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Http www. ign. com wikis assassin s- creed- 3 money making guide

http www. ign. com wikis assassin s- creed- 3 money making guide

Their primary purpose is wdw. earn income for you by selling items crafted or found such as by hunting at a profit. They are sent out from any accounting book found at any shop or at Achilles’ manor. Once sent, there’s a chance the convoy can come under attack and must be defended. Otherwise, the convoys encountered on the map can be robbed for goods, used for hiding, or in some cases, infiltration to a Fort. There is a fixed spawn for convoys where my marker is at. But it won’t always show up just keep teleporting to the harbor master and running over you’ll eventually get it.

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To get some quick cash fast, collect all of the Treasure Chests. Each chest contains a different collection of items and money. To make this an even more cost-effective solution, use the Interactive maps so that you do not have to shell out the big bucks for the in-game maps. Another way to make the quick cash fast is to hunt valuable game such as Bears or Beavers , and sell off the items you receive from them. You can also do other missions to generate income, such as Assassination Contracts or Attack Convoy missions. Homestead Missions are crucial to making bank. You will want to do these as soon as they become available. With each Homestead Mission, you either unlock or level up characters for your Homestead. These people will help you unlock supplies for Crafting.

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They contain both money as well as recipes for making things Such as weapons. They can be found in the Frontier , New York , and Boston. You’ll have to use your lock picking skills most of the time. They are a great way to start an earning as you can pick them up while you are on your main missions. They also have recipes that you can’t find anywhere else that allow you to craft some of the best weapons in the game. If you manage to recruit Assassins before opening Treasure Chests you will gain a key that will automatically open the chest without having to pick the lock. A lot of people seem annoyed at lock picking. It’s true that the game’s directions can be a bit misleading, but it’s easy to get the hang of it. Last Edited: 2 Dec am. First, don’t rotate the analog sticks a complete rotation and wait til it vibrates. This would make a complete rotation of Connor’s tools. Keep slowly rotating until the controller vibrates, then hold the analog in it’s place. Do the same with the other tool, then repeatedly press R1, or RT, when prompted. Note [ edit ] A treasure chest is hidden in the Boston Central District’s tavern. Treasure maps can be bought from the General store or you can use the IGN map. Was this guide helpful?

Ive looked on my receipt, Ive looked in the game booklets, which only gave me access to the Benedict Arnold missions, the multiplayer access code and the U-Play thing. Could really use some help. It depends on where your jgn. it. Each different store has unique bonuses, here is a list:.

Target — Colonial Assassin single-player character, the Scottish Flintlock weapon unlock, and the Redcoat multiplayer character.

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Assassin’s Creed Unity 100% Sync Walkthrough — Sequence 12, Memory 03: The Temple (pt 01)

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On a first playthrough, the mission marker is located at the Homestead harbor. On a Replay, the mission begins on the open seas near Martha’s Vineyard. First thing on the agenda is to sail to Martha’s Vineyard. Follow the onscreen instructions on sailing the ship on Half Sail and Full Sail. Sail the Aquila carefully while avoiding other ships mojey rocks to the Vineyard and then dock at the harbor to trigger a cutscene and the next objectives. Objective complete! After the cutscene, sail back to the Homestead to trigger the tutorial for Naval warfare. Follow the onscreen instructions to learn how to use the Swivel Guns and the Cannons. Now make sail to trigger a battle. Avoid using the cannons and stick to the swivel guns.


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