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Best ways to make money with beatstars

best ways to make money with beatstars

More people are making music now than ever. You don’t have to have a hit on the radio to make thousands as a music producer. The internet allows you to infiltrate the computers of music fans all around the world. Use this to your advantage. Bbeatstars this case, money. The main benefit of selling beats on your makee is control. You can charge what you want and change beats as quickly as you best ways to make money with beatstars. You can control the flow of the page, build your own brand, and do much more advanced music marketing techniques. Of course with updated algorithms and features, you’ll want to use the services from a site like Beatstars for your page. I use the beat player widgets on my home page. All your beats should be mixed and mastered. It gives you another advantage over your competition. Every kid with a computer these days is a «music producer. This is where good marketing comes in. A few ideas include: Build a website to showcase who you are and your music.

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Escape the Do what you love. Spend your days in the studio creating music. Take the day off and make your own hours. In that case, you can turn your beat making skills into a profitable business. There are thousands of artists who are willing to pay you for your music. My name is Robin Wesley. Only 4 years before I decided to write this guide. That was more like it! And at that point you could safely assume I was making a living off doing music. I sold over 5, beats to artists worldwide. Landed placements with major artists , labels and television networks. Heck, I even scored a 1 hit in Vietnam. And this all started as a hobby. Making music in my tiny little bedroom studio. Simply doing what I love most, day in and day out. Perhaps, just like you right now? The truth is, I always thought I was late to the party. I started selling beats in , but I wish I started earlier. Then again, back in the day, it was a struggle to sell beats online. I remember talking to producers that told me about the hassle. The whole process was clumsy, to say the least. When someone purchased the tracked out files of a beat, producers had to burn the files to a CD and mail it to the artists. Even when file sharing was introduced. There was no easy way to automatically send beats to customers. Then I had to manually email that customer all the audio files.

There is a lot to do.

There are a lot of different ways to turn a beat catalog into income. Yet most producers seem to know little about the business side of beat making beyond putting a PayPal button onto a SoundClick page. So here are my personal Top 10 ways for producers to make money with beats, backed up with some image proof and compiled after almost a decade selling beats professionally! This is the easiest and still the best way to make money with your beats. Once you have a decently sized catalog of quality beats, you can register and set up your own website for cheap, or sign up to a VIP artist service like My Flash Store that will allow you to set up your own beat-selling home page. Some people also hustle their beats on music communities like SoundCloud and include email information for purchases, or more specified beat websites like BeatStars. Generally you will need to have a PayPal account in order to receive payments online, though you can also arrange payments with customers through services such as Google wallet, bank transactions or Western Union. Most producers sell licenses according to three main categories: Lease licenses , Exclusive licenses and Sync licenses. Lease licenses are non-exclusive licenses with a limited sales cap. This means that your buyer can only sell a limited number of digital downloads or physical albums usually around Your beat can be leased to an unlimited amount of buyers as you retain the rights to your beat. Exclusive licenses, on the other hand, are full ownership licenses , usually with an unlimited sales cap. They are therefore sold to only 1 customer and the beat is subsequently marked as sold.

best ways to make money with beatstars

Sync/License Tracks

You have the beats. You have the work ethic and determination. You want to learn, and you want to grow. We recommend checking out our producer tips and seminar videos , along with following us on Twitter. Interacting, connecting and building with them. And make sure you research, study and improve your craft daily. Realize it, set goals and a plan. Exercise patience and celebrate your accomplishments? We asked a few of our veteran members what they thought and they provided us with some great info. Now we are passing that info to YOU! Their feedback is honest, helpful and heartfelt. They and we want to see everyone succeed, do what they love and provide for their families. Upload your logo artwork. Design your pro page, connect pro page to your website URL for promo. Customize your licenses and contracts. Upload your Beats and Kits — get an own voice tag for your beats — tag your beats the right way mood, artist type etc. Schedule your promotion for and on BeatStars. Install your pixel code via Facebook and learn how to use it. Do this consistently over time and you will build a solid foundation for your online beat sales. A million other Producers are trying to do the same thing as you.

