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Make money from tumblr blog

make money from tumblr blog

Are you on Tumblr? Find out now: Is it better to rent or buy? First things. Think about whether you want your Tumblr to represent you as a person or whether you want the Tumblr to be for your business. To create a new Tumblr blog, simply go to tumblr. You can have more than one blog per account, so if you already have a personal blog you can easily create a new Tumblr blog for say, your jewelry business or your consultancy. You can change the URL at any time. Will your blog be bright and playful or minimalist and serious? A consistent brand voice tmblr help you gain and retain followers. Posts get notes when someone likes or reblogs .

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Today, there is a wide selection of social networks where you can find like minds, share experiences and even promote your ideas. Some of the platforms are focused on sending a message via texts, others accumulate visual content. Thus, it is easy to find the right one and reach out to people with the same interests. One of such networks is Tumblr: it allows people to share short posts, pictures and other types of content and promote their personal websites and blogs. So, the question is how to use Tumblr to your advantage? Tumblr is a creative social platform where people share any type of content, including images, music and videos. So, this combination of blogging tool and social community is developed for those who prefer brevity while writing. Just like with any other blog, you can also add pages to your Tumblelog. Followers of your blog will be notified when you post updates. Additionally, users can send each other private messages. However, can you make money on Tumblr? As Search Engine Journal claims Tumblr is the most popular among millennials and youth from 18 to 29 years old. It a vast audience that has great potential in terms of monetization. The platform interface is easy to navigate, so that making posts and communicating with other users is a piece of cake. For this reason, the community is very active, and you can use it for making money on Tumblr. The platform is useful to create a company blog for making a brand more popular, expanding the audience and increasing sales. Plenty of retailers use Tumblr as a part of their social media marketing. The platform is also remarkable for its simplicity, and people find it easy to make money with Tumblr. No special skills are needed to launch a visually appealing blog or maintain different types of content. The best way is to make several publications a week to keep followers interested. You should create your own brand voice to stand out from the competitors. For this purpose, you can follow some bloggers, entrepreneurs or even companies to learn from their experience.

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Do you know that you can make money while using Tumblr? Yes, this is a great way to monetize your blogs and at the same time, do what makes you happy! It is an irresistible treat for Tumblr bloggers. Of course, it comes with a great effort to really earn a considerable amount of money. In fact, to be blunt about it, you might not feel any income coming in for the first months. But when you have written enough quality blogs or content and effectively build up you Tumblr site, there is no doubt that your profit will continually increase as you continue. Hopefully after reading this, a new spirit of motivation will set in and you can see blogging in a different light. It is estimated that in every viewer, there will be 10 percent of that figure, which will click your ads. Of course, this is a hypothetical scenario and by mentioning this, you will have a general idea why building your audience is very important! PPC, when combined with other earning strategies, will help you earn more. So, before you start thinking of affiliating with various companies, you must make your website worthy of their payment. The most popular affiliate program available today are provided by: ShareASale Viglink Ebates Amazon I personally use Amazon affiliate program and ShareASale along with Google Adsense and they are pretty good ways to earn some extra cash especially if your blog will convince readers to buy the product advertised in your blog page. Other affiliate program that you may use is Linkshare , and CJ. This is the most common way to convert your blogs into money. The most popular business partners when it comes to ads are:. Google Adsense is maybe the most popular among these affiliates because they pay you per click on the ads placed in your page. Not to mention they are the biggest search engine. As this might be the case, Adsense has many stringent requirements that can be burdensome to starting blog-for-money people. So it will good to consider other options as well. Some companies trust those who have their own domain names more e. You might want to register your own domain name here. To learn how to set up your own domain name with your Tumblr, click here to learn. If you have useful files that are just hanging around in your computer closet, then you can convert them to cash. You can upload them in a server website which pays for uploaded files. Then you can place the link in your Tumblr site. By far, the most popular uploading companies that pay for your files are Rapidgator and DepositFIles. You might have encountered some of these companies while you are downloading something from the Internet. Now you know who they are. By adding URL or link to other sites may be helpful in making money through blogging. Once a sponsored link is clicked, it will automatically equate to an earning. At this point, it is worth mentioning that Adfoc. It has become very popular lately because of the supposed big amount of payout. But only to find out later that it is a complete waste of time as when you will finally complete the minimum payout, they will not respond to you anymore.

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To imagine a way to connect with friends and other people without social networking is almost impossible. Social networking has helped us get closer to our friends and other people throughout the world, even if they are miles away from us.

Social networking is a billion dollar industry and I doubt most of us even remember when it did start. The First Social Networking Site, Geocities, was created inallowing users to create and customize their own websites. Since then this industry has only grown. Among these is Tumblr, a combination of a microblogging and social networking website that is working its way through this tough industry. With such huge numbers, you must have got an idea about how good the business model of Tumblr can be.

