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Can society 6 make any money

can society 6 make any money

Look no further! I will walk through how to do just that! This is from my own experience so keep in mind that what applied to me may not necessarily apply to you. You will have to try different things and see what works best for you. However, my tips below will give a general idea of what you can. Chances are you have been at it for a while now, your shop is looking great, and you upload new artwork on a regular basis. Good, keep going! Sales societu not happen overnight, it can take a long time to be. You are competing with thousands of other talented artists. It took me about 4 months to make my first sale and about a year before starting to see a decent amount of money. Making money on Mobey takes time. So know that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. So be patient.

Six Easy Ways to Earn More Money With the Society6 Affiliate Program

As a result, they are becoming more fond of selling on Society6 or RedBubble. But is putting your artwork on platforms like this more profitable than selling it on your own online store? Society6 is an online marketplace that lets artists sell their artwork on a variety of products. Society6 determines how much you can make for the sale of a given item. However, for art prints, framed art, and canvas you can set your own price. Printful is a print-on-demand drop shipper that integrates with multiple ecommerce platforms and marketplaces like Shopify, BigCommerce, Ebay, and more. This means that as an artist, you can launch your own store without having to worry about order fulfillment and shipping. To start selling your art on printed products , you need to create an account on ecommerce platform of your choice and connect it to Printful. Then, add your designs to products and push them to your store with a price tag you set yourself. When a customer buys something from your store, Printful charges you a set amount for the printing and the product itself. Both platforms have similar product catalog. So, getting a fair and unbiased perspective of the profit opportunities between these two platforms is easy. Both stores offer:. As mentioned before, Society6 lets you set up a markup price only for three products in their catalog: art prints, framed prints, and canvas. In this case the markup you set equals your earnings. While running your own online store gives you more freedom and control over the process, it also comes with extra expenses that take a portion of your profit. So, say you sell 20 t-shirts in a month. Not every artist is necessarily a skilled Photoshop user or tech-savvy enough to launch and manage an online store themselves. So, one of the biggest draws to Society6 is the simplicity of setting up your store and all of the different products. Society6 automatically generates product images without you having to adjust your design size and prepare mockups for every product you want to sell. And so the only thing you need to worry about figuring out is how to direct your followers to your store on Society6, or how to get found in Society6 search. But if you want to have more control over the products you sell and price tag you put on them, you should consider opening an online store with Printful. You also have more say in what products you want to sell — not only product categories, but available variants sizes, colors, etc. Finally, you can build a stronger brand presence with white-label branding services. Whether you want to sell your art on Society6 or open your own online store is up to you. But if you believe that you deserve to earn more for the art you make, consider taking matters into your own hands. Thanks for this article.

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Learn more. I couldn’t find how to search the forum so I’m asking the question. Do you guys selling through society6 really make money? Would you advise someone to make his own shop? Society6 definitely has benefits and yes, you CAN make money. Obviously it depends on what you create to sell in your shop as well as how you promote it. Every item available at society6 has a flat rate price, and you decide what your profit is on top of that. Since Society6 does everything for you printing, checkout, shipping, etc. I’ve sold several prints and items through my store and have made a decent amount, but of course it would always be nice to make more. It’s worth it IMO. Putting designs that you’re proud of up for sale makes more sense than just letting them collect dust on your hard drive. That’s useful to know! I thought the flat rate price was it — and looking at the artist’s cut of that price was actually very low e. Can anyone speak of inprnt. Sorry for highjacking the thread but I’m curious :P. Society6 could in theory make you money. If you already have an internet presence or a following you will probably sell some items. I, on the other hand, have been on there for two years and sold one print. The only problem I see with Society6 is that all the people on it are artists and, traditionally speaking, most artists don’t have spare money to spend on art. I am considering making a shop on Etsy and seeing if that does any better. I make money with S6 but it’s all about promotion outside the site, you have to work it I generally do a month there. Took me a while to get there. Christmas season made me big money, though. Keep promoting, use social media to the fullest Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, etc My Facebook fan page is one of the mos important tools in promoting myself. I do well on Etsy, and Red Bubble, too. Don’t pick one or the other, do them all. Lots of streams of income, that’s key. I use Society6 but dont promote it as much as i should so my revenue there is lacking. Hope this increases with time. I’m still trying to figure out how to promote. The best I’ve come up with is posting designs to reddit, which generaly get alot of clicks, but not purchases. I have a facebook but I don’t really understand it well I guess.

can society 6 make any money

Welcome To The Artist Bootcamp: How To Make Money Selling Your Artwork Online

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, continue reading. Below is a list of the most popular and easy-to-do tactics to increase your earnings through the Society6 affiliate program. This is the only must-do step. This is pretty much the exact same thing as the above tip for your website.

Your link should be the. On bit. Instead of putting bit. You can create up to 50 links for free using bit. Pick your more popular pieces and link out to your Society6 shop. To start, you will need a business account with at least 10, followers. Data is gold in the land of e-commerce. You can make good decisions with accurate info. To promote collections and earn affiliate credit, you need to manually add your affiliate code to the collection URL.

What appears in red must be included. We promote themed collections via email and in virtually every campaign we run. You can do the. The time commitment on this is as much or as little as you want. I say pick a theme where you can feature your most popular artwork, then feature other great artwork like it. If you have a specific series you want to promote, you could make a collection with. Collections become increasingly valuable as you leverage them.

If you have links to Society6 on your website, we recommend joining the program and using your affiliate link to start earning more! Tagged as affiliate programbusinessearningsmake moneysell my art. Society6 Blog. Seller Guide. If you already send customers to Society6 via your website or social accounts, you could be earning more money! These quick questions will tell you if the Society6 Affiliate Program can society 6 make any money for you: Do you want to make more money on the sale of your artwork?

Join the Society6 Affiliate Program. You can use this on your website alongside your other social icons. Add or update any social media bio links to include your affiliate link Time to complete: minutes This is pretty much the exact same thing as the above tip for your website.

Loish’s Instagram. So, how do you actually do this? Share a round up of imagery from your favorite Society6 artists. Talk them up in your stories. Mention why you love their work or why you love following.

You can send your fans to their shops or a collection you may have created featuring all their work. Once the story is no longer live, review what people engaged with and make some notes about why you think that is. Try again in another week or two. Or make it a once a month thing. Adjust how you promote other artists based on the what you learn from your analytics. Ben Renschen Photographer society6. View Posts. Recommended for you.


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So why would I offer my work on Society6 as well? After doing too much research, Society6 was the nicest-looking print-on-demand site I could find where I could offer phone cases. Can society 6 make any money I signed up, set up an account, societg some can society 6 make any money, and let people know esp. I never would have imagined that that was possible! Hey, I’m not trying to brag, and a thousand a month may be outside the norm although many folks make much morebut I really just want to socoety other artists what’s possible. And very few artists seem to share their Society6 numbers so I thought I’d give you. I love the clean design of the site, the way you can add a custom banner to your profile page, and the simple, strong product pages. They really let your artwork shine. It’s a print-on-demand site that you are actually NOT embarrassed to send people to. The product quality is good — really good. I wrote a review about it. No dog bowls or golf cna. Society6 often runs free worldwide shipping promotions, which is wonderful since so much of my audience is spread around the world yay sociehy I share my free shipping promos on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.


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