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How much money has game of thrones make

how much money has game of thrones make

As you brush up on your Dothraki and prepare for the final six episodes of the blockbuster series, take a look at how all of the major actors in Game of Thrones stack up when hoa by net worth. Take that number with a grain of salt: Celebrity Net Worth generates its figures by looking at news reports and public records, so they are sometimes imprecise. Cash is king. You keep that money. Turner has also shown up on the silver screen, starring in X-Men: Apocalypse and the upcoming movie Dark Phoenix. Her brand deals include partnerships with the fashion house Louis Vuitton. The value of the Louis Vuitton deal is not public. Wright was only 10 years old when he joined the Game of Thrones cast as Bran Stark. Dormer is a big deal on the brand scene, as well, having signed deals with Crocs and Nespresso. In doing so, she how much money has game of thrones make a lot of details about her financial situation. She may have since recovered. And as far as Hollywood goes, her film credits include major roles in movies like The Jungle Bookand The Kf. Harington is descended from British royalty and the inventor of the flush toilet, but his family was far from wealthy. He did struggle, however, after his time ended on Game of Thrones. He told the New York Times in that he used to not be able to even afford his rat-infested apartment.

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The show premiered on HBO in Last year, in its sixth season, the show had a record-breaking The seventh season premiere broke two more records when Bigger budgets seemed to be the norm by the beginning of the last seasons. According to an Entertainment Weekly report , it took crew members, extras, tons of gravel, 70 horses, 25 stunt performers, 4 camera crews and 25 days of shooting to make. One of the main expenses for the show is its talent. According to recent audited figures from Northern Ireland Screen, the HBO produced fantasy adventure television series Game of Thrones has contributed hundred of millions dollars to the Northern Ireland economy and created more than full-time and 5, part-time jobs in the process. The one area where the show has gotten a bit of a discount is on its filming locations. Iceland and Croatia have also benefited by being selected as filming locations for the show. In Iceland, as many as crew members, actors and extras work on the show, according to Pegasus, a production company contracted by HBO in that country. About rental cars and 3, hotel rooms were used during filming in and , the company told CNBC. The 14, cases that were produced sold out right away. Since then, the partnership has led to other beers including :. Also, Fire and Blood will be re-released this fall, according to the brewery. According to the bakery that made the cake, it weighed 70 pounds. But for Marketplace to continue to grow, we need additional investment from those who care most about what we do: superfans like you. When you contribute directly to Marketplace , you become a partner in that mission: someone who understands that when we all get smarter, everybody wins. Skip to content.

When you play the Game of Thrones, you win, or you die.

Monej Westeros, it is said that a Lannister always pays his debts; however, with the unbelievably lofty per-episode price tags that some of the Game of Thrones actors come with, it’s hard to imagine them ever going into debt in the first place.

HBO’s award-winning mega-hit, inspired by George R. The third episode of its final season brought in Unsurprisingly, as the show elevated to new heights of fame and popularity, so too did the salaries of muvh distinguished cast members. According to How much money has game of thrones make Hollywood ReporterHBO utilizes a tiered system to monry the pay bracket each actor falls. Here are some rumored salaries of hass stars of Game of Thrones. All hhas the dragon queen!

Emilia Clarke, who played the platinum-haired Daenerys Targaryen from the od of the series, made sure she wasn’t going to be paid less than her male Thrones co-stars. SinceGame of Thrones has only grown in popularity, and so too have its stars’ paychecks.

That’s not a bad nest egg to acquire from your first-ever TV gig. Given that he was relatively unknown when he was cast inHBO probably wasn’t shelling out the big bucks for the Bastard of Winterfell. As ov of the aforementioned «Tier A» of mufh, Lena Headey, whose riveting performance as Cersei Lannister could teach a college-level course on «How to be an Effective Villain ,» was reportedly paid roughly half of a million dollars per episode for the final two seasons.

That’s definitely not a bad payday when you consider that the majority of her scenes in those episodes consist of her broodily gazing out of a balcony while she sips wine and plots more sadistic plans. Interestingly enough, Headey apparently wasn’t always living the lavish life with her Game of Thrones money. In an interview with The MxkePeter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thronesrecalled his humble beginnings, renting an apartment on the Lower East Side with some less-than-ideal pets.

He can largely thank Game of Thrones for his improved financial situation. So just how much money has Thrones dumped into Dinklage’s bank account over the show’s eight years on the air? The things we do for love. According to Yahoo! Although one has to imagine that marrying a Jonas Brother comes with some serious coin, don’t make the mistake of thinking that Turner isn’t bringing a small fortune of her own to the table. Although her pay is far from modest, it is still obviously quite a bit lower than some of her co-stars, such as Harington, Clarke, and Dinklage.

In an interview with Harper’s BazaarTurner addressed the pay gap, expressing no sour grapes about the monfy. And for the last series, he had something crazy like 70 night shoots, and I didn’t have that.

I was like, ‘You know what When Maisie Thronees got the role of Arya Stark, she was only 13 years old, so it’s relatively understandable that she wasn’t paid astronomical amounts of money during her first few seasons on Thrones. So what is Williams planning to do after her time on Thrones comes to an end?

It might surprise you to learn that, in addition to starring in various projects, she’s focusing on launching her gamr app, Daisie, which is focused on making opportunities in the entertainment industry more widely accessible. Speaking with Business InsiderWilliams spoke about how difficult it was for her to break into the industry.

Particularly people from where I came from I just had this fluke way in. Although he missed out on all the fun in Game of Thrones ‘ first thrpnes, Liam Cunningham made a big splash in season 2 as Ser Davos Seaworth, the right-hand man to hass would-be moneyy Stannis Baratheon.

Although he was originally contacted about potentially playing a different role in ThronesCunningham’s Davos serves as the show’s moral compass. In an interview with The Washington Post haa, he stated how grateful he is for his time in Westeros. Still, it must be noted that he’s a fan who is paid handsomely for what he does.

Not bad considering that he never read the books the show’s based on. In an interview with Tjronesthe actor shed some insight on how challenging it was to adjust to his character’s intense, ever-changing arcs. It’s definitely always a gwme to find empathy — as a viewer, but also as an actor — for this character.

It’s difficult, a lot of the time. When you consider that Allen’s tenure on the show started with its very first episode, you can safely assume that he’s built a decent fortune from his time on Thrones. Unlike several other characters on the series, Gillen had already built a relatively prestigious resume prior to getting the gig.

Thus, it’s safe to assume he was fairly compensated on Thrones from the start. Aside from the wealth he amassed from the series, Thrones also affected Gillen’s career in other ways. Speaking to USA TodayGillen touched on how the show’s popularity has been beneficial to his reputation as an actor.

I hate talking about the mechanics of career, but I’m sure it all helps. All rights reserved. How much money Game of Thrones stars actually make. The Mother of Dragons hits the mucu. A salary fit for a king in the North. She gets that Lannister money. Small stature, big wallet. The costly cost of Coster-Waldau. Turner’s head-turning paychecks. Arya happy with all that money? Ser Davos be worth millions. Alfie’s millions. The master of coin.

The Sad Truth About Game of Thrones Cast Salaries & Net Worth

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By analysing viewing figures, subscriptions costs and production costs, they found that:. Feel free to email me at editorial. People are cherishing the game of thrones characters and screenplay so much that numerous fans have kept the game of thrones wallpaper on their devices. I am extremely impressed with your writing skills as well as with the layout on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself? Either way keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to see a nice blog like this one these days. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. You must be logged in to post a comment.


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