which makes us money month after month. Once you reach 1, subscribers and 4, watch hours, you can apply to be monetized on YouTube. When you are monetized, YouTube will run ads at the beginning of your videos and pay you for it every single month. It takes work and consistency to build a YouTube channel, but once a video is up it can make you money for life! Creator Club has a full how tdo vanlife people make money on how to set up and grow your YouTube channel.


Depending on your living situation, van life can be very affordable. For some, you may even save money. We have listed a number of ways to work and make money on the road including odd jobs, seasonal work, and freelance work. No one ever said van life needs to be completely off the grid! If you want to learn a freelance skill, there are tons of resources out there to help you learn. You can use Lynda. You should do your best to switch as many bills to online payments as you can. Another option is to use a site like mailboxforwarding. They will receive your mail for you, make it digital, then send it to you. Working and Money Working and Money. Here is a list of websites that offer usability testing jobs. Data entry — this takes little to no experience. Here is a list of some of the best data entry jobs Influencer — If you build a following on social media or some platform where you are getting a lot of attention, you can get paid for advertising products. Tutoring — become a tutor on sites like tutor. WiFi One option for getting WiFi is to get an unlimited data plan for your cell phone, then use your phone as a hotspot to use your laptop. Using a cell signal booster with an extended antenna is a great thing to have. You can also sort by the name of the hotspot, the specific address, city, and nearest to you. Boingo will cost you just a few bucks per month. Here is an infographic from rottenwifi. Seasonal Work. Workamping, where you work part- or full-time as campground hosts in exchange for a place to park and maybe some money. FlexJobs , a service that helps job seekers find flexible professional positions. Working for retail chains during the busy holiday months November and December. Work on a farm during summer months. If you are in a touristy location, you can certainly find seasonal work during their busy months, primarily in restaurants and hotels. You can be a sporting instructor for skiing or snowboarding in the winter months.

10+ ways to make money from your computer while living on the road

Except for one issue: how are you going to be able to afford this lifestyle? If you are in this for the long run, you know you are going to need to figure out a good way to make a sustainable income. Even though van life can be cheap, in order to fully experience it you are going to need money. There are many ways to earn money that have nothing to do with having a full time job. You could choose to start your own small business like us. You can sell your services, you can sell digital products, or you can sell physical products like our friends Jace and Giddi from ourhomeonwheels. There are others who earn money through their YouTube channel and through blogging like Kristen from bearfoottheory. There are also people that work seasonally in town somewhere, and then travel during the off season. There are even simple jobs that do not require an entire business or portfolio, like working on a farm or finding small gigs on craigslist. There is something out there for everyone. These are our sources of income currently. We earn money in four different ways, and we’re working on more! We’ll break it down for you:. We started our business four years ago and both have a college degree in design and film. We built our business from the ground up while we were freelancing in college. Now, most of our work comes from referrals, people that discover us on social media platforms, or just plain cold-calling. Every month varies with our income depending on how many clients we have and what type of projects we are working on. It’s not an easy feat to start your own business selling creative services, but we wouldn’t trade our job for anything else. We teach people how to become digital nomads and start a business of their own through our various e-books and e-courses we’re currently revamping them, so we aren’t selling them right now. We love creating courses and e-books for people wanting to start a business of their own freelancing or becoming a content creator. This source of income is not as significant as the income from our creative business, but it is enough to give us just a little extra each month. You can earn money by promoting other businesses products, and this is called Affiliate Marketing. We specifically only sign up for affiliate programs that align with our readers, and we only promote products we personally have used! Sponsorships are when companies will pay you either in money or free product to promote to your audience. This source of income was unexpected by us and we only just started earning a good amount from it. Because we average between 8, and 20, views per video, we can earn a pretty decent amount.

Online/Freelancing Jobs

Please read our disclosure and privacy policy for more information. I plan on working remotely to fund a life of travel — my dream is to sail on my sailboat half the year, and travel to national parks half the year in my Chevy Astro van. If you want to learn new online skills, consider taking a class through LinkedIn Learning or Udemy. Also, you might want to check out my ebook: Getting Started with Remote Work. If you already have online or digital skills, there are plenty of ways to make money from your computer. Here are some of the best remote jobs you can do from a campervan or RV. You can offer anything from graphics and digital design, to writing, to video and animation, to digital marketing. You set your own rates and get your own clients. Join Fiverr today and start making money remotely.

Seasonal Work

If you frequent virtually any social media outlet you have seen the take off of this new brand of tiny living: van life. From tumblr to Instagram vanlife has been a whirlwind of a trend that has been strong in Australia, Europe and has most recently dominated in North America. While the tiny home focuses on living in homes under sq ft, vanlife takes it a step further adding tdl and less than 90 sq ft to the mix.

As someone who has lived the van lifestyle for almost two years I find the question I am most commonly asked is about finances in the van. Have you been wanting to downsize your life? If you are looking for a leap into minimalism and have a desire to travel, van life should be near the top of your list. It takes the best parts of a tiny house but puts it on wheels. This allows you to have the freedom of moving your home with you as you travel.

While it is commonly termed as van life you will find that people often drive any number of mobile homes. From lavish RVs and converted buses to those living in a van or even a Prius, van-lifers are seen in all shapes and sizes. The point of the lifestyle is simple: choosing a quality lifestyle over modern luxuries.

If you have a hobby, like rock climbing or mountain biking, this could be the way of life that allows you the most freedom to do these sports more. You can go to places that you would never have thought possible and spend more of your life doing what you love.

