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How much money do fruit vendors make

how much money do fruit vendors make

Cristoban Castillo has worked as a fruit vendor, in South, LA for three months. He sets up his cart outside of the post office on Central Avenue and 70th St. They set up shop on the corners of almost every major intersection in South L. Offering a healthier snack alternative, fruit vendors sell big bags of peeled and sliced fruits with the option of adding lime juice, salt and chili powder. Cristoban Castillo, 27, has been working as a fruit vendor for the past three months. He prepares and sells the fruit from a cart on the sidewalk outside the post office on Central Avenue and 70th Street, working nine hours a day — every day. Castillo immigrated to the United States from Guatemala, where his family still lives, four years ago to earn money. The fruit vendors in South LA, do not usually own their carts, as is the case with Castillo. The carts are typically owned by a company or an individual, who then hires people to man. Each morning, Castillo picks up his cart and his fruit, peels and preps the fruit, packs the cart full of ice and heads out to his station. Castillo, who is not married and has no family in the United States, said he more or less makes enough money to survive but that he wants to earn enough money to help out back home. OnCentral is a site for the neighborhoods around Central Avenue. It’s a news site where we not only provide information, but put the power of storytelling in your hands. Sign up and you can share your story or help an existing story grow by adding in your perspective or corrections.

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There are 3, food carts in the city. Because the city stopped issuing new permits in the seventies, vendors can apply for one and wait for years or rent one from an owner. Until the seventies, the cart business was dominated by Greeks. Now, coffee carts are run mostly by Afghans. Bangladeshis man virtually all fruit stands and most hot-dog carts, though many uptown hot-dog carts are Dominican. The Vietnamese run smoothie carts. Nut carts are manned by Brazilians and Colombians. The trade is so ethnically fragmented that even Bangladeshis, the largest single group of vendors, make up less than 20 percent of the total number. Cart owners and operators are subject to hundreds of rules and regulations. Not offering a customer a receipt is a violation, as is vending at a bus stop, despite wildly differing ideas of what constitutes a bus stop. Where do carts go at night? Carts are transported to and from the garages by van, flatbed truck vendors often share one that fits multiple carts and split the rental cost , or by hand, aided by a small motor. The most profitable food-cart item is coffee, which commands a percent to 1, percent markup it costs the vendor between 10 and 20 cents a cup and sells for a dollar. The least profitable item is fruit, owing to the high spoilage rates and low margins, although blending the fruit into smoothies, a technique the Vietnamese seem to have pioneered, allows cart operators to charge more for it. Proper pushcart etiquette dictates that you not sell the same thing on the same corner as another vendor. A moral claim to a spot is so valuable that it may be inherited; some spots are passed down through generations, while some are bought and sold. The city decides which blocks are open and closed to vending and when. Carts are traditionally topped with the familiar blue-and-yellow umbrella pioneered by Sabrett. Recently, however, several entrepreneurs took note of the fact that the carts are exempt from the law against street advertising in New York.

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He steps softly, barefoot, around his small, second-story apartment in Jamaica, Queens, creaking through the green and pink hall. He is late, but careful not to wake his wife and their three children, or his mother, who will be up in an hour to say prayers and cook breakfast. He puts on his baseball hat, slides his feet into rubber clogs and hurries out without coffee. Ahmed, 46, is in the business of chicken and rice. He immigrated from Bangladesh 23 years ago, and is now one of two partners in a halal food cart that sets up on Greenwich Street close to the World Trade Center, all year long, rain or shine. But day to day, they struggle to do business against a host of challenges: byzantine city codes and regulations on street vending, exorbitant fines for small violations like setting up an inch too close to the curb and the occasional rage of brick-and-mortar businesses or residents. Not to mention the weather, the whims of transit and foot traffic, and the trials of standing for hours, often alone, with no real shelter or private space. Ahmed says. The work is both demanding and routine. Ahmed commutes five or six days a week, clocking eight-hour shifts. His ride into Lower Manhattan is just over an hour, so if he can find a seat on the E train, he sleeps, squashed between the bodies of strangers, or watches part of a movie on his phone. But today, Mr. Ahmed checks his email first, hoping for news from one of the preschools processing the application of his youngest child, Karen. Nothing yet. By a. Though there are occasional turf wars among vendors, Mr. Ahmed has never had to fight for space. He buys breakfast — a coffee and doughnut — from a nearby vendor who gives him what Mr.


The vendor only managed to sell 50 pounds of berries the first day and he sold the remainder on the second day.

How much profit did the vendor make? The vendor covers his cost on the first day, but does not make a profit.

The weight of the dehydrated berries can be calculated as follows:. When the berries dehydrate, the weight of the non-water component is still 0. The weight, Wof the dehydrated fruit can be calculated as follows:. The loss of water is also a loss of profits. This is why supermarkets spray water on fresh vegetables and keep produce refrigerated. Dehydration is illustrated graphically with cells, where each o represents water and x represents the non-water portion.

The 50 black o ‘s represent water lost by dehydration. What is a pound? A pound is 0. Most scientific work in the United States uses the metric system, but the old English system predominates in commerce. Various attempts at adopting the metric system have failed because of the cost involved in the conversion of highway signs, scales, odometers, machine parts, maps.

Globalization is providing some incentives toward ftuit of the metric. Fduit drinks, for example, are sold in 2-liter bottles, and some car parts are now fabricated to metric specifications. Index Food.

Mexican Frutas Vendor in LA

On a cool Tuesday morning, Elizabeth Alcarraz ambled around boxes of strawberries in the narrow aisles of her brightly lit fruit store squeezed into an aging West Carson strip mall. Behind one glass shelf were freshly sheared watermelons nake cucumbers, with rows of tamarind candy vibrantly packaged. The shop, named for her youngest daughter, is crammed full of other goodies too — juices and smoothies, elotes Mexican grilled street corn and tamales mostly on weekendsas well as snacks Alcarraz has adapted and created. One of her popular drinks is the Mexican treat chamango. Her version, a blend of mango and ice, is drizzled with sweet and savory chamoy sauce, loaded with chunks of mango and includes a few ingredients she wants to keep secret. And then there were several dreary years as a gas station manager. But after decades of working for others, four years ago she decided to strike out mak her own and open a sidewalk cart selling fruit — and just two years later she opened her shop across the street. With an estimated 50, street how much money do fruit vendors make in Los Angeles alone, the struggles that the typically immigrant entrepreneurs face have long drawn noticerecently prompting state legislation that allows municipalities to regulate the businesses but prevents local regulations from barring or criminalizing. It was in the shop, she said, where her working-class parents taught her and her two sisters omney lessons they still draw on today: Always work hard for your future.


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