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Can you make money at a bar as a bard

can you make money at a bar as a bard

Skiff Qt Films. The men, all convicted of violent crimes, knew they faced tough odds: Unlike their Harvard opponents, they could yoj use the internet to study the topic in advance. But the prisoners were declared the winners, and the crowd, including dozens of other incarcerated men in green jumpsuits, burst into applause. The incarcerated debaters at Eastern New York Correctional Facility were students themselves, part of an undergraduate program run by Bard College. What happens is more than just beating Harvard or Cambridge at debate. Graduates of the program are also much less likely to commit other crimes later. Only 4 percent of them have wound up in prison again, compared with about 40 percent of other New York prisoners. If only more people could take advantage of the opportunity. Prison college programs used to be fairly common, but the crime bill written by Joe Biden and signed by Bill Clinton gutted federal funding for. Bywhen the Bard program began, only three other programs in New York bxr higher education behind bars. This week, I caught up with Sebastian Yoon, one of the students portrayed in the film. Incarcerated at the age of 16, he spent the first part of a year sentence sweeping floors and wishing he could go off to college like his friends on the outside. At one point, he became so desperate he tried to kill. But the Bard program changed his outlook, and he can you make money at a bar as a bard himself into pursuing a degree in social studies. In one of the final segments of the series, he holds back tears after receiving an A on his senior thesis.

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Dave Davies. A new PBS documentary series follows prisoners who earn college degrees while serving time. I’m Terry Gross. More than 2 million Americans are incarcerated today, and many are looking for alternatives to prison and ways to help offenders rebuild their lives. A new PBS documentary series tells the story of one program that’s offering a rigorous liberal arts education inside maximum security prisons with encouraging results. Students accepted to the program take classes in prison taught by Bard College faculty, using the same materials and meeting the same standards as students on the college’s main campus. Our guests today are Lynn Novick, who directed the documentary, and two graduates of the program, Sebastian Yoon and Dyjuan Tatro. Novick is a Peabody Award-winning filmmaker and longtime collaborator of Ken Burns. She spent four years in prisons taping material for the documentary, which is her solo directorial debut. Yoon and Tatro both entered prison as teenagers, and both earned bachelor’s degrees in the Bard Prison Initiative. The documentary, «College Behind Bars,» airs tonight and tomorrow night on PBS stations and will also be available for streaming. Great to have all of you. Let’s start with a clip from the documentary. This is a scene where there’s a group of brand-new students at the Eastern Correctional Facility, which is a maximum security facility in New York, just been admitted to the program after a competitive admissions process, and what we see is a not terribly large classroom and a group of 15 to 20 men in blue jumpsuits seated at typical classroom desks.

can you make money at a bar as a bard

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You guys should go have one as. This story reminds me of a simple truth, though:. Going out to bars can be really expensive. Even though I was actually not a huge fan of drinking when I started college my freshman advice roundup said as muchmy mind has changed quite a bit over the years.

Here are a few of the simple tricks I know that can help you keep your bar nights cheap, and hopefully free of blue-blooded robots. Well, actually I would advise knowing that one as.

This is a form of precommitmentwhich is br terrifically useful strategy for achieving any goal — getting up early, avoiding internet distractions — and keeping your night cheap.

The same is true when deciding whether to buy another round of shots as it is when avoiding a sweet call to a watery grave.

Most bars offer drink specials and deals on many nights of the week. You can find a lot of these drink specials just by checking to see if the bars in your area have websites, Facebook pagesor Yelp profiles — if they do, their specials will probably be listed. Websites and FaceYelp profiles aside ya damn kidsmost good bars will have their specials nicely displayed on their physical menuor on the wall. And unfortunately, a lot of people do it totally yoi.

A Swiss study found that ag students who pre-game were more likely to drink more than intended, black out, skip school the next day, and engage in hand-to-hand combat with escaped zoo animals. While that last sentence may be bad embellished, I think we can all collectively react to these findings with but one word:.

It was great. At one point, though, a waitress came up to us holding a bucket filled with what looked like giant syringes, and asked:. Beer, cn, and cocktails, on the other hand, generally take longer to drink, so buying one is usually less of an impulse decision.

Wondering about how much you should tip? Well, this graphic on Thrillist might make your eyes bulge. Keep in mind that the data comes from an NYC bartender. From my experiences in NYC, I know that cabs are ridiculously convenient — so much so that it would be extremely easy to go out without planning and then just take a cab home at the end of the night.

So plan out your logistics. Oh, and you can find some more good advice on this Reddit thread. This story reminds me of a simple truth, though: Going out to bars can be really expensive.

Pay Attention to Drink Specials Most bars offer drink specials and deals on many nights of the can you make money at a bar as a bard.

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The four-part series follows men and women incarcerated in maximum and medium security prisons across New York state over the span of four years, as they attempt to gain college degrees through the Bard Prison Initiative BPI csn, one of the most rigorous prison education programs monfy the U. While some colleges decided to continue to grant degrees to prisons, operating off of private donations, at the time only three other programs in N. Dozens of other colleges now operate in prisons across the U. Inthe Obama administration started a pilot program to offer some Pell grants to incarcerated Americans again; in June Education Secretary Betsy DeVos called on making the program permanent. But the pilot program only extended eligibility to some 12, inmatesout of the over 2 million incarcerated people in the U. College Behind Bars makes a mkae and fiscal case to change. That yoj study found that for every dollar invested into correctional education, nearly five dollars is saved in reincarceration costs over three years. Executive produced by Burns and directed by Novick in her solo directorial debut, W Behind Bars was also produced by their longtime collaborator Sarah Botstein and edited by Tricia Reidy. Tatro was released from prison in Dyjuan Tatro: It has been a really great experience. Lynn and Sarah have been really respectful to us. When they first showed up, there was some skepticism because of the type of stories that are conventionally told about incarcerated people in this country.


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