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Can you make money opening a franchise

can you make money opening a franchise

In this article, we’ll take a look at some important considerations before you dive head-first into a franchise purchase. Start-up costs and royalty fees can put a serious damper on a franchisee’s take-home pay. The real kicker, however, is the ongoing royalty fee. Here’s how it works: Each and every year, franchisees must pay the franchise a fee equivalent to a percentage of sales. It also means that no matter how successful you are as a business owner and how innovative you are ooening driving revenue, you’ll always have two partners: Uncle Sam and company headquarters. The unfortunate openlng is that royalty fees are pretty standard in the franchise world. In fact, Burger King charges its franchisees 4. Subtract payrollfood costs, and taxes—in addition to these royalties—and it’s easy to see why being a franchisee may not entail the life of luxury you imagined. In order to maintain consistency among their offerings, most franchises insist that their franchisees buy raw materials directly from them or from a supplier with which oopening have an exclusive relationship, meaning they often receive rebates on what the franchisees order. In any case, the prices they charge for these materials either the company or the supplier are often much higher than what the materials would be sold can you make money opening a franchise. Some franchises have been sued for charging franchisees high markups on supplies. After all, produce is produce, right? It’s fairly consistent from vendor to vendor. The point is that over a year’s time, the premium that openin franchisee may have to pay for raw materials can equate to big bucks. Franchis franchises don’t provide financing.

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Buying a franchise seems like a straightforward way to start a business with a reasonable chance of generating a profit; after all, franchised brands tend to have significant consumer appeal already, and in some cases, thousands of franchise owners are already making money from the opportunity. It is, in many ways, less risky than starting a business from scratch based on an idea of your own, but does it truly offer the chance to make you independently wealthy? Let’s start with a brief review on how franchising works. Every brand does things a little differently, but the basics are always the same. Most brands force you to follow certain policies for locations, pricing, hiring, and so on, but once the business is up and running, you’ll have some role in ongoing management and decision-making, and will be entitled to some or all of the profits generated by that location. Franchisee success stories make it seem more than possible to build wealth with franchises; they make it seem like the norm. There are thousands of franchise owners in the United States who have used their franchises to accumulate enough wealth to retire on and retire very comfortably. But of course, the real profitability figures suggest the possible outcomes are more diverse, and these businesses are complicated. According to data gathered from the Franchise Business Review , the average pre-tax income of a given franchise varies wildly depending on its industry. There are also outliers at various levels of investment and in various industries. It’s easy to imagine yourself as a positive outlier in this scene, generating massive net profits, but it’s more likely that you’ll be at the average level or lower, especially if you’re a new franchise investor. Opening more franchises could be the answer, or you could take the income and invest in conventional equities. This picture of an «average» franchise does seem to make it possible to generate wealth using this entrepreneurial model. However, there are a few barriers to entry that prevent most aspiring franchisees from getting to this point:. The bottom line is that while a franchise can make you independently wealthy, it isn’t a guarantee. Franchise fees. Buying a franchise requires you to pay an initial fee, as well as the costs of establishing a physical location, hiring workers, and so on. On top of that, you may need to pay royalties or ongoing monthly franchise fees to the main brand. In other words, you may need to have a substantial level of wealth before you can even open a franchise.

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Thousands of entrepreneurs take the plunge and invest in franchises as a way to grab onto the American dream. The lure is having a proven brand concept and training and marketing support to improve the odds of start-up success. But for most, the No. As part of the just-launched » America’s Star Franchisees » list, the 50 franchisees profiled across the country provided annual gross sales figures, many running into the millions of dollars. But as part of its work on the project with CNBC, Franchise Business Review also reviewed profit figures for the vast majority of «Star Franchises» and found that these franchises as a group average three times the net income of the average U. For some, the advantage was starting with a low-cost franchise and hitting the ball out of the park. Others were able to generate a high return on investment, even at a greater initial franchise investment. And remember, the franchisees on this list are rock stars, not the average. Unfortunately, many new franchise owners start off with unrealistic financial expectations, and never achieve the level of financial success they had hoped for. It’s important to understand that relying on one financial figure provides an incomplete picture of a franchise opportunity. Keep the following three tips in mind if you are a prospective franchise business owner reviewing opportunities. And please be sure to review the chart included below for average income in major franchise categories. As a business owner, your take home income will ultimately come out of your business’s net profit or «bottom line.

can you make money opening a franchise

Franchise Basics

This story appears in the January issue of. OK, so you think you’re ready to buy a franchise. You’ve done some research. You’ve weighed the pros and cons. You’ve selected a business with an interesting product. You even know what you’ll wear to work and how many hours you expect to be there. Yet in spite of how much preparation you’ve done, you still don’t know the answer to the most pressing question: Will your business make money? No franchise company—no matter how glorious its track record—can guarantee financial success. But you have a much better chance of having a winning proposition if you follow these practical pointers before you sign on the dotted line. Know thyself. Choose a business in which you really believe you can excel—a business that matches your singular set of skills and interests as closely as possible. Assess your strengths, weaknesses and blind spots. Visit existing units of the franchises you’ve targeted and talk to the franchisees. Are they like you? Are they more driven or far more laid-back? Volunteer to work in a franchise for a few days, then decide if you’re truly passionate enough to own one. As Houston franchise attorney Richard Solomon puts it: «If you just like soup, buy a bowl of soup. Don’t buy a franchise that serves it. Avoid fads. Is the sector you’ve chosen hot or just overheated? You won’t make money if the business is in a sector that’s about to implode. Avoid franchises built around unique products or services that have attracted too many copycats, counsels Timothy Howes, principal of Spyglass Strategies, a franchise consulting firm in Dartmouth, Mass. Where are they now? Be wary of sales. Franchises that have many existing units for sale could be troubled. Check websites that list franchises for sale, like Sunbelt , a business brokerage, to see whether current franchisees are trying to unload their gyms, clothing stores or sandwich shops at bargain prices. Use a scam filter. While you’re on the Internet, type into the Google search bar the name of the franchise you like, followed by the word «scam. Don’t be too concerned if there are just a couple of general complaints.

