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Make money selling digital assets

make money selling digital assets

Due assetz their popularity and ease of distribution, many entrepreneurs build entire businesses around these intangible goods or launch digital product lines to complement the physical products or services they offer. What makes them especially appealing, however, sellng that digital products can be created once and sold repeatedly to different customers without having to replenish your inventory, making them ideal for creatives, artists, educators, and freelancers looking for new income streams that require less effort to maintain. Most of these challenges can be overcome, however, if you employ the right tools when designing your digital product business. Beyond these mojey product delivery systems, there are other Shopify apps to power and protect your digital goods, such as:. Depending on your needs, these apps and more can be used together to help you incorporate digital products into your Shopify store and execute any of the digital product ideas. If you consider yourself an expert on a particular topic, digital products are a great way to package that information and sell it to others looking to learn. If you want to build your own destination for digital assets, you can use Sendowl to power this type of business with unique auto-generated license keys. When coming up with assets to create, it helps to work backward from the needs of your intended audience. Instead of selling individual digital products, you can bundle them together and lock them behind a paid subscription to generate recurring revenue. This approach is ideal if you plan to maintain a growing library of premium content and nurture a community of passionate members. In some cases, paid digital subscriptions can even create an opportunity to directly monetize your existing content marketing efforts. Since this content is behind a gate that only paying subscribers can access through their customer accountyou dogital also host exclusive content that can be streamed rather than downloaded. You can build this type of business idea by using ChargeRabbit for recurring subscription billing and SkyPilot as your digital delivery. Digital products can also come in the form of intangible tools that equip professionals to do tasks that either fall outside of their skillset or take up a lot of time.

02. Sell digital assets

EB Business Guides. From music to videos, e-books to online courses, here are the 4 most profitable digital products to sell online. Digital products are super easy to sell and distribute. So, there are so many entrepreneurs who have built their entire businesses around these intangible digital products. As online entrepreneurs, who live and breathe e-commerce, if you have not ever tried to sell digital products online, you have been missing a great opportunity. To be honest, my first few e-commerce stores were failures. Then, I spent a few months learning about digital marketing, and took a fresh start by selling private label e-books online. Unlike me, if you are creative and if you can produce your own digital products, you can definitely make a fortune by selling them online. Recently, I have helped a friend of mine to start selling his digital art online. So, out of curiosity, I did some background research to find out how profitable it is to sell digital products these days. This article is based on that research, and here I will tell you the 4 most profitable digital products to sell online.

make money selling digital assets

What are digital products?

Unlike most moms though, Cinnamon was uniquely qualified to satisfy her daughter’s newfound interest. As an excellent seamstress and designer, she began running up original doll’s clothing that soon made her daughter the envy of the neighborhood. We caught up with Jason to ask how selling digital products has allowed them to scale their business so successfully. Feeling uninspired? Watch some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs share their best advice for new business owners. We’ll also send you updates on new educational guides and success stories from the Shopify newsletter. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. Get started. We also sell our doll clothing and patterns under our brand Liberty Jane Clothing. My wife did extensive market research with our daughters! As most moms find out when their daughters reach six or seven, they get very fascinated with dolls, so we were introduced to the market through them. Her mom worked for a fashion house in LA as a cutter, and she grew up knowing how to sew at a professional level. So my wife started making dolls’ clothes for our daughter, and she would go to dance classes and brownie troupe meetings and all the mums and daughters would say: «where did you get that? We started selling with an eBay store in early and began publishing the patterns about eighteen months later. We made the decision that we did not want to outsource manufacturing to China , although we’ve been approached many times by people who could do that for us. It was just our decision not to do that. Instead, we tried various schemes such as ladies sewing from home for us and working with local seamstresses. We didn’t find a solution that successfully scaled though, so for the first 18 months my wife was constantly sewing to fulfill customer demand and just got totally burned out. We knew that digital goods were amazing products if they worked for your market. We also knew that sewing patterns have been around for a very long time! Because we already had our own sewing patterns, it was easy for us to try out selling them as downloadable PDFs.

Digital products you can sell online

Got your post-Christmas credit card statement yet? There are multiple ways you can earn extra income from your design skills. All it takes is a bit of extra effort and perseverance, and you could soon be running a financial surplus. One common way to make money from your talents is to turn your designs into physical products, such as prints, T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, phone cases, and then sell them online.

