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Winter money making ideas for landscape companies

winter money making ideas for landscape companies

Clay, N. I know most people in the Northeast plow, but I am interested in seeing other ways to make money in the winter. We do a lot of hauling and delivery-type stuff, as. Ocean County, N. Conshohocken, Pa. You just have to go get it. It is a great time of year to cut shrubs back hard, meaning reduce the size by more then half.

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For many landscaping and lawn care owners, Fall and Winter are actually the richest seasons of the year. Fall Cleanups are big money makers before the new year. There are entire businesses built on Snow Removal alone. However, i t can be pretty hard to get your foot in the door. For snow plowing: get a plow on your truck, fit some ice-ready tires, and sign up for insurance. Or you can start with residential snow shoveling , and sell your services from door to door. Snow storms are unpredictable, which means you need to always be ready. There are big bucks waiting for you, if you can do this right. Design, install, and upkeep. With a few ladders, and a good eye for what looks good. Seriously, if you can figure out the right model for this service, you will make more money in the Fall than any other time of year. Most clients want their decorations finished before Thanksgiving so the whole family can see it , so you may need to hop on this one ASAP. Turf Magazine has a great article on how to get started with this service. Fall Aeration and Over Seeding will thicken up the grass, and prepare it for harsh winters. This one ties in really well with 7. You can turn this into a natural upsell for more flowers. Gardens and flowers still need to be weeded in the Fall.

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During go-time in summer, invoicing tends to get pushed aside to make time for production and sales. Equipment needs shoot through the roof, so the urge to make capital expenditures is hard to resist. Problem is, when summer winds down and seasons shift into slower times, cash flow can dip quickly, leaving you in a difficult situation. Collections are on the fritz, monthly payments are due for equipment that is not in use and everyone needs to get paid on Friday. And if spring rushes in more business than his people can handle, the company builds up the workforce quickly with reliable subcontractors. A crop of hourly employees works on an as-needed basis. And, the budget is adjusted. Some preventive maintenance can wait — it can only wait so long, but if there are items that can be postponed, we have done that. During a mild winter when snow business is down, the company will trim its workforce down to about Weekly reports are submitted, and projects are created and edited to reflect the actual situation: weather, economy, accounts receivables and other factors that affect cash flow are reviewed. Just in case cash flow gets tight, the company holds a line of credit. In , when the company was hit hard by the recession and laid off 20 percent of its staff members who were rehired five months later , this bank facility helped stabilize the company. Bouwman says the most common mistake landscape operators make is moving forward full throttle without minding the bottom line, cost of sales, margins and other key financial indicators. Never take a job that is more than 25 percent of your annual volume. Big mistake. On a smaller scale, there are plenty of companies that feverishly make collections calls on Thursdays to make Friday payroll. Mallory offers this logical advice:. Set aside time each week to focus on collections. But he admits that he is guilty of pushing this task to the back burner during the busy season. And slow collections are a major cause of cash flow drought, Mallory says. Designated desk time to make calls is the best way to get this bookwork done.

What do landscapers do in the winter? With these ideas, they keep earning money.

What sort of winter work do you typically do to get you through those cold months? Are you afraid of losing good employees? Either way, these tips will hopefully give you some ideas of what you can do during the long winter months. Selling Christmas tree lights, Christmas trees, or firewood can act as a supplement. You can also look into doing tree work, or some have even gotten into house flipping. We want your business to be successful, so we gathered some tips from a few industry pros on what you can be doing to stay afloat during the winter. I did this last year with some of the CVS Pharmacy stores in our area. If we had snow we would plow, if they did not have snow, we would clean up the parking lot when they had trash. In our city, a large landscaper sells Christmas trees. They set up in about areas around the city. They have their little, heated trailers and sell like crazy. Do you have customers that mow their lawns? Offer to have their mowers serviced before they store them for the winter. Change the oil, spark plug, sharpen the blade, etc. He sells them in the Spring and makes a healthy profit. I am finding that commercial clients are having a harder time finding companies to handle their snow removal operations, and we have received many calls this season to take over properties at whatever price we ask. There are even fewer companies willing to clear walks. Landscaping Co. We also schedule hard-scape installs during winter. We let the guys collect for weeks in January-Feb. Otherwise, we work. I can almost guarantee you that your WC rates will be higher for this type of work… your WC carrier will not just move your workers to another classification temporarily. They will take the highest classification used for the year and charge you that amount for the entire year. So even if you just want your people to do the rehab during Jan. Of course, if you have less than five employees including yourself and you have been taking the exemption from WC, then the WC issue is moot. But if you currently have WC, you should check this issue out thoroughly before proceeding. Lawns of Knoxville. Some things that landscapers have done to keep working all year long Selling Christmas tree lights, Christmas trees, or firewood can act as a supplement.

Winter Income for Landscapers

Starting a Landscaping Business from Scratch With No Money or Experience

Log in or Sign up. Sign up now! Messages: Hi, im looking into buying a 48 — 54 zero turn, leaf vacuum, weed eaters, edgers, blowers. My question is since I live in central virginia and there are months of cold weather and no lawn mowing how does one keep a steady income during those months? Do most guys just survive getting up leaves or snow blowing driveways? I dont wanna jump into commercial mowing and then realize I cant make any money in the winter. Messages: 3, Snow is tricky. Last year I went out once did 4 driveways. Year before 10 times. So for me snow is bonus money that you can’t count on. Some people to christmas decorations, I won’t. I’ll do some handy man work.


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