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How to make money as a comic artist

how to make money as a comic artist

Whether you study illustration, graphic design, game art or fine art every art student doodles in their sketch book and many will make or create funny or interesting comic characters. Some students like to draw Manga characters, funny characters, superhero characters and many times we will fantasize about stories for these characters. Sometimes we take pencil and paper together or digital tablet and create a few frames and start to tell a story about our comic character and this is a start of any comic book or webcomic. Once we have a comic story idea and a few characters we can start sketching out our comic idea, whether by hand or digitally, but the question remains—how can we get our work to be seen, noticed and, hopefully, monetize it? Struggling art students, or recent graduates, are always looking for additional revenue streams of income whether their freelancing in their field of study or have a full-time job, and creating a webcomic is a viable option. We may have doubts that our comic is good enough and most artists are surprised once it’s published at how well their work is received by the comic reader fan base, especially if their stories are genuine and from the heart. Since the Internet is so ubiquitous, with many people making money by writing blogs or creating YouTube videos, it would only be natural for us to wonder if we can also make money creating webcomics and the answer is yes and no. No in the sense that many webcomic artists struggle to get a footing at first with the right comic or story and sometimes it can take a few years before a comic artist will get a following. Many comic artists will start out by creating a website on www. Most people in the industry tell you to stay away from Facebook as it’s primarily for an older audience and can also damage your credibility with a younger audience.

Banking and budgeting in one simple app.

Neil Googe spends his days in Thailand drawing comics and making games. The illustrator , who frequently works with DC Comics, is attempting to launch a number of table top and role-playing games that he hopes will eventually find an audience. I basically say that I create comics, like Batman and Superman , occasionally designing monsters and spaceships for movies and games It’s easier to throw one of the big names in there so people get a grip quicker of what you mean. Tell people you make table top games, most think of Monopoly. When I used to tell people I was also a concept designer, for some reason, they always thought I made cars, or perfume bottles. It’s strange how people view certain job titles. How has the economic model for being a comic illustrator changed in the past 10 or 15 years with the rise of the Internet? Nowadays, you just upload everything to an FTP, so I think the biggest change has been more editorial timings. Before they had to commission someone, usually by phone, from a catalogue of people they had. It meant turnarounds were much slower. Now, if one artist falls sick, they can mail a few people, have a reply by end of day, send them a script, and start getting art in within a few days. There were much longer lead times on projects.

Income and Qualifications

Revealed secrets of making money as a comic book artist through commissions, client work, and self-publishing. Watch Dina and Tatiana Gill comic book queen for the past 20 years, swap stories on how to make money from all the best gigs. Obviously clients. The most effective action I can take in my immediate life in getting the ball rolling is to attend networking events. Despite the rough start, I am kind of in the midst of this snowball effect. You just need to keep your finger on the pulse in regards to submission calls and opportunities in general. Kickstarter is a good search engine to find out about anthologies looking to take on artists too. Ready for shortrunseattle!! Just be aware that this is a medium used by a lot of artists looking to make their break and build their portfolio so it may not be a sustainable source of income. Pitching and content creation targeted towards my ideal client type. Though it may not seem like it, these elementary steps are forming the foundation to what your brand is all about. Specifically, I publish my own books. There are so many niches, fandoms and just an overall insane amount of communities within the comic book and illustration industry. Is this going to be an event where people are going to be going buck-tooth wild on the hardcover, full-color, artbooks, or is it a little more fluffy in terms of Puchin pins all around. But then again, that could also be cool!? Clients and commercial work, for me, is definitely the money maker. I feel like the revenue streams that are in place for my personal work are smaller side projects where I can really put forth my journey in body positivity, diversification and, yes, being a feminist. It does take a considerable amount of time and investment, so to find that balance in making money with commercial and client work, but expressing myself in the things that are dear to me, can be tricky. Like myself, there are so many people who perhaps stopped doing what they loved, or, for whatever reasons, had to take time off work. I am especially seeing young people left and right, killing it. These days, people are scoring clients within just a year of having started. So here I am a hundred hours into this project when I only charged for five.

What is the best way to make money as a comic book illustrator?

