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Can you make money at craft shows

can you make money at craft shows

The Mustachian Forum. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Home Help Search Login Register. My DD just finished selling at her first craft fair a church basement type of thing. She is in grade 12 and had been wanting to participate in one for a number of years, but this was the first year she was pulled together enough to think of an idea, buy materials, create product, price and sell it. All decorated with very attractive ribbon. She did it all in only 2 weeks, so a bit stressful, and is not a great one for tracking details, like costs. At the end of yesterday, I had her immediately account for her takings That does not count as Gross Sales. How much did you spend on materials and table rental? Good entrepreneurial experience, for certain.

Turn Your Crafts Into Income

I recently did my first few craft shows. The first couple were ok, but I wish I knew these tips when I started! It would have saved me a TON of trouble. If you’re thinking about getting started with craft shows, you can make a decent amount of money — so check out these few tips about how to get started with craft shows. Selling items at a craft fair can be both fun and lucrative, especially if you need funds to support the hobby you are selling. Here are my top ten things to think about as a newbie craft show vendor:. The first thing I had to do was figure out where to find events. I look for signs around the community, I asked people who I knew had done them in the past, and I checked the newspaper. Where I had the most success was searching on Facebook. Look for groups like that, local to you, and make some good connections! It’s really important to pay attention when booking an event. Some provide tables and some don’t. Some events only provide a table if you pay extra.

Why I know what I’m talking about:

As American consumers increasingly long for a personal, local touch in the goods we buy, the craft industry seems to be booming. Have you ever dreamed of quitting your 9-to-5 job and starting a career selling handmade crafts? Or wondered whether selling goods at craft fairs would be a lucrative side hustle? Check out our cost of living calculator. The same can be said for some of the items sold at craft fairs. If you head to a holiday craft fair in your area, particularly one that casts a wide net for vendors, you may be seeing mass-produced items. But in theory, a craft fair should have vendors selling items they made themselves, by hand. For example, an established three-day fair that draws a huge crowd and engages in a lot of promotion and advertising will charge vendors more than a small, local event held in a parking lot or church basement. According to Entrepreneur. Some fairs also charge a percentage of your sales. Craft fairs come in two basic forms: juried and non-juried. Vendors who want to sell their crafts at a juried show have to apply for the privilege. Sometimes there is an application fee. Juried shows also charge higher booth fees. You may want to have a nice tablecloth, some cookies and lemonade or other enticements. You can save money by bringing your own food but you still might end up succumbing to temptation and spending money at the craft fair yourself.


Using the steps below, you can estimate how much money you can bring in based on your business and the events you plan to attend. How much traffic an event gets will be an important number to determine how much money you can make at it. It can be hard to find how many shoppers an event gets and even then, without a counter, those numbers are estimates. These are, of course, rough estimates of traffic and how to define the size of an event. There may be a craft show held in a school gym that attracts thousands of shoppers so contacting the organizer for estimates is always the safer bet. As with anything, conversion rates can be higher or lower and affected by several factors. Conversion rates are the percentage of shoppers who buy. When people are taking time to drive to a store, find parking, etc. Online, it takes less effort to shop so fewer people buy. If you have your own craft show stats to work with, a higher or lower than average online conversion rate or there are variables e. You likely have more than one price point. Even if you only sell one product, you should offer options to increase and decrease the price point to appeal to more shoppers and their budgets.

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For many people making crafts is a hobby. It can be a form of relaxation, or a way to provide handmade gifts to family and friends. But some people make supplementary income by selling crafts, or even do it as a full-time job. To make money selling crafts, doing the actual crafting is only part of the process. You need to strategize, prioritize, and advertise, among other things. Ylva Bosemark. What Our Expert Does : «I use a platform that allows me to plan my posts weeks or months in advance.

That way, I know I’m reaching out to my followers, but I can also plan ahead and don’t have to stress about posting every day, which can be draining. Planning out my posts beforehand has been a lifesaver.

Develop your craft-making abilities over a period of time before you start selling, which will help ensure that the crafts you have on offer are high quality pieces that will sell.

Attend local craft fairs to meet new customers and build up your reputation. You can also use selling websites like etsy. For tips from our Craft co-author on how to set an appropriate price for your crafts, keep reading! This article was co-authored by Ylva Bosemark.

Ylva Bosemark is a high school entrepreneur and the founder of White Dune Studio, a small company that specializes in laser cut jewelry. As a young adult herself, she is passionate about inspiring other young adults to turn their passions into business ventures. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

Home Categories Arts and Entertainment Artwork. Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Co-authored by Ylva Bosemark Updated: November 27, There are 13 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

See what sells. Perhaps you make several types of crafts, but aren’t sure which one would be a strong seller. You may want to start by seeing what others are selling successfully. What are other crafters trying to sell, how much are they selling it for, and do they seem to actually be making sales? Depending on your situation, you may be seeking validation of the possible profitability of your chosen craft, or inspiration on the type of crafting to focus your energies on.

