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Disney only cares about making money star wars

disney only cares about making money star wars

The «Star Wars» pictures have been moneg massive moneymaker since the first installment hit theaters in As wags result, the public’s tepid response to «Solo» is taking Wall Street analysts by surprise, with none of the previous Star Wars films made by Disney and Lucasfilm having lost money. More in Star Wars. Theories abound about what’s behind the slow ticket sales, from «Star Wars» fatigue to tough competition from other tent-pole movies such as «Avengers: Infinity War,» another Disney movie, and «Deadpool 2. Some «Star Aboug fans were unhappy with some character choices made in «The Last Jedi,» the previous installment in the franchise. It’s possible they decided to skip the latest film, which follows the adventures of a young Hans Solo. And then there’s the film’s middling reviews.

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Reality has been far kinder to the House of Mouse. When it comes to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker , the ninth and final installment in the original series did have a disappointing opening weekend. Weak critic scores and folks bellyaching about the film before it was even released may have hurt initial demand. Generally deteriorating multiplex traffic trends didn’t help, either. Image source: Disney. The news gets even better when pitted against The Last Jedi : The latest film has outgrossed the previous entry in each of the past four days, including nearly doubling what The Last Jedi rang up in domestic ticket sales on the seventh day of its release. Disney already has the five highest grossing movies of , with Frozen II recently making the cut. The media giant will be the studio behind the six biggest winners by the time the release slate plays out.

disney only cares about making money star wars

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Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm , and by extension Star Wars, in wasn’t cheap. At least, not on the face of it. But once you add up all those movie tickets, action figures, and limited-edition Coffee-mate creamers , billions will come back to replace the billions spent. Just how do those billions stack up, though? While the exact math is fuzzy, the long-term picture is clear. Disney immediately started making money on an investment that will continue to pay off in a huge way—likely for years to come. The stock of a company making so huge a purchase often takes a hit after the acquisition—less cash in the coffers, after all—but just four trading days after the buy in October , Disney stock was on the rise again. But Disney stock has more than doubled since the Star Wars acquisition, which means it’s outpacing a growing market by an additional 50 percent. Some of the reasons are boring and business-y: Natural synergies, consolidation of corporate overhead, etc. Quite simply, George Lucas was not going to do new Star Wars movies. In January, a relaunched Star Wars comic book from Marvel sold almost a million units remember, Disney owns Marvel, too. That’s only about, oh, 25 times more than the final Star Wars issue published by Dark Horse Comics a mere seven months prior. And then along came Force Friday. The rollout of more than new Star Wars toys was a cultural phenomenon, with a huge bottom line. I can’t wait to see where else it will go. And it was brilliant. But what that did was focus the attention of the collectors. The more traditional merchandise rush is four to six weeks before the movie, where the mainstream really comes in. And then there’s ticket sales. Shawn Robbins, a senior analyst for BoxOffice. If reviews come out strong, yes, they could get the record. And let us not forget the non-toy licensing, pay-per-view, home DVD sales, and more. These are the dividends you’re looking for. Now I know John Boyega [Finn] is front and center there, too, but all indications from my perspective look like she will end up being the star of this new series.

I have a good feeling about this

When Disney first announced their acquisition of Star Warsfans were trepidatious. What changes would they make onlg the Star Moey universe? Then Disney announced the new movies, including a sequel trilogy and stand-alone films, and fans were ecstatic. Abrams or any director to adhere to the Star Wars Expanded Universe, as established through decades of books, comics, and videogames.

The sequels will all totally ignore the EU to do whatever Xisney and the filmmakers want, so in a very real sense, the Expanded Universe is already in trouble. The question, will Disney destroy it outright, or is the EU too far below their notice to care? No doubt LucasArts had spent a lot of money on warss game, disney only cares about making money star wars it was getting good press.

Furthermore, we already know Disney has ended makingg very popular Clone Wars cartoon. Now, they could have simply moved to show to their own channel, Disney XD. But no, they choose ,aking end the show completely, and begin work on a new series. If it happens, it could simply be consolidation — moving Star Wars to their own in-house comics publisher to maximize profits — but it would also be a terrific opportunity for Star Wars to start over on this front.

Then, as the new movies generally take a wrecking ball to the EU, it’ll be up to the authors, editors and Wookieepedia writers to somehow try to reconcile the old universe with the new. The absolute best case scenario for fans of the EU is if Disney tells the book and comics guys to only stay away from any stories that take place post- RotJ. Whether they care enough to officially reboot the EU or not, Disney probably won’t want contradictory material coming out alongside the movies — but does a novel about Darth Maul taking a spa vacation before the events of Episode I really count as contradictory?

No matter what decisions Disney makes, part of the EU is about to be destroyed, and this will have fans screaming. A new continuity means new characters, which means new stories, which means — most importantly — new merchandise. This is all pure speculation for now, but it makes sense. Characters like Thrawn and Mara Jade may still cqres up — they’re part of the valuable IP that Disney bought — but if so, they’ll be part of a rebooted chronology.

You shouldn’t be too surprised if we hear that Timothy Zahn’s classic trilogy never happened — at least, not in exactly the way that Zahn told the cars. Abrams already rebooted one continuity with Star Trek — so it makin not be too surprising that he could be part of rebooting another, with Star Wars.

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After seeing Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkermy views on the franchise have not changed now that the Skywalker saga has come to its conclusion. Was it work-related stress? The usual holiday malaise? The never-ending horribleness of the daily news cycle? And then it dawned on me: Star Wars was bothering me. Now that I have had time to digest my feelings and think about it analytically, I understand why I am angry. And I suspect I know why many people in my social circle are mad about it as. Star Wars occupies a lofty position in our popular culture. It’s a uniquely Disney only cares about making money star wars phenomenon, and its influence is all over the entertainment industry, particularly sci-fi and fantasy.


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