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Wheresgeorge bills make money

wheresgeorge bills make money

Wondering in what locations your dollar bills will travel to and from? This article will explain to you how to track those bills as they enter and leave locations via WheresGeorge, a popular dollar-bill tracking website. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed 4, times. Categories: Handling and Storing Money. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading

Where’s George? Headquarters

Have you ever wondered where the dollar bills in your pocket have been? Or where will they go after you spend them? One Massachusetts data base consultant decided to find out. Now you can too. Where’s George? Users enter the serial number from a bill into the website to see where it has been or start the record tracking its journey. When the next person enters the bill in the website, the bill’s journey is updated and everyone who entered the bill is alerted. All users face a challenge in letting others know that their bills were entered at WheresGeorge. To help alert subsequent bill handlers to the bills’ registered status, many users mark them with the website address and a short message. Is it legal to write on or mark currency? The law defines ‘illegal’ defacement as defacement that renders bills unfit to be re-issued. For legal details from the the U.

wheresgeorge bills make money

Track your dollar bills!

We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. Where’s George? Write a Review Ask a Question Share. Claim This Business. Make it your. I’ve been a Georger for almost a year. I love it. This is my latest hobby. I am up to almost hits. Join in.

I love this site and have been on it for 17 years. I have entered over 81, bills and have great statistics on all of them It is quite a specialized site and I think it does exactly bi,ls it needs to. Yes 1. That being said, the website hasn’t changed much since I started. Yes 3. For something that looks like it could be fun it has been made way to difficult.

I already have an wheresgeorge bills make money address on file but don’t remember the password. Email never came to reset password. Sorry to the people who are trying to track the bills. I tried. I’ve been on this site whersgeorge on 8 years. I absolutely love wheresgeorgd.

It is always interesting to see where bills end billd. The site is very user friendly and premium options like wheresgeorgw Friends of George program really help elevate the user experience. Yes 4. It used to be a lot easier to enter bills, but the new site makes you do extra cliks and forces ads on you to the point where its almost no fun anymore. The owner wheeresgeorge the site. Runs it as if he is doing you a favor. When we are the ones who are entering bills and helping to advertise HIS website.

Without us he would have no website wheresgeorhe would not make any money from the ads that now run on it. When I entered a bill there was a bill with the same number as wheresgforge but different year so I entered it with that year also to see where it came from and how long it was out there I discovered that it was not hit for over 8 years nor was the george member active for about that long.

Must have died waiting for the bill to be hit on. With no explanation I was suspended. Upon contact with the owner I was told that I did a very very bad thing entering a bill I did not. He told me that he would let me enter bills again if I promised him that I would never never do such a bad thing. I am not a child and I will not kiss his ass so that I can advertise his website to thousands of people.

He could have ,oney decent and just told billz that I broke the rules instead whereesgeorge treating me like a child sending me to my room without even stating why. And then expecting me to kiss his ass. I can advertise for another tracking service just as.

There are other tracking sites momey can use beside this one I suggest you use. Owner of site changed rules and no longer allows you to make personalized comments to the bills you post and wiped away hills of hours of time spent by many doing so. Knee jerk reaction to to a much smaller group causing some form of problem. Inflexable when confronted, be wheresgeorgr your efforts may be negated in the future.

Only state this because I can not get back the monfy I spent keying in nor can I any longer see the creative replies where I knew I had truly touched. Where’s George is a bill tracking site. The hobby is known as «Georging» and those who do it are «Georgers. Bills are marked in various ways — some folks use a rubber stamp, some hand-write their message.

As long as the serial number does not get messed up, it is not «defacing» or illegal. I write in the margins: «Where’s George? Register me at wheresgeorge. You get a score based on the number of hits registered on bills you have entered, distance traveled, number of days since your last mqke.

I have been Georging for about ten years. I have had hits from 28 states, two from Germany, and one from Egypt. Yet I’m nowhere near those individuals that have had hits from every state capital in the country. Or from bbills county in their state. Where’s Willy is dheresgeorge Canadian equivalent. Yes 6. I’ve been a member of this site for over 6 months. I love it, I don’t get as many ‘hits’ as I would like, but it’s still entertaining to see where your money goes all over the world.

There’s also a site for canadian money as. Mnoey no fee, and no attempt to collect money from the users, just a free site to kill some time while at work. This is a fun site if you’re interested in where your money has been or where it’s going What you do is you can enter the serial number on bulls bills, all denominations, and if maie has entered this same bill into the site, it’ll tell you where it’s. It’s a fun tracking. I’ve gotten bills from overseas where military personnel had exchanged it for foreign currency and I got a dollar bill that had traveled all the way from Germany to me in Texas.

You can start by entering your own and the site keeps a list of the bills you entered and you can track them and see where they’re at whenever you want. I got one from Louisiana today that had traveled miles in 4 days. Some people order a stamp to stamp their bills with the web address on there to let others know it’s been entered but if you’re worried about writing on US money, of course, you don’t have to.

Moneey seriously doubt the Secret Service is going to beat down your door for it but that’s up to you. I’ve written the web address on many asked that they be entered. Some ppl don’t write or stamp on it but it still may be in the database. Anyway, I find it fun and interesting and boy, do I need a life but hey, it’ll work until I get one, lol.

Helpful answer 0 Votes Thanks for voting! Not as helpful. I am an occasional user of WG but I am now getting blocked at the site, Is there a way to get back on?

No answers. Answer this question. Respond as company. Get moeny from the Where’s George? Note: this is not for reviews — click here to write biols review. Posting guidelines. Typical questions asked: How long does shipping take? What is the return policy? Where is the company located? Headquarters Harvard St. More Games Businesses. Toys «R» Us. Sites You Might Also Like. Register now for free — get notified of new reviews, respond to consumer feedback, add new photos to your page and much.

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A group of hobbyists has been tracking the movement of stamped «Where’s George? When you hear the words «social network» you probably think of Facebook or Twitter. But years before either of those websites — when most of us weren’t using the Internet at all — a smaller, stranger mondy was emerging around something called WheresGeorge. At the next table whereseorge, David Henry has his stacks of cash in plastic bags. Avid users of wheresgeorge. Stan Wheresgeorge bills make money for NPR hide caption. For this group, it’s all about the George Washingtons. Their dollars are stamped with messages like «currency tracking project» and «Track me at WheresGeorge. I didn’t expect anything to happen,» Eskin says. It’s called Georging. And typical Georgers log in religiously to enter their dollars’ serial numbers and ZIP codes before they stamp and spend. If one gets entered a second time, the Wheresgeorge bills make money gets an email. That’s called a «hit. Robert Rothenberg was sitting at the table in Kabooz’s when he got a hit in New Jersey.


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