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How much money do technicians make a day

how much money do technicians make a day

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A surgical tech , who is also called an operating room tech, helps out with surgical procedures. He or she prepares operating rooms for surgery, sterilizes and lays out equipment and instruments, helps to prep patients such as by washing incision sites, and assists surgeons by passing them instruments during the procedures. A surgical tech typically works in hospitals but can be employed in other industries as well. The surgical tech salary varies by workplace and location. Any industries in which operations are performed can employ a surgical tech. The profession typically demands full-time work although shifts may last over eight hours. The industries with the most jobs for a surgical tech and the average surgical technologist pay scale are as follows:. The industries with the highest salary for a surgical tech are the following:. Second on the salary list are employment services that locate and hire out surgical tech help to hospitals that either require surgical tech employees or do not have sufficient in-house staff. The surgical technologist salary varies state. The following reveals the states with the highest employment for the profession and the salary in each location. Not surprisingly, such states have the highest population in the country, which leads to a greater number of surgical procedures that require techs. California is the only state that ranks in the top five for both employment and salary. The following reveals the metro areas with the most jobs or the profession and the salary in each area. Not surprisingly, such cities show the highest population in the country, which leads to more surgical procedures that demand techs. A surgical tech can earn the highest salary in the following metropolitan area, which are all located in California. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the surgical tech job market will grow by 12 percent from to , with an accompanying increase in salary. This compares to a 14 percent increase in employment for all health technologists and technicians, and a 7 percent rise for all occupations in all industries. Driving the increase is the aging of the baby-boom generation, which usually leads to a higher demand for surgical procedures. More operations lead to more surgical tech jobs.

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Some shops combine hourly pay with incentives for above-average productivity. Under the flat-rate pay system, the technician is paid by the job. Similar to the example above, if a job that is estimated at one hour takes three, the employee is still paid at the flat rate — the equivalent of one hour. However, if he completes the work in just 30 minutes, he still receives the full flat rate. Anyone whose repairs result in repeat visits can be terminated. Warranty Repairs Warranty work is different from other general repairs. Most shops use commercial reference guides to determine the amount of time needed to do general repair work. These guides allow reasonably competent technicians enough time to complete a repair profitably. Flat-rate pay systems can also result in lower paychecks during slow periods. While there is no industry standard, DiGuiseppi says that most shops guarantee at least a small base salary. Technicians working under flat-rate or incentive pay systems usually earn more than employees in shops with hourly rates — provided they are confident and work reasonably quickly. Most companies use one system. However, even in many flat-rate shops there are tasks for which pay is based on work done on the clock. These often involve diagnosis work so complex that it is impossible to estimate how much time will be involved in finding the problem and then making a repair. Tasks that place a premium on fine craftsmanship are also often done at an hourly rate. The Bottom Line Ultimately, of course, the right choice depends on the auto technician himself. If you prefer to work slowly and methodically, employment in a flat-rate environment may not be for you. If your specialty is taking time to solve the elusive, difficult problems that plague some vehicles, flat-rate work may also hold little appeal. On the other hand, if you can do a good job quickly and can find a shop with ample work that requires your set of skills and has the equipment you need , you should thrive financially in a flat-rate or incentive environment. By commenting, you agree to Monster’s privacy policy , terms of use and use of cookies. Thank you! You are now a Monster member—and you’ll receive more content in your inbox soon. By continuing, you agree to Monster’s privacy policy , terms of use and use of cookies. Search Career Advice. Hourly vs. Flat Rate for Auto Techs. Related Articles. Comments By commenting, you agree to Monster’s privacy policy , terms of use and use of cookies. Browse articles by Career Paths. Professional Development. Close Looking for the right fit? Sign up to get job alerts relevant to your skills and experience.

how much money do technicians make a day

Geographical Pay Variations

Automotive technicians perform a variety of tasks to keep vehicles running smoothly. Automotive technicians, sometimes called mechanics or service technicians, inspect vehicles and diagnose and repair problems. Because the automotive industry is becoming increasingly reliant on computer technology to power vehicle systems, automotive technicians who have an associate degree related to automobile repair may have an edge when looking for jobs. The BLS reports that auto technicians who receive certification from the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence may experience higher pay and better job opportunities. Bureau of Labor Statistics figures as of May indicate that automotive technicians earned comparable rates of pay whether working in metropolitan or nonmetropolitan areas. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the job growth rate for auto mechanics will be 17 percent between and , slightly higher than the projected average for all occupations. Most job opportunities will be for automobile dealers and independent garages. While those who have formal postsecondary training should have good prospects for finding employment, those without postsecondary training will find themselves competing for entry-level positions within the industry. Skip to main content. Geographical Pay Variations Bureau of Labor Statistics figures as of May indicate that automotive technicians earned comparable rates of pay whether working in metropolitan or nonmetropolitan areas.

National Salary Statistics

Where a trader lands on the earnings scale is largely impacted by risk management and strategy. Once you implement a solid trading strategy, take steps to manage your risk, and refine your efforts, you can learn to more effectively pursue day-trading profits. The win rate is how many times you win a trade, divided by the total number of trades.

At first glance, a high win rate is what most traders want, but it only tells part of the story. If you have a very high win, but your winners are much smaller than your losing koney, you still won’t be profitable.

No more than one percent of capital can be risked on any one trade. Five round-turn trades are made each day round turn includes the entry and exit. There are 20 trading days in the month, so that means taking round-turn trades per month. The stock also needs to have enough volume for you to take such a position see Look for These Qualities in a Day Trading Stock. Working with this strategy, here’s an example of how much you could ohw make day trading stocks:.

The reward to risk ratio of makke. Depending on the volatility of the stock this may need to be decreased, but more than likely expanded if the stock moves a lot. Technicuans the stop expands, you’ll need to decrease moey number of shares taken to maintain the same level of risk protection. Often on winning trades, it won’t be possible to get all the shares you want; the price moves too quickly. Price slippage is also an inevitable part of trading. That is texhnicians a larger loss occurs than expected, even when using a stop loss.

To account for slippage, reduce your net profitability figures by at least 10 percent. These figures represent what is possible for those that become successful day trading stocks; remember, though, day trading has a very low success rate, especially among males. Day Trading Basics. By Cory Mitchell. Makee alterations can have a big impact on profitability.

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What is the Starting Salary for an HVAC Technician

Geographical Pay Variations

Mechanics generally maintain and repair mechanical systems. Continue reading for an overview of the training, as well as career and salary info for some career options for graduates. Learn about education requirements, salary omney and howw nature of the work to decide if this is the right career for you. Mechanics dayy and repair various types of equipment, ranging from industrial machinery to aircraft engines. Wages differ based on the industry, skills required and duties performed. Mechanics who have completed a formal training program may receive higher wages than mechanics without formal training. Mechanics generally learn their trade through on-the-job training or some postsecondary education. Mechanics can work on a variety of equipment, including cars, diesel buses and trucks, aircraft and industrial machines. The type joney equipment a mechanic works on technlcians defines his or her career requirements and salary potential. Read on to learn about mechanics’ salaries and job requirements. The U. Most of these mechanics worked in automotive repair and maintenance shops, auto dealerships and automotive parts stores. Most of these jobs were in freight trucking, auto repair and maintenance shops, vehicle parts suppliers and local government. Most such mechanics worked in either commercial and industrial machinery and equipment repair and maintenance, or for machinery, equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers. Prospective mechanics may look to junior colleges and vocational schools to receive training in the specific field of repair they wish to pursue.


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