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Make money not excuses daniel mason jones

make money not excuses daniel mason jones

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For more than a decade Daniel Mason-Jones has been styling the best-tressed women in Atlanta and across the country who keep him and his team of stylists busy at Muse Salon and Spa. His work can be seen in five motion pictures, as well as on the pages of Vanity Fair, Elle and Allure. But his personal drive extends beyond his desire to bring the best out in his clients; Mason-Jones and his husband, Jody, are also longtime supporters of community causes, including CURE Childhood Cancer. Your career as a stylist was not your original career path, so how did it come to be? Being a hairstylist is something I never thought would be my reality. As a small child, I was always focused on growing up to become a funeral director and embalmer! After serving my internship and attending Gupton-Jones College of funeral science, followed by a series of life changes, I decided to make a complete career change. I have always been guided by a sense that I have a calling in my life to serve others. Being a hairstylist is so much more than cutting or coloring hair, it’s a wonderful opportunity to connect on a deep level with so many various types of people. It also allows me so many amazing opportunities to help others in our community that are in need. In addition to Muse, you have also developed a program you take to salons across the country. What is the focus? For the past 11 years, when I step away from my work week at the salon, I hop on a plane and travel to the next destination hoping to lead and inspire other beauty professionals. My focus is collaborating with professionals within our industry to see their full potential doing what they love most. My mission is to change how others view beauty and gain the respect as true professionals. In addition to your work with local charities and causes, I know you have a new online initiative. What are the plans? I am about to launch a YouTube channel that is solely focused on transformations, tips and beauty advice. I will be working with local charities and non-profits organizations to select women, with the goal of giving them a complete makeover to make them feel special. Within each segment will be a link to each organization to allow them to donate directly to that group. I anticipate many of our viewers may have gone through similar struggles at some point in their lives and they will have a shared connection. My hope is this channel promotes, love, healing and inner beauty. As women look in the mirror and vow to make better than ever, what advice would you give them? With the year coming to an end, I now find myself really focusing on makeovers for my clients, which is something I am definitely known for within the industry.

make money not excuses daniel mason jones

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Imagine growing up surrounded by people who believed short sleeves were risque, refused to cut their hair or enjoy the results of some well-placed highlights or wear makeup — including Chapstick. Imagine residing in a community where most people have minimal education, spend their days in church or in prayer and, not surprisingly, have zero tolerance for homosexuality. Mason-Jones grew up in Easley, South Carolina, in a strongly religious one he chooses not to identify , conservative community. The gentle and soft spoken Mason-Jones was beaten up at school and regularly called names. He was bullied. He tried to do as expected and fit in. Mason-Jones struggled and regularly failed. Life was torture, but he decided it was what he had to endure. He sat on his hands to keep them still. I tried, I really tried. It was the last straw for the community when Mason-Jones announced that he would like to go to college. That conversation ended abruptly. It was a startling blow with shocking ramifications. Mason-Jones was denounced and forced to leave the community. People I grew up with, my family. It was heartbreaking. Settling in Atlanta, the new life for the young Mason-Jones presented tough transitioning problems. He questioned every move he made and became depressed. Suicide was never far from his thoughts. Other duties included helping to prepare bodies for display for wakes or memorials. It was during this time when an opportunity presented itself to Mason-Jones. I jumped in to help.

About The Expert

Get Rich, Dont BitchI dont have time to deal with my money. Managing money and investing is amson intimidating. Im not a numbers person. Joes husband takes care of our finances. Im just not good with money.

Jean Chatzky has heard all the excuses for why women dont deal with their finances. She used to make them. For the first time, Jean tells you masoj she made every financial mistake in the booknot make money not excuses daniel mason jones her bills, make money not excuses daniel mason jones into credit card debt, letting her k lapsebefore finally making the decision to take control of her money and her future.

Whether youve made these mistakes or you want to avoid them, if youre ready to take charge of your financial life then this is the book for you. In it, Jean shares these valuables lessons: Where to start How to decode financial jargon its easier than danisl think How to get over your Im not smart enough to deal with money feelings Why being a good-enough investor will make you more money in the long-term while trying to be a great investor will drive you crazy Makke you might think you are bad at math, and why that doesnt have to be true How and where to save your money Why women make better investorsand higher returnsthan menJean is famous for her ability to explain money and investing.

In a clear and accessible way, she breaks down all the scariest parts of dealing with moneyfrom investing in stocks to saving for your retirementto make them doable, easy, and yes, even enjoyable.

She also includes throughout a Map to a Million, great tips on easy and quick financial changes you can make immediately. Are You Ready to Be Rich? If you want to get rich, if you want to be wealthier than you are today, you really need to do only four monry. Thats right, just four things. You need to make a decent living You need to spend less than you make You need to invest the money you dont spend so that it can work as hard for you as youre working for yourself And you need to protect yourself and this financial world youve built so that a disasterbig or smalldoesnt take it all away from youEverything else is exvuses window-dressing.

The feesand how to avoid. The advisorsand how to hire. The deals. The scams. The ins. The outs. They are all interesting. Some of them are even quite important. But until you have conquered the heart of the matter, they are all minutia. The four cornerstones, by contrast, are mae meat and potatoes of your financial life. If you do those jknes today, jonez start getting rich tomorrow. And once you feel set financially, youll be able to start focusing on the truly important things in life.

Mathematical Modeling of Complex Biological Systems. International Guide to Foreign Currency Management. Make Money, Not Excuses. Author: Chatzky Jean EN.

Artist Spotlight: Daniel Mason-Jones on Failure, Hustle & Social Media

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Everything from tips and tricks on industry amson, to how to build and operate a successful salon business. Delivered right to your inbox. Daniel Mason-Jones is on a mission ont elevate the salon industry by educating and inspiring stylists to be better. He believes that a combination of talent, passion, and relentless hard work drives real success. It’s the same formula that has worked for him from the beginning, earning a six figure income in his first year as a stylist. Now he runs Muse Salon and Spa, one of the country’s hottest salons. Over the last 16 years he has built a long list of loyal clients, including celebrities, and has male a highly sought-after educator for balayage and styling. Along the way he found his calling as a motivational speaker, mentoring beauty professionals on how to successfully build businesses and grow careers. If you are an industry business owner or stylist and are looking for the inspiration to take your success to the next level, look no. You’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire time. Join the thousands of stylists who have already gotten on the road to real success. Get more great content on his newly launched and fast-growing channel. Danile went wrong while submitting the form. Please try. Need inspiration for your next post? Social media has worked for him, now it can work for you. Discover exccuses you are within the business and define roles. Dniel interactive ways to learn the art of retailing, pre-booking, and building business behind the chair. Become a six-figure stylist in record time. Learn how to brand yourself and become a market leader in your area. Create and define your point of difference. Develop influential linguistics that set you apart.


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