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How to make most money out of old life magazines

how to make most money out of old life magazines

It turns out that the ads inside these magazines can be worth quite a bit of money when sold individually. Got a stack of vintage magazines lying around? They could contain enough ads to net you hundreds of dollars per issue. Classic brands such as Coca-Cola seem to perform well online. Michael Franco, who sells lots of stuff online and runs the blog Pick 4 Profitsays that advertisements featuring old cars, planes and trains do well, along with tobacco, soda, alcohol and food ads. Sports are also a sure bet, as well as guns and specific types of furniture, such as mid-century modern furniture. Flickr smulligannn. Now comes the tricky .


Have you kept your favorite issue of Sports Illustrated for decades? Here, Flipsy. Magazine pricing service Nostomania pegs Playboy as publishing the three most valuable magazine issues in the world. The site uses a baseline of 9. More realistically, any magazines you have are likely to grade somewhere between 2. Source: Live Auction Group. Thus, this issue is valuable to people who collect Sherlock Holmes. Some science fiction collectors want pulp magazines or even science fiction digest magazines with first appearances by Philip K. Dick or Frank Herbert. You have to explore the markets for all kinds of collectibles to understand what magazines will likely fetch higher amounts of money. Source: Wikimedia Commons. Special covers and inserts can also enhance magazine value, according to Cole Ferry, owner and senior appraiser of W. C Ferry and Associates. Henley adds that magazines featuring photographs by Minor White can likewise be valuable. When it comes to magazines, there are no rules for what makes a given issue valuable to one person and not another. One person might want a National Geographic issue because it features a destination they once visited, while another might be interested in a Rolling Stones issue because it features the Beatles on the cover. Yet another person might want a given magazine because it was published on their birthday or wedding day. Sorenson Appraisals. Source: National Geographic. Despite so many variables, you have several options for determining magazine values. Start by understanding what, exactly, you have. Next, determine the condition of your magazines. You might note that condition nomenclature remains fairly positive, even at the lower end of the grading scale. Mint or unread copies, unless acquired directly from the publisher, are rarely found. Torn covers, loose bindings, inept tape repairs, and missing pages are all factors in designations that may run from good to fair to poor.

Are your old magazines worth anything? Find out with the definitive guide to selling magazines

Amy Astley is still the beauty director, years away from launching Teen Vogue. That would turn out to be a steal. Photo: Screenshot. And based on what he paid for it, it’s actually a tremendous markup. A family friend’s father passed away, and he had owned a magazine store in New York City. So it is kind of funny how the trends go. That’s certainly one reason that many people buy back issues of fashion magazines, but it’s hardly the only one. Set designers will often buy back issues of magazines, sometimes in bulk, to set the scene for a period show. That one issue lead to a full-blown collection of copies acquired on eBay. Or they don’t realize there is a market for them and thus don’t try to sell them. Just how does pricing on these back issues work? Because there’s not a solid market for it, it’s more of an art than it is a science. First and most obviously, if there’s a big celebrity or supermodel on the cover, it will command more. Age is another big factor, with pricing going up as issues get older and harder to find. It also depends on how much the seller paid for it; buying in bulk from the same seller can also help bring down costs. Oran suggests looking for ones with the «Best Offer» option on. Bigger issues, like March and September , can command more. And if an issue is famous for any reason, it will also command high prices. Most crucially, condition plays a major factor in pricing. Unsurprisingly, it can be incredibly difficult to find magazines in near-mint condition.

How to Collect Life Magazines : Tips for Collecting 1960 Life Magazines


Magazine hoarders, collectors, or anyone planning to clean out their attic in the near future, it’s time to rejoice! Your dusty old stockpile of glossy magazines could earn you a pretty penny. And considering how digital our world has joney, it may surprise you to learn just how valuable a good ‘ole print publication is worth these days. A quick skim through vintage copies of Life magazine and Vogue will tell you a lot about the trends and big moments of past decades, which is why vintage issues are selling for a lot of ti on ouf right now, according to Fashionista. In fact, eBay seller and paper collectibles expert Matt Oran earns a living selling these vintage issues. He and his father first started selling periodicals after a friend sold them 30, copies of Life magazine. And based on what he paid for it, it’s actually a tremendous markup. While all kinds of old magazines can be sold for a profit, fashion magazines see some of the highest returns, since fashion editors and designers often use the old copies to get inspired. The same goes for set designers, historical societies, interior designers, and museums who hunt for old copies magazies study. If you’re wondering how much you can earn selling your back issues, you should know that it can range.


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