But before moving on to Tumblr Business Model and how d oes Tumblr make money? Founded on February 19,by David Karp, Tumblr is one of the leading blogging, microblogging, and social networking platforms.

The inception of Tumblr began in David was interested in tumblelogs short-form blogs and had been eagerly waiting for one of the existing blogging websites to start one of their.

So after waiting for a year, when his expectations failed to pan out, he and developer Marco Arment decided to start their own tumblelogging platform. And so Tumblr was born and within two weeks the service had gained 75, users. Tumblr featured its first major brand advertising campaign in conjunction with Adidas in June On June 20,Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo!

It is now under the parent company Verizon, which acquired Yahoo in Tumblr, as of August 1,hosts over million blogs and more than Tumblr is one of the best places for creators to find an audience for their content. However, Tumblr business model offers its users a number of various other features which distinguish it from other social networking websites and gives them a chance to be as creative as they can to enhance their blogs.

The dashboard is the main page for a Tumblr user. It works as a live feed of all the blogs they follow. From this dashboard itself, users can like, comment, reblog other posts and share them on their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Bloggers have an option to make their blogs private. They schedule their posts by delaying them over many hours or even days. There are Tags, which users can use, to find a topic of specific. Users can also use a custom domain name for their blog.

Moreover, the blogs optionally provide its users to submit questions to it, anonymously or as themselves, so that they can get a response. On November 10,Tumblr announced an instant messaging function through which users can send messages to other users. An app for Google Glass was released in as.

The platform has a vast user base; it is growing more and more every year. But the revenue model of Tumblr has been the same since the start. Tumblr makes money through advertisements. Just like other social media platforms with huge user base, Tumblr makes money through targeted advertisements. Since Tumblr place advertisements in the user dashboard, the company likes to call it sponsored post.

For example, a sports company might place an ad that is mainly targeted to young adults who follow sports blogs and related ones. These type of advertisements are called in-stream ads. It is almost indistinguishable from a regular post and people are more likely to click on it as compared to a sidebar ad. Tumblr started displaying another form of ads called Tumblr Sponsored Apps. However, the Sponsored App ads are available for a wider range of posts. The ads are for games and other mobile apps.

This works like this: when a user clicks on such an ad, he is taken to the Apple app store or Google Play store or any other relevant platform, through which the user can download the app. The biggest form of advertising on Tumblr is the Sponsored Day advertising where brands can own the day at Tumblr by buying a cross-platform exclusive promotion on Tumblr.

The brand gets featured on the homepage, the dashboard, as well as get an exclusive tab on the explore page filled with the selected content. Another way by which Tumblr earns a revenue is by hosting a market place through which users can buy and sell premium themes for their blogs.

Today, this has become widely demanded as people understand the growing importance of a good looking blog and the attraction it can create. Tumblr also gives their users an option to promote their post. This feature was created precisely for this purpose, apart from generating another source of income. This helps brands to track what is actually the impact of their posts on their users. This encourages them to put out more ads and increase their sponsorship.

That fundamental issue is the core of lots of problems. Yahoo set some unrealistic revenue goals for Tumblr which the company failed to meet. There was a difference between the opinions of the two heads; Mayer and Karp. But it cannot ask for a price that these social networking giants ask. This makes it harder to Target ads. Also, users who log in with an email address do not have to provide information that is useful for targeting ads—information that Facebook asks.

The revenue of Tumblr is too small when compared to its purchasing price. This is also a growing concern for investors and is not a good sign for the future of the company.

Although Tumblr is an excellent platform for bloggers make money from tumblr blog put out their creativity, it must find a way by which it can increase its revenue and user base if it wants to compete with the existing social networking behemoths. Did we miss something? Come on! Tell us what you think about our article on How does Tumblr make money? Vote count: 5.

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Branding Essentials. Please log in. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Effortlessly put, business valuation entails a process and a set of steps to determine what business values up to. Tumblr Business Model How does Tumblr make money?

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Tumblr is widely use tumb,r individuals and businesses to share ideas. Business typically use Tumblr to promote products, services and promotions, along with showcasing a bit of personality to their customers. While the platform may not seem like a money make money from tumblr blog machine at first glance, businesses can earn money through their Tumblr blog. The idea is to engage customers on a platform they trust, which leads them directly to your products and services. To earn directly from your grom on Tumblr, use ad networks, such as Google Adsense. The only problem is the ads may actually come from the competition. However, when a visitor to your blog clicks on the ad, you’ll be paid. If you have a large following, the earnings can add up. If you want to have a more professional appearance, placing ads on your blog can turn off customers, unless the ads are relevant to your business. For instance, a wedding planner with ads for wedding photographers or vrom actually helps vrom visitor. Choose the ad networks you use carefully to prevent your Tumblr blog from looking cluttered. If your business serves customers through sites such as eBay or Amazon, you can place affiliate or direct product links on your Tumblr.


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