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Can you make money hosting things on limewire

can you make money hosting things on limewire

LimeWire is a peer-to-peer P2P program designed for the Java Platform, which uses the Gnutella network to locate and transfer files. Although Limewire is technically a free software, a Pro version was released by the company Limewire LLC, and offers somewhat more functionality than the free version. The federal injunction cited possible can you make money hosting things on limewire infringement when issuing the order. Limewire runs on the Gnutella peer to peer file sharing technology. The main characteristic of a P2P network is that no central server exists. More specifically, every node that is connected to the network acts as it’s own individual server. In general, every node would play and equal part in the network as a. Limewire, and Gnutella, utilize what is called a two tiered file transfer .

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I just have one question to ask you and i dont know if you know but you are the only site that talked about this subject that was close enough and had a part where i could write a question. Is the Limewire an illegal website? My cousin tells me that he has downloaded limewire but this was over a year ago and he says it is illegal but I have told him that it would have been shut down if it is illegal and it has been around that long. If you download this you can get free music,videos and. So is it illegal??? The website were you can download it is www. This is a very interesting question because it points to a subtlety of copyright law and also highlights how the enabling software for illegal infringement of copyright can itself be neutral, that is, used for either good or bad purposes. However, just as having a magnet that could influence the wheels in a slot machine could sway you to using it illegally, so having software like Limewire can influence and encourage you to receive downloads of hostin and video content that is indeed illegally distributed. Individuals who reproduce, distribute copies, receive copies, publicly perform or display works or inventions other than their own and without the consent of the owners or holders of rights, or their authorized agents, in original works of authorship or inventions, may be in violation of copyright, patent or other intellectual property infringement. Lime Wire LLC does limewrie encourage or condone the illegal copying of copyrighted material. This is not intended to be legal counsel or advice. If you have any questions, consult your attorney. Pardon my skepticism. Then I popped over to Amazon. If you have no compunction ripping off histing and musicians, then at least think about the long-term implications of producing expensive movies and related but never recouping the cost and being profitable.


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