There are plenty of places to sell your design products onlineincluding Society 6EtsyDesign by HumansRedbubble and Threadless. For example, some arrange production and shipping of the products themselves, so you just have to supply the design work and everything else is taken care of. Alternatively, you could cut out the middleman and add a shop to your own website, which would give you greater creative control and mean you can keep a greater share of the profits.

Most will offer make money selling digital assets trials to get you started at zero cost. For more info on making money from your product designs, check out our articles How to sell your work online and The art of licensing: how to sell your designs to market. Then why not tap into the lucrative market for original digital assets, including vector graphics, icon sets, fonts, photos, 3D models, website themes, templates, Photoshop filters, and so on? You may not even need to create new work: consider whether you have any unused assets from rejected or discontinued projects you could easily recycle.

There are numerous places to tout your digital assets to the design community, including Creative MarketGraphics River and ThemeForest. To get started, check out 5 secrets to creating digital products people will buyHow to make money selling stock illustrationsHow to make serious cash selling website templates and How to make money from your 3D models.

Even if the idea of doing design work outside of fills you with dread, there are still ways to exploit your skills to make some extra cash. One is to write about design.

This might mean, for example, penning articles for an industry blog or magazine. This post includes nine popular design sites that do pay for articles, and there are many. Alternatively, you could publish your own ebook and deal directly with your audience. Sniffy about the idea of an ebook? Start with this advice from leading designers Tony Brook and Adrian Shaughnessy on how to publish your own book on a shoestring.

Also check out our posts on How to design a book in InDesign and How to design the perfect book cover. Remember all the struggles you had learning to be a designer? Well, perhaps you could do the same for young designers who are struggling today, and earn some handy cash in the process. Again, there are different levels to approach. You could start small, writing tutorials on your chosen subject for industry titles. Another way of sharing the benefit of your design experience could be to try your hand at speaking at design events.

Check out conference directory Lanyrd to find your niche, and click through to the relevant event websites for details of speaker submissions. Then, if you really want to go the whole hog, you could always set up your own online course, either through a platform such as SkillshareUdemy or CreativeLiveor set up your own website and sell direct.

As ever, it pays to do your research first to establish that there is both demand for your topic and no current competitors in the same space. It costs nothing but a few seconds of time and it could end up providing some useful beer money.

Whenever you speak to experienced freelancers, you hear the same story. In fact, sometimes it made them keener; by charging more, people may even think of your services as being more valuable! For more on this, read How to calculate your freelance rate4 ways to cash in as a freelancerand 7 different pricing models — and which you should choose.

Then inwhy not ask them to put their money where their mouth is, and reward you with a better salary? For tips and advice, read our 7 tips for getting paid more and 5 killer ways to nail that salary negotiation. Follow our 15 tips on how to get a promotion20 tips for design interview success and How to craft a standout portfolio.

Explore Now. In this post, we look at some creative ways you could boost your income in the year to come. Turn your designs into physical products Use your designs to adorn products such as these on RedBubble One common way to make money from your talents is to turn your designs into physical products, such as prints, T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, phone cases, and then sell them online.

Teach design skills Create your own design courses and sell it on a site like Skillshare Remember all the struggles you had learning to be a designer? Liked this? Read these next: 9 tools to make graphic design easier 10 designers’ New Year’s resolutions for 10 skills graphic designers need to get ahead.

See more Essential Tips articles. Topics Business. Related articles Discover the unknown stories behind everyday icons Tweak your portfolio for 7 colour trends to watch in The events every designer should know about in

SHOPIFY — How To Make $1,000 A DAY With Digital Products

01. Turn your designs into physical products

make money selling digital assets
In this article, we will look at 1 digital products2 advantages and disadvantages of selling digital goods and 3 generating profit from the sale of digital goods. There are many different types of digital products and services available to customers. These include e-books, music files, internet radio and television, streaming media, fonts, graphics and images, artwork and prints, subscriptions to online magazines, websites and membership sites, online ads, coupons, e-tickets, website templates, manuals, webinars and video tutorials, electronically traded financial instruments, software, gamesvirtual money among many. As with physical products, there are both advantages and disadvantages of selling digital goods online. Some of these are discussed below:. Some advantages are shared by Jimena Diaz de Vivar. She owns a store on PrestaShop, an ecommerce marketplace. Her products include graphic design templates for themed parties. These include printables such as invitations, posters, napkins and food presentation items that can be downloaded. As expected, there a few small downsides or challenges of selling digital products and services. These include:. There are thousands of people online selling digital products. Many of these are products that are similar to any ideas that you may. A carefully planned and executed strategy can help ensure that you are able to generate profits from your digital product regardless of the competitive landscape.


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