What we’ll cover in this guide

DJ Pain 1 had the pleasure to speak with Mantra about his online beat-selling business, and all the hard work that went into building his brand. Is that an accolade you acknowledge? DJ Pain 1: How did you get involved with music and what early influences pushed you towards pursuing music in adulthood?

Mantra: I started pretty late, I think I was 19 or One night I was hanging out with my cousin, and his friend who was a DJ played us one of his mixes. I mistakenly thought he produced all those songs, which blew my mind. DJ Pain 1: There must have been a moment where online beat sales became a substantial source of income.

When was that moment and what actions on your part lead up to it? Mantra: In I had a job at a restaurant living paycheck to paycheck. I started uploading my beats onto YouTube around the same time.

The combination of YouTube and BeatStars is what made all the difference, once I earned enough of a consistent income I decided to put in my 2 weeks notice at the restaurant. They also let me offer my customers best ways to make money with beatstars package deals and discount codes which has made a huge difference.

These are just a few of the many ways BeatStars enhanced my business. DJ Pain 1: Explain how you were able to build your brand online selling beats. What was the release schedule like, what were your goals when you started, and how did they change over time?

After a while, I realized just a small percentage of my catalog was generating most of my income, mondy I started to focus on quality rather than quantity. The growth of my YouTube channel took a hit for that actually, since YouTube rewards channels that upload more frequently, so there is a downside to. Artists that appreciate the details are the ones that spend money, so target.

Mantra: A dope artist I was working with called Prohaize introduced me to Major Seven, I sent Major a bunch of beats, he worked on them and sent them over to Detail who was working with Future at the time. ,oney Pain 1: As the wih online producer, you were making a living for yourself without restrictions or third-party involvement.

When beatstarss started working with major labels, did you experience any culture shock given that they operate differently than the average unsigned artist who licenses a beat online? But I like being in wuth of when I work, what I work on and bextstars I put it. I also prefer working in solitude, so I still focus on beat licensing for the most.

How important is it for a producer licensing beats online to have a specific niche? DJ Pain 1: Was there ever a time you wanted to quit or doubted you would be successful?

If kake, how did you overcome those feelings? Mantra: Definitely, I almost quit a few times, for about 6 years I struggled to pay rent with the money I made, which was stressful and made producing unenjoyable. But I try and combat that by studying and enjoying new and old music regularly. DJ Pain 1: How important is it to manage your money correctly, and use portions of your profits to invest back into your business? Any tips to producers on budgeting and what you feel is important to invest in?

Mantra: I think managing your money correctly is super important. A lot of producers take their hard earned money for granted, my advice would be to save most of you what earn, and invest it. Trampe is a media entrepreneur, promoter, speaker, accomplished marketer and social media director. Login in to your account. Lost your password? Lost Password. Back to login. By Mike Trampe. Tags beat stars beatstars dj pain 1 mantra sell beats on beatstars sell beats online. Mike Trampe Trampe is a media entrepreneur, promoter, speaker, accomplished marketer and social media director.

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A few months ago I created the Guide to Soundcloud Alternativeswhich featured reviews of the top sites like Soundcloud. After posting, I had several services reach out to let me know about their service that I accidentally neglected to include in the original guide. One of the most interesting and useful alternatives I was told about was BeatStars. Through personal experience, research, and the help of Batshon, I feel confident that this guide will help aspiring beaatstars producers break into the market on BeatStars and find themselves selling beats of their. Many wjth, big-name producers like Focus,! One of the best aspects of selling beats with BeatStars, by the way, is that you can sell your beats with a non-exclusive license. In other words, say you have a beat you want to sell. So long as the artist agrees and signs the non-exclusive license, you can continue selling the same beat over and over .


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