Comic artists are usually hired by the page, but may be hired for an entire project — usually one issue in what may become a series. The category of comic book artists comprises thousands of amateurs and professionals who produce comic books or graphic novels. The category is loosely divided into writers, colorists, letterers and pencil artists or inkers. Pencil and inker artists can command the highest pay once they have experience and a following. Most comic book artists work as freelancers and must constantly look for new projects. Working on multiple projects involves different pay rates, especially when a comic book artist goes into the wider world of web comics. That figure is hard to apply to individuals since it does not take into account that the industry pays per project. An artist who draws a slow rate will get fewer job opportunities, and less money, than an artist who draws a fast rate. Calla Hummel is a doctoral student studying contraband in international political economy. She supplements her student stipend by writing about personal finance and working as a consultant, as well as hoping that her investments will pan out. Skip to main content. Comic Artists The category of comic book artists comprises thousands of amateurs and professionals who produce comic books or graphic novels. Web Comics Most comic book artists work as freelancers and must constantly look for new projects. About the Author Calla Hummel is a doctoral student studying contraband in international political economy. Accessed 18 January Hummel, Calla. Small Business — Chron. Note: Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

Regional Income

Hungry amateur artists are finding new ways to turn a dime on the Internet — beyond YouTube. These websites, which include Patreon, Live.

Me, Bandcamp, Pivotshare and YouNow, typically take a cut of money raised in exchange for the platform. How to make money on YouTube. What might suit one artist might not be the best option for you. Some are oriented to musicians; others cast a wider net, hosting writers and visual artists. The percentage they take from the artists’ money raised varies. Co-founders Jack Conte and Sam Yam created Patreon to help Internet artists make money after their experience making videos on YouTube led to low income.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. You can set up different pay-tiers so the fans that pay you more have bigger and better rewards. For example, Patreon member Peter Hollens creates music videos. Hollens has nine different payment tiers his patrons can choose from in order to see his content.

Conte recommends creators create a following on other platforms before creating a Patreon page, so that when they how to make money as a comic artist, they can start getting paid right away by their fans. Kinda Funny has been creating videos, podcasts and cartoons on Patreon for more than two years.

They spent a year and a half creating their content in a spare bedroom before their fans helped them raise enough money to buy a studio. They are now hiring people to work for them and building a team around their content. The rest goes back to Kinda Funny. Bandcamp is a platform built specifically for musicians to share their music with their fans. The website also contains a section for audiobooks and podcasts. As an artist, you can set up their own page to sell their music and merchandise.

You determine how much you want your fans to pay for individual songs or whole albums. You also can require a minimum payment instead of a set price so fans can choose to pay more if they want. Bandcamp also provides tools to you so you can track what music is reaching your audience and help you manage your sales. The website also releases the number of songs and albums sold per artist to music charts so you can receive recognition if your music is being rapidly sold.

The artist and fan pages are free. Labels can also sign up on Bandcamp to discover and manage artists. These accounts also have tools to track statistics on sales and fan-bases as well as pay artists. Dub Fx has been on Bandcamp for eight years. He is a street musician from Melbourne that has played venues in 40 countries. He says he’s sold more thanrecords and has played at festivals such as Coachella.

Music is all about that for us. Artists have more flexibility with their work while also giving fans more control over pricing. Pivotshare is a website that creates subscription channels for people who make videos. These fall under multiple categories, including fitness, religion, professional and. Pivotshare has different categories of videos, and under those categories are channels that members create. For example, under the Fitness category, there would be separate channels for yoga, CrossFit and.

You and others can contribute videos to one channel and everyone gets paid. However, the owner of the channel earns more than the contributors. People who visit Pivotshare can sign up for a monthly subscription to your channel so they can have access to all your videos.

You can also provide a pay-per-video option. Pivotshare offers a number of marketing tools to users to track profits and ratings. The website is also built so that it makes sharing content to social media and other platforms easier. Tracy Campoli creates fitness videos and shares them on Pivotshare.

She has been a member for a year and a half. She said her fans were happy to follow her to the platform. She was attracted to Pivotshare because it was a platform she could easily use to put content up and increase what she was already doing.

She was using her channel less than two weeks after she signed up. But it helped her get to the next step of her career. With the right platform, you too can make money doing what you love. You might even be able to quit your day job. Here’s an overview:. The navigation could not be loaded.

How To Make Comic Books And Make Huge Money with Comic Book Lab

Recommended Stories

A boutique black and white comix publisher who celebrates razor sharp writing and badass pen and ink artistry. This was originally a to do list that I wrote for. I was trying to think of as many things that I could do as an artist to expand my reach and get the word out. Some were stupid so I immediately omitted them and tried to chisel this list down to only the good stuff. I understand that how to make money as a comic artist need to dedicate the bulk of your time to your craft and comic pages take long enough to finish as it is. Believe me, I sometimes wish there were hours to a day. This list is meant to shake things up and get you to exercise the rest of your creative muscles.


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