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Should rappers make so much money

should rappers make so much money

And, for good reason. This might sound backward, but hear me. So, why would you want to limit the reach and impact of your music by trying to sell it to your small fan base as an upcoming hip-hop artist? Use your music to expand your reach and grow your fanbase in the early stages of your career. The bigger your fan base, the more potential you have to make a lot more money. Use your music and any other interesting areas in your life to grow your fan base and audience. Depending on how funny your current audience thinks you are and the amount of shares you get on your videos, you may see your fan base grow with people who have never heard your music. There are other things you can do to bring in money as an upcoming hip-hop artist. Click To Tweet. If you have a personal social media account should you make a new one as an artist account or just utilize the followers you already have? Dam that was more helpful than i thought Much appreciated thank you God bless you and every one you love real talk ight peace. SoundCloud is not the main way to make it big I have found. Make music videos and your name will get out there more and you will get more feedback. Keep it simple, good luck.

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It suddenly hit me how much more seriously people would take SmartRapper. When you see that someone is actually making money from something it shows that they truly know what they are doing. I was sitting here and went to collect my money from my bi-monthly album sales and was like… omg…. I just need to show them this number…. See, I know how hard I work, I know how much money I make a month as a rapper and I know how much work I have put in to get here. Ostensibly I may seem like just another rapper to you. There is nothing else I need to do. I poured my heart and soul into becoming an artist to inspire people and tell my story. Then they look confused as I smile mischievously because of them underestimating me like people did my whole life. I assume they underestimated you too, and I made Smart Rapper to help you prove them wrong. That happens twice a month. Haha, I am just now uploading my other albums to this account. Also my newest album is uploaded under RBC Records account who backs Tech 9 and they pay me out every fews months as well.

Rappers Are Making Big Money Selling Weed—Legally

We all know how much certain rappers like to brag about the money they have. At times, it can even become tiresome. Do rappers really make as much money as they say they do? And if they do, how do rappers make money? According to a list by popular hip hop website, hiphopdx. If we assume that a well-respected, mainstream rapper sells about , units on an album, and that an album costs anywhere from 8 to 20 dollars, we can say that a rapper makes between 2. Artists have contracts with their labels. Because of this, many artists end up making less than a dollar for every copy of the album sold. His record deal gives him 6. All in all, this means my dad makes more money than certain rappers when comparing his annual revenue to only album sales. By the way, my dad is the director of marketing at an aerospace software firm. Still want to be rich by becoming a rapper? Luckily for rappers, touring is where all the money is! The average concert attendance this year has gone up to 9, people. It is impossible to tell exactly how many concerts a rapper will do, with cancellations and all, but I am assuming around This means that the average rapper will make 6. The only problem with this is that touring costs money. On tour, he will need to pay for food, gas, drink, hotels, equipment, transportation, and a roadie crew. What is left? Then, there are all of the other rappers that are on the tour. They need to be paid as well. So, the 5. This means each artist makes 1. All in all, if you are a well respected, mainstream rapper you only make 1. They are definitely worth a read! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Emdub on November 18, at pm. Leviathan on March 1, at pm. Youre missing the part about merchandise too Reply.

should rappers make so much money

Recording and Writing Music …

As strange as it might sound, different rules can apply to different styles of music. For instance, where I live in Calgary, Alberta, country gigs tend to pay a lot more than rock gigs. I know this from personal experience, as well as talking to fellow guitarists. The rap space is one where unique rules certainly can apply. Not every rapper has — or will have — so many ventures and revenue streams to draw from. You need capital to start a business, and you must have the smarts to run it or put the right people in place to run it for you if you want it to be successful. So, how do rappers make money? Much of it goes towards the label, distributor, manufacturer, retailer, and studio or production costs. It is, however, the cost of being a signed artist. What about independents? But even as an independent, you have certain costs. CD printing and replication, as well as distribution and studio production costs can add up. Everywhere I look, people are saying tours are where the real money is made in the music industry. True, concert attendance and participation is up. But we live in a time when even the tours of mainstream artists can bomb and backfire. And, when it comes to performing as an independent artist, it could prove hard enough to break even let alone make money but more on that in a moment. The Doolid article I mentioned earlier notes that the average concert attendance in was 9, people. As with recording and selling music, however, there are certain costs associated with performing. Expenses include: Food and drink, gas, lodging, equipment, transportation, road crew, rental, and more. Depending on your record contract, your label is probably keeping a sizable slice of the pie too. These figures are probably slightly unrealistic, but they do give you a ballpark idea of how much a mainstream rapper stands to make on tour.