Follow your passion. Being inspired by others is a good start, but you also need to be motivated to do the work. If you’re going to make some real money by selling your wares, you’ll have to dedicate substantial time and energy to making, marketing, selling, and shipping your craftwork. If your heart is not in it, your chances of success are minimal. Some of the work involved in selling crafts can be repetitive drudgery, so it is helpful if the creation component of it is at least stimulating and enjoyable.

Focus on quality. Let’s face it — if people want junk crafts, they will just buy mass-produced knock-offs at a big box retailer for a lower price. Many people love handmade items, but they want those hands to be skilled ones.

Your birdhouses or vases may be good enough to give your niece for her birthday, but are they good enough for strangers to pay real money for them? You may want to take some time mastering your craft before jumping into sales. It is better to build a reputation for high quality craftsmanship right from the start. Do the math. Whether you are selling crafts, cars, or commercial real estate, you need to have some talent for running numbers and estimating costs and profits to be successful.

You have to be practical about the potential profitability of your craftwork. Be optimistically realistic. However much scouting, planning, and number-crunching you do, selling crafts for a profit is always going to be a bit of a crapshoot. What works for some may not work for others, for a variety of reasons known and unknown.

Don’t go into the process expecting to make big money right away, or you are bound to be disappointed. It takes time to start making money selling crafts, and even that is not always. A positive attitude can go a long way, especially during the lean times early on. Market your product and. Whether you are selling in person or online, you need to spread the word about your craftwork and about you, the craftsperson.

Especially when buying handmade items, people like to feel a connection to the artisan. When selling at a craft fair or other locale in person, distribute professional-grade business cards. Spread the word on social media via friends and family. Emphasize personalized customer service, regardless of sales venue.

Ship orders promptly, and provide contact information for service or questions. Consider providing refunds, exchanges, or repairs. Sell online. Gone are the days when crafters had to rely exclusively on craft shows. The internet can act as one giant, never-ending craft show if you utilize it. Professional quality photographs of your crafts are now the standard for sales on such sites.

Take the time, or pay the price, to get the best shots of your product. If you don’t know much about search engine optimization SEOlearn. You need to choose the right titles and tags in order to direct search engine traffic to your page. Sites like Etsy take a cut of your profits, of course. So, if you are web savvy, you may want to consider selling over your own site.

This may serve you better after you have developed a solid customer base. Set up shop at festivals. While online sales have superseded them for many crafters, selling at festivals and craft shows can still be a keystone of your strategy.

After all, there is no better way to show the quality of your wares, and use your charms as the craftsperson, than in person. Scout festivals first whenever possible. Get a feel for the atmosphere and whether items like yours are likely to sell. Festival ads and reviews are helpful, but cannot replace the value of seeing things with your own eyes. Be a people-person in your booth. Talk to people. Tell your story.

If possible, conduct demonstrations of you creating your crafts, or show videos of the process. Get your product into stores. Instead of trying to compete with retailers both large and small, try to work with. Your quality products and their customer volume can make a profitable combination.

Then consider retailers that sell products that are comparable or complementary to yours. Can you make money at craft shows a sales pitch for owners or managers of potential retail shops. If you can provide specific information on sales projections, anticipated profits. When possible, try to negotiate an arrangement that lets you set up your crafts as a virtual shop-within-a-shop.

Display your crafts together, along with business cards or other promotional materials. Sell products out of your home. If your specialty is framed artwork targeted toward children, ask around at pediatrician offices, kids’ clothing stores, daycare centers, and the like. See if you can place some of your product and provide information about sales from your home. Advertise with flyers, social media posts, and so on for a craft party to be held at your home.

Display your product line sshow where they are made, and work to build up an interested potential customer base. Wherever you are selling, at home, online, or at shows or stores, make sure you know the rules. Craft shows and websites like Etsy will have their own lists of rules and regulations that you need to know and follow to continue selling. Wherever you sell, you probably need to know how to collect taxes on your sales. The website or craft show may be able to help you out with advice on the process, or you may have to navigate the process .

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I remember chatting with a jewelry vendor who spent her entire year travelling to different shows. Or maybe you just want to use craft shows to make some extra cash. It requires effort if you want to walk away from a craft show with a healthy profit. Your total sales must also cover the other costs associated with operating your business, such as:. Time spent:. Whichever sales channel you use to sell your products, there are some costs associated with it. For example, when selling online, you may have the following costs to cover:. However, craft shows also give you the opportunity to make more sales…a lot of sales in a short amount of time. The increase in sales helps cover the added costs. You may also want to take the following steps to increase your chances of making a profit at your next craft show:. You would need to sell 20 items just to cover the costs of doing the event e. First, you must know your numbers. How much are you actually profiting once you deduct all costs and pay yourself for all your time? Then work on improving your profits.


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