Escaping the traitorous routine this lifestyle is designed to give you mkae and freedom. Imagine for a second that you love surfing. Being able to pack up your life and move to California to surf every spot along the coast. If you want to change it up you can simply pack up and drive across the border to Baja, Mexico. You can travel wherever you want whenever you like. The beauty of living life in a van or mobile home is that your expenses are largely variable meaning that you are in full control.

You can choose how much you spend on these wavering expenses to allow you complete freedom. It is a necessity as your vehicle becomes your home. If you get into a car accident you not only lose your van but also the place you sleep. Having the proper vankife is a step to protect your home and your family while on the road. You can also get a cheaper rate of insurance by researching which vehicle you will use for vanlife. For example, our older Volkswagen Westfalia was classified as an RV.

This can be one of the biggest fees associated with this life. It obviously all depends on how much you drive. If you find a good spot you can stay in one place for as long as you want.

There will be other times where you spend hours a day driving from one spot to the next and this will cost you. Any full timer should absolutely take advantage of as many fuel rewards programs as possible to get rewards and perks every time you fill up. It may even be worthwhile to sign up for a. Having different cards can keep your options open.

While you no longer have to pay traditional rent you will still be on the hook for nightly expense fees. The good news is that it is very possible to get around paying this cost on a how tdo vanlife people make money occurrence. In fact two years on the road and we only paid for 5 nights of accommodation.

Luckily there are hundreds, even thousands of free campsites scattered all around North America. We use an app called AllStays. It is available for iPhone or Android phones and is easy to use. It will vanliife you every available campsite around you and includes information ranging from price to how many sites.

We have found that they have a great database of campsites. With the help of this app you will be driving down roads that you would never have thought would have campsites. Most of these sites have fire rings and even bathrooms. They are usually remote and not that busy. Just like your life before van life you will need to eat. This expense can vary depending on a few factors. The first is if you have a functioning fridge in your van.

Having a fridge can be a large upfront cost but can save you loads of money in the long run. Not having to get fast food for every meal will allow you to not only live farther away from civilization but also keep you healthy. There are a couple of options when it comes to fridges.

A dedicated fridge with a compressor will keep your food at a lower temperature and even make you ice a luxury in this way of life. These fridges are ideal for life in a van. When connected through AC they will use as little as 0.

Another option is an ice box. These are essentially boxes with a fan that works to cool your ingredients. They are usually based on the ambient temperature of their environment. For example, if it is 80 degrees outside the ice box will keep your food at 40 degrees. It will always be hotter in your van. The last option for keeping food vanlive is a simple cooler.

This is only recommended for short trips. Even though it is the cheapest of the options it can actually end up costing you the most money long term. To keep food cold using a cooler you will have to keep buying blocks of ice. This means you will constantly have to monitor your cooler and make trips to buy ice.

As many people live this lifestyle quite simplistically, only making enough money to live without any of peope added luxuries, it is important to plan ahead for additional fees that may pop up.

This includes costs for emergent situations or even simple things such as park entrance fees. Most commonly the additional fees you have come in the form of vehicle maintenance. This will again depend on the vehicle you choose to make your home. But the tradeoff is that you will more than likely be able to repair older vehicles. Newer vans have electrical systems and computers that are not repairable by a do-it-yourselfer.

Also, parts for older vehicles are typically less expensive than those of newer models. Another cost that you may have is a cell phone or internet plan. Peopl are data providers that have special rates for people in the RV community. They are cheaper than cell phone plans but include only data that can be tethered to phones and laptops. You are still able to communicate with your friends and family and even work while on the road peopld this much more affordable service.

With this you can make the beaches tvo Monterey California your office. Be sure to not vwnlife AAA services in. It will without a doubt come in handy more than. If you break it down we have around three cost loops that people tend to fall. There are more lavish splurges, midway spenders and true minimalists. Just as the cost of living with a stable and a house to pay for depends largely on the specific family, the costs of van life vary drastically from person to to.

As your insurance depends largely on the type of car you are driving we are going to exclude this from the equations. This is one of the variable expenses that will be far less vznlife weeks and more. Food shopping will look a bit different as there are no more large department stores to run to and no space to store massive amounts of food.

Lavish spenders will likely spend quite a bit on additional expenses such as dinners out, alcohol, park passes. For your midway spender the costs will look a little different. Paying for a campsite howw single night is not a necessity and vanlkfe will cut down a lot of spending. With that being said, midway spenders may like to stay at a campsite around twice a week to plug in their vehicle and charge batteries, fill water and take showers. For a true minimalist you can expect the following costs.

Paying for a campsite is something long term van-lifers tend to avoid like the plague. Largely because the cost adds up to be quite crippling but also because the free campsites are often more beautiful than the paid ones.

This cost is instead traded for national forest passes that are much cheaper and also come with nearly limitless free camping. Fuel expenses will stay quite the same as some weeks you hardly drive at all while vsnlife are spent driving across an entire state.

Long term van-lifers tend to focus on keeping their additional expenses as small as possible in order to stay comfortably in budget. This typically involves buying a bottle of wine to drink at home rather than going out for drinks. When looking at these numbers keep in mind that this is the bottom line. There are no rent or mortgage payments on top hoe.

When looking here that an entire monthly cost of living can ,ake the same cost as a typical rent or mortgage payment it is easy to see why so many people are turning to this cost effective and adventurous lifestyle. These expenses can also vary depending on where you shop.

For example, if you shop at the Dollar Store for things like spaghetti and snacks your food bill will be significantly less than if you shop at department stores. The very first step to living this simplistic lifestyle is to get a vehicle to call home.



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