10 Rappers Most Likely to Win an EGOT, Ranked

Khalid — lovely Billie Eilish — bad guy Halsey — 3am Eminem feat. Young M. Skylar Grey — Leaving Heaven. I guess this rap game has really done them wrong. Many got caught up for just havin’ their chain. While I’m steady rockin’, so you know what it is. Then quickly, most have disappeared from the scene. So many one-hit wonders, it’s like a spin of the wheel.

You know I stay consistent and get it in for real. But they got no stamina and they don’t talk like this. I truly love this shit, that’s word to MTV Raps. They’ll get their little run and have a little fun. Some’ll go for popularity, to a little, then to. Others’ll leave the game ’cause they lost too much. It’s like when keepin’ it real goes totally wrong. Others are brainwashed by their unlikely success. That I’m built to last, so watch me shine. So many had all that, so how did they fall flat?

That’s why my motto has always been to just fall. As soon as I appear on the scene, nigga, it’s shy. Wonder where they’re at now, probably somewhere lookin’ timid. Many come out with a bang, and their own new slang. Then end up back in the hood without a goddamn thing. Some make noise, they hit the top of the charts. Still, the shit that I kick will be stoppin’ they hearts. And most’ll be lucky if we remember their names.

How Much do Rappers Make Per Show? @CasiinoSmooth

Copyright — ownership of songs and albums as creative works — is a riotous knot of rules and processes in the music industrywith the players much more numerous and entangled than the ordinary fan might think. For music listeners, a song is a song is a song. But for the music business, every individual song is split into two separate copyrights: composition lyrics, melody and sound recording literally, the audio recording of the song. Sound recording copyrights are owned by recording artists and their record labels. Those parties may have nothing to do with the people who write the lyrics and melody of the song and thus own the composition copyright. For the majority should rappers make so much money times when somebody listens to a song, both types of copyright kick in, generating two sets of royalties that are paid to the respective parties. Sometimes labels work with agents that can license bigger catalogs all at once, saving time and trouble but wedging in an extra fee. The specific percentage payouts within these deals depends on the type of service and the negotiating power of all the names involved. Putting music in film and television and commercials, a. A fee is paid upfront, and royalties are also paid once the particular film or television show has been distributed and broadcast. The process is further different for radio services, though, which typically use blanket, buffet-style licenses that determine payment rates on mass scale. That difference — which the music industry largely considers an unfair loophole — means that whenever a song is played over the airwaves, it only makes money for its writers, not artists. While album sales dwindle and streams may only pay out fractions of a cent at a time, live shows — be it tours, festivals or one-off concerts — are commanding some of the highest ticket prices. Another way musicians find side money is from YouTube monetization, wherein YouTube videos share in the profit from the ads that come tagged onto. Selling non-music products like perfumes, paraphernalia and clothing lines is an easy money-making strategy that artists have been taking advantage of for decades — but in the digital era, musicians can also get creative with their methods, expanding well beyond traditional merch tents at concerts and posters on a website. More groups are releasing dedicated apps or subscription packages for their music or selling bespoke products like artist-curated festivals, email subscriptions and limited music releases. Pitbull has his own cruise. And yet, the average modern artist is still strapped for cash. By recent research estimates, U. Another reason: the sheer number of brokers, middlemen and other players in the music industry, as detailed .


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