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Which fields of engineering make the most money

which fields of engineering make the most money

Healthcare jobs topped the list of the highest-paying occupations, and the sector’s future is very bright. This growth is mainly due to an aging population, leading to greater demand for healthcare services, according to the agency. Rankings are based on salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For clarity and convenience, some overlapping job categories were omitted. The figures and statistics are based on data collected through May The U. Here are the highest-paying professions, based on the BLS data. For each, we list the report’s mean annual wage, with the report’s mean annual wage in parenthesis after it so you can compare how the compensation has changed. The BLS defines anesthesiologists as, «Physicians who administer anesthetics prior to, during, or after surgery, or other medical procedures. There are approximately 31, anesthesiologists in the U. Following four years of medical school, aspiring anesthesiologists in the U.

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As a result, engineering is one of the fastest growing and best-paid professions in the world. So read on, and find out where your skills could be best utilised! Aside from military engineering, this is the oldest engineering discipline in the world and is concerned with the building and maintenance of the built and natural environment. As a result, civil engineering is typically broken down into sub-disciplines, including:. Although these are the more prominent areas, there are many other subspecialties, including municipal, surveying, plant, earthquake and forensic engineering. Mechanical engineering is a very broad discipline and, at its core, is essentially the design and maintenance of anything that is composed of moving parts. It requires a strong understanding and comprehension of the following key areas:. It is the most common area of engineering and, as such, it is applicable across all industries and fields on projects and operations of all shapes and sizes. As a result, mechanical engineers are highly employable by almost any large organisation that owns factories or manufacturing plants. In a world where businesses are constantly looking to optimise production and manufacturing costs, eliminate wastefulness, and comply with environmental obligations, industrial engineers can be worth their weight in gold.

which fields of engineering make the most money

10. Architectural engineering — $50,000 — $90,400

It is no secret that STEM graduates are among the wealthiest people in the world. Check out these 10 highest paid engineering degrees! It is not a secret that engineering stands quite high on the list of best-paid degrees. Have in mind that all the data is based on U. Data and Statistics Bureau. Architectural engineers make sure a building will not take any structural, environmental damage or collapse in a few years and work on lighting, heating, air conditioning and plumbing. Dividing the time between working with CAD software in the office and construction sites, they need good communicative skills in order to work well in teams. Although personal requirements are quite low in comparison to other engineering professions, you can still have a really nice career. Another sub-specialty of engineering is focusing on solving medical and biological issues. Biomedical engineers can choose a preferred place to work at among hospitals, engineering firms or medical supply companies. Civil engineering graduates are in high demand these days. Every big city needs roads, bridges, as well as various transportation facilities, and this is where civil engineers get the most employment. Learning how to build all sorts of different buildings and infrastructure they can also protect the environment by designing and implementing environmentally-friendly projects. Thus, civil engineer salary can be quite high depending on project and education. Mechanical engineers are needed in most industries and can be involved in all aspects of work from research and development to manufacturing, management, and production. Working with electrical devices and components is obviously a part of the job of electrical engineers. Despite what you might think, it is an exciting and cutting-edge career: everyone needs to keep up with the latest technological advancements. Experienced professionals working in the United States can get quite a nice compensation based on the level of technical knowledge and experience in the field. Doing all sorts of things from designing parts of aircrafts to manufacturing missiles, aerospace engineering seems quite interesting to study and work in. Since every aerospace product is completely different, most engineers focus on just one whether it be satellites, missiles or commercial planes. Please bear in mind that these positions are usually affected by national programs and support so you will have a close connection with the public sector. Just think of Mark Zuckerberg and all your questions will vanish in the air. IT professionals get paid quite a lot for their labor. Employers are prepared to pay a high median annual salary even for college graduates.

10. Civil Engineer

So I was wondering engineeting field of these three makes the most over a career: Aerospace, Civil or Industrial? I see aerospace does, but I also read that Industrial engineers are more likely to become an engineering manager?

Thank you, am also fine like you then dear please am one 18 years experienced power electronics engineer from that my suggestion to you is all engineering fields are good in all countries not only in india means the feeling of good depends on mosr busy in job with ov interest because what you got job is fully related to your studied engineering.

In all fields there are money makers. Do you agree with this or not. Trending News. Teacher who kneeled during CFP title game speaks. Fired Cowboys coach reportedly lands a new job. Deadly avalanche strikes California ski resort. Grammys CEO threatens to ‘expose’ academy. Experts share what not to do at a funeral. Common not to know of your non-Hodgkin lymphoma? Cover of Eminem’s surprise album has hidden message. Fun1 Lv 4. Answer Save.

Dear pa, Thank you, am also fine like you then dear please am one 18 years experienced fngineering electronics engineer from that my suggestion to you is all engineering fields are good in all countries not only in india means the feeling of good depends on almost busy in job with more interest because whicj you engineerinf job is fully related to your studied engineering.

Hande Lv 7. It is civil engineers with private consultancy. How do you think about which fields of engineering make the most money answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Source s : visit www. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking .

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The field of engineering is expanding quickly. It requires skilled workers to apply principles based in scientific, mathematical, technological, and social methodologies to design, develop, construct, and operate structures, devices, systems, and processes. Skilled engineers find numerous opportunities for rewarding employment in many industries. Competition for engineering jobs can be quite competitive, and as with most careers, candidates who complete formal education, gain work experience and display skill are often preferred over individuals with less education, experience, and skill. Petroleum Engineers are responsible for finding the most efficient and profitable means of extracting oil and gas from rock formations far below the earth. They mots and develop ways to use water, chemicals, gases tields steam to force oil out of reserves, perform research, develop drill plans, and ensure proper maintenance and function of tthe and gas extraction equipment. Petroleum Engineers also develop means of connecting oil and gas deposits to new or existing wells. Nuclear Engineers research nuclear energy and radiation for industrial and medical use. They design and create the processes, instrumentation, equipment, and systems which contain nuclear materials used in multiple industries, from spacecraft to medical imaging devices. They also maintain and monitor nuclear operations within facilities to ensure safety, identify violations of nuclear regulations and laws, give instructions regarding the handling and disposal of nuclear waste, and develop thf measures for nuclear accidents. Nuclear Engineers also respond to plant shutdowns and other which fields of engineering make the most money when they occur. Aerospace Engineers design, develop, and test aircraft, satellites, spacecraft, missiles, and other air or spacecraft products for the military, commercial, or private use. They research and determine the safety of proposed aircraft projects and parts. Aerospace Engineers also evaluate products to ensure they meet customer requirements, engineering specifications, and quality standards. Aerospace Engineers identify and develop solutions for malfunctioning or damaged aircraft, spacecraft, and parts. Aerospace Engineers may begin their careers within entry level positions upon earning a bachelor degree, though many employers prefer candidates with the combination of a degree and work experience. Software Engineers blend computer science, mathematics, and engineering to design, develop, test, and maintain software or computer systems. They focus on user needs and write computer programs. Many work closely with teams of other computer science and engineering experts to secure, install, or develop advanced computer systems and software.


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