Feeling the Burn

It all depends on the franchise. The truth is that while franchises are very expensive the advantages are clear. Most Business’s fail. The success rate is much higher for franchises because you have someone to guide you. The bad news with them is, if you succeed and you advance far along in the future to the point where you don’t need them anymore you are often stuck with them and their rules and it becomes harder to grow. You have to deal with territory issues along with franchise fees and rules.

Personally, my family business is a franchise that is in that situation. We own three stores and getting new territory in our area is difficult.

Plus, when my franchiser merged with another company the rules changed and there was much more fees franchisr rules that we never agreed to when we signed up. For our business, it is also really hard to go national and get national clients when they cannot differentiate our business from the other store with the same name near. That being said I would be lying if I said we didn’t owe even a little bit of our success to the franchise company that helped guide us through, told us the best way to set things up and allowed us to learn from their knowledge.

So its monry give and take relationship, you just have to make sure that you do your research so that you are not giving more than you are taking. I would recommend calling people in the industry and trying to talk to them about it. But that being said, be wary of very overly negative responses from store owners who don’t want the competition.

Maybe, you might want to work in the industry first so you can get a feel frsnchise the type things you are going to be doing. If you setup a business plan you can take some of the money out in loans your franchiser should help you with the business plan and may already even have a copy for you to use.

If you don’t feel comfortable spending this opneing of money, maybe there is another industry that would be better for you. Owning a business is hard but very rewarding work. There is not a better feeling than knowing that you work for yourself The franchisee is responsible for franchies the franchise, either by loans or cash, however franchisors sometimes offer their own financing or have agreements with lenders to facilitate rapid funding.

Even if this is the case, be smart. Check out fraanchise other options. Your goal is to secure a loan with the least amount of collateral, the lowest frannchise rate, and the best repayment terms.

Those savvy in business financing first try their friends and relatives cwn moving on to home mortgages, veterans’ loans, bank loans, SBA loans, and finance companies, in that order. Two good places to research the franchise and its franfhise start-up costs are the Small Business Administration at www. The Tranchise offers a consumer guide to buying a franchise on its Web site that provides general information on franchises. The FTC requires franchise and business opportunity sellers to disclose specific detailed information to help buyers make informed decisions.

Juice is out If cn really want to open a franchise do a lot of research about your area. See what there is a lack of. Investigate new ideas and concepts. Health food is on the rise. Mpney not 1 anymore. With the economy the way it is people mostly go out on special occasions How old are you? Please don’t jump into just anything I think this would be your best bet because promoting your product is so important.

You have a passion when you discuss White Castle. You believe in their products. You would get more joy in this business, I feel, that opfning of the. Side note: I have never seen a place that sells burgers in a «crave case» — 30 even! Starbucks — Yes. You have to like what you’re selling! That passion has to be there! Trending News. Cruise line: Video shows man knew window was open. Florida python hunters wrestle invasive snakes.

Duane Chapman: It’s ‘a lot harder now without Beth’. Experts share what not to do at a funeral. Common not to know of your non-Hodgkin lymphoma? Boy openig after 4 people mzke in Utah shooting. Michelle Obama’s program targeted on her birthday. Answer Save. Favorite Answer.

Dawn Lv 4. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking .

Feeling the Burn

This story appears in the September issue of. Franchisors are pretty upfront about what it’s going to cost to get you into their systems. They happily outline franchise fees, royalties, marketing requirements and grand-opening costs, and they can ballpark figures for potential franchisees on francnise from the amount of printer paper they’ll go through each month to the best deals on neon signs. But franchisors are bashful when it comes to talking about how much moolah franchisees can actually earn running their businesses. This reluctance makes sense to a moneg extent. Instead, franchisors direct candidates to their Franchise Disclosure Document FDDthe detailed prospectus they are required by law to give to interested investors. Item 19 of the FDD details the financial performance of the franchise and offers a snapshot of the average revenue a franchisee makes. But Item 19 is often calculated with a sleight of hand that would can you make money opening a franchise cxn magician proud, with the numbers spun to put the system in the best possible light. The earning ranges documented can be so large e. So, how much can you earn by opening a franchise unit? Beyond that, it’s hard to generalize, since there can be major differences between concepts even in the same sector. We spoke with experts, franchisors and franchisees in restaurants, mobile opportunities and personal-service companies to estimate the profits one might expect when investing in different types of businesses. More important, we picked their brains to discover the moves smart franchisees make to increase their margins. When people think of franchising, fast food is often the first thing that comes to mind.


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