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How to make money as a cruise agent

how to make money as a cruise agent

Commissions are the result of your hard work and dedication to your clients! As your host agency, we strive every day to ensure agents are paid in a timely, accurate manner. So how do travel agent commissions work? This step is vital to ensure you get paid! Once your client has traveled, and the Commissions team has received the commission from the supplier you booked with, you will be paid your commission. As one of the mske host travel agencies, our Preferred Suppliers pay us the top commissions, which mean higher income for you! Starting with your very first booking, you earn some of the top commissions possible. Over time, this difference could mean thousands of extra dollars in your pocket! Receive the valuable information you need to get agen in your exciting new career hpw a KHM Travel Agent. Cellular, and Boost. Our mobile text messages are intended for subscribers over the age of You may stop your mobile subscription at any time by replying STOP to the text message.

The Best Travel Jobs for A Wandering Spirit

Usually the people asking are either those who are interested in becoming a travel agent or it’s coming from those who find out I work in the travel industry and they can’t believe travel agencies are even still around! Um, they are, and they’re the new darlings of the time-starved, information-overloaded travelers of today! I’ll go more in-depth in just a second, but here’s the basic step-by-step of how most travel agents make money:. Now, if you’re looking for how travel agents make money that are employees of an agency, that falls more into the territory of travel agent salaries. You’re at the right site, just the wrong article. To give you an answer on how travel agents make money, it’s important to know a little history. I promise to keep it short—it’s actually pretty fascinating how the industry has changed over the years. In the good ‘ol days, a large portion of travel agency income came from airline commissions. Since tickets were expensive, in demand, and could only be ticketed by agents or the airlines, they were the bread and butter of any agency. What about commissions from tours, hotels, cruise lines?

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Many of the offers appearing on this site are from advertisers from which this website receives compensation for being listed. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site including, for example, the order in which they appear.

These offers do not represent all deposit accounts available. When talking to my friends about taking a cruise, many of them expressed that they thought cruises were too expensive. I disagree. If planned well, a cruise is similar to taking an all-inclusive vacation because your lodging, food and beverages and basic entertainment are included in the price.

Even with my positive feelings about cruises, on a recent trip, I managed to make several costly mistakes. I admit I fell head over heels over a Southern Caribbean itinerary.

I was entranced by all the fabulous islands featured. My departure ports for previous cruises had been in Florida or Texas. Either I had driven to them or had multiple choices of airports nearby to fly into, so travel had been affordable. You can avoid this issue by choosing a cruise that departs from a less expensive city.

Departures from one of the southern Florida ports, for instance, allow you to select flights into Ft. Lauderdale or Miami. Likewise, a European departure port might give you several options for nearby airports, allowing you to pick a less expensive flight. For me, avoiding the added stress that a same-day flight creates is worth the extra expense.

Consequently, I needed a hotel room. And, of course, I wanted to stay in the middle of old San Juan, which added to the expense. Hotels in that area know that cruises depart on Saturdays and Sundays, so the prices of rooms are not heavily discounted on weekends. Avoid this issue by planning well in advance in order to book a decent Airbnb or other lodging option. This was my first time on a Freedom-class ship on Royal Caribbean.

My previous sailings have all been on the smaller Vision-class ships. What I noticed was that with bigger ships come more temptations. My original plan was for us to explore the ports on our own, either by walking around or taking cabs or buses. As the cruise date approached, I worried that I would miss out on seeing an important sight and booked excursions. To be fair, I also avoided eating while onshore, which saved money, but the tours ended up adding to the overall cost of my vacation.

Avoid this issue by including a daily spending limit for your excursions. There are several websites where other passengers describe both what they did and how much it cost them to help you plan. I always attend all of the shopping talks, but that is so I can get free items. But in St. Kitts, instead of just running into the Effy jewelry store to get my free pendant, I made the mistake of looking at the cases. And there it was: a beautiful morganite ring.

With our ship departing in 15 minutes, I caved. That one-week trip ended up costing a bit more than I had anticipated. But each trip is a learning opportunity about how to spend money. We were rarely in the room and our Deck 2 location helped with my motion sickness. Click through to read more about how one woman scored an outrageously cheap Christmas cruise. We make money easy. Annick has been featured in a legal trade publication and wrote a chapter in a book published by the American Bar Association.

She has presented information at over 30 conferences. Her writing can also be read at Best of the Bull.

There are Many Jobs That Allow You to Travel Globally

One of the first questions most new agents have is about the potential income that can be generated by a home based travel agent. Many are retired from other carriers and have pensions and investments they depend on and enjoy the benefits of being in the travel industry as their primary motivation. Other agents sell travel to family and friends part time and also maintain a full time career in another industry. So, while the numbers seem depressed, be assured that there are a good number of home based travel agents making excellent incomes from their business. And, the answer is certainly much more complex than the question. In its most simplistic form, profits are generated by the payment of a commission from the supplier to the agent. Commissions are paid for handling the sale on behalf of the supplier and virtually every supplier has different remuneration programs. Many suppliers offer override programs based on the total volume of business the agent books with the supplier. To make matters even more confusing, a supplier may also have money to invest in promotions and promotional materials on top of the commission and overrides that are paid to the agent. The trick is to access these base commissions, overrides and promotional cooperative funds to generate the highest possible yield in your revenue. This is accomplished by focusing your business in a highly productive and complex niche where the rewards are substantial. NCFs Non Commissionable Fares have increased dramatically thereby reducing the overall percentage of commission on selling mass-market cruises. The River Cruise market is extremely popular right now and also quite competitive among river cruise companies and represents an excellent opportunity to earn very attractive margins. All cruise lines have override programs and also money to invest in well thought out promotions with productive agents. There are also many tour companies such as Globus that offer worldwide tours to virtually every destination around the world. Virtually all tour operators offer well defined override programs and also have cooperative promotional and advertising funds available for agents. Specializing in complex FIT and Escorted international tours is an excellent way to generate a large income. I know of one agent who specializes in luxury all inclusive resorts and is generating over five million in sales annually between he and his wife and three independent agents. By focusing the bookings with operators that handle all inclusives such as FunJet and Apple, they gain considerable overrides and other benefits. You can how to make money as a cruise agent your attention on a certain level of all inclusive, or on a particular destination.


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