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Anyone make money doing life coaching

anyone make money doing life coaching

But it has to be said. And the ones who are ready to hear it, will listen. To preface all this, let it be known that I really believe in the power of life coaching. Coaches do good work and change lives. I love you coaches! And then they come to me asking me how they can make it work. How they can become overnight successes like so-and-so. I LOVE that my clients are so passionate about building businesses and doing awesome work in the world.

1. Can You Tell Us a Little Bit About Yourself and How You Got Started as a Life Coach?

Make sure you read the PS at the end of this lengthy post. This means that many people experience coaching at the lowest end of the skill spectrum. Coaches who have trained online, coaches who have done a weekend workshop, and coaches who have simply read a book about coaching are hanging out their shingles and offering free sessions to tempt potential clients. You can be extraordinary if you are willing to put in the time, educate yourself, and turn pro. Use that high bar for success to your advantage. Be one of the committed coaches willing to clear that bar. Here are four articles that nail some of hard truths behind this statistic and just what it takes to succeed as a coach:. But it has to be said.

9 thoughts on “Can You Make a Good Living Being a Life Coach?”

Has anyone ever told you that you are a people-person who is great at encouraging others? Have you thought about becoming a life coach to impact the lives of others in a huge way? A life coach is a person who encourages and helps people to reach their goals. You form a rapport with a client who wants to work on different aspects of their life. Life coaching is one of the most fulfilling careers in the self-help industry. The ultimate goal of life coaching is to help the client feel empowered enough to make the changes desired to attain their goals. Those careers require a heck of a lot of schooling. The beauty of being a life coach is that you just need to have a few qualities that would make you a great life coach. The industry of life coaching is not regulated like counseling or therapy. There are no legal requirements or stipulations in becoming a life coach. You also might feel a little more self-confident about your ability to state what you do. Your salary as a life coach would depend on your own success and specialty areas. Most of us have goals at one time or another. With a life coach, there is the accountability factor. Clients who hire life coaches tend to work harder to get to where they want to be. They feel responsible, not only to themselves but to the person they hire. A life coach is an expert at making things happen in both the personal lives of their clients as well as their careers. They are skilled at communication that involves helping others feel empowered to reach their goals. They also know how to more efficiently make it happen, with less energy and time. Seriously, though, not anyone can be a life coach.

1. Can You Tell Us a Little Bit About Yourself and How You Got Started as a Life Coach?

I get asked the same questions over and over again regarding the work I do: Life Coaching. The most common ones are:. How do you become a life coach? How much money can you make being a life coach? How much work is involved? I know for me, upon hearing that this was an actual profession, it was like a dream come true. The stars in my eyes could be seen for miles. I had no idea how to run a business. But, I did my research and soon found that I could easily make 6-figures if I just bought X product, hired Y marketing coach, and enrolled in Z class. And while I was weary and do not regret any of the products, coaches and classes I purchased, I would like to take this opportunity to dispel a few myths out there in regards to the business of life coaching. I, myself broke even, the first two years. Meaning all the money I made was put right back in to pay for my coaching school, website, business and marketing classes, coaches and a few other start-up costs. I do know of some coaches that have made 6-figures early on in their careers, but they have all been people that are highly connected to someone in the industry that has helped them get ahead. You can ease out of your day job. Make coaching your side hustle, your job for a while and at the same time save money specifically for when you make the leap. If at all possible, go down to part time at your steady job, get all those things done that insurance takes care of and when you are very, very ready… still keep your day job at least one day a week. Then quit.

3. What Are the Requirements for Becoming a Life Coach?

My purpose here on this Planet is to be a healer. I sing, write, and I love to counsel people. I also love helping people with like chronic disease.

My aunt had diabetes and always looks for someone to talk to about it. I also love being around children and animals. Animals are my anjone since they give unconditional love.

I went to college and have over 60 credits. I was majoring in elementary education but it wasn’t my «calling. I don’t want to have debt. I’m looking for a career that describes all my likes. I found life coaching and it seems to be similar to what I want to do but I’m nake sure if I can make money of this anykne Also I am not just sticking to life coaching if you know of a career similar to what I am coqching about please do tell.

Noa, are you great at marketing? Do you have a charismatic personality? Are you a risk taker? You can put together a business plan, including how you are going to capitalize your business start up, and hang your shingle out as soon as you are ready. Just don’t call yourself by one of the professional names for counselors in your state so that you don’t get in trouble from a licensing board.

If you are not a business person and expect to be hired for a non sales job coacjing counseling credentials if you want to be a counselor. There is a reason that all the states require professional counselors to be licensed.

When you are messing with people’s lives, especially with super vulnerable people in trouble, you can do a lot of damage. If you are trained you have much more of a chance at actually helping beyond the feel good for the moment stage, and at making fewer potentially life threatening mistakes.

You will have a tried and true widely accepted ethical code lofe guide you and professional mentors in your training. You will benefit personally from the research based knowledge and theory that you doong. You can get masters prepared licensing credentials depending on the type of counseling that you want coacging. If you want to be a clinical social worker, for example, you can get your bachelor’s in social work and go one more year in an advanced placement program University of Houston offers this, and probably others do too to come out with coaxhing MSW.

When you take your licensing exam you can do supervised clinical practice. When you document your supervised practice for a couple of years and take another licensing exam then you can get a license to do independent clinical work.

You can do case management social work with a bachelors where you help people establish their goals and help them moneh decisions about how to put things in place to make their goals a reality, and then help them take action. It is not therapy but it is very therapeutic. You can also do substance abuse counseling with a bachelor’s in some states. Check where you want to practice because each state has different anyone make money doing life coaching rules.

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Running a coaching and consulting company dedicated to helping women achieve breakthrough in their lives and work, I meet thousands of folks each year who want to reinvent, many of whom are considering launching a coaching or consulting practice, or other small business of their. They long to transition into coaching for solid reasons, and many come with great, top-level experience. As a career consultant, I help people evaluate if launching a coaching practice or other venture seems a viable step for them first by conducting a thorough assessment of their goals, abilities, preferences, personality, values, mission, purpose, and long-term plans. Go for it! About becoming a coach, the average income of a life coach in the U. Success requires time, action, commitment, and a good number of top level skills to differentiate yourself, and to generate a large enough community to continue to fill your pipeline of paying clients. Those stats apply to my business as. Ask yourself the following questions:. What have I earned before and if I want to top that, what will I do differently? How do I deal with it, earn it, save it, invest it and grow it? Are my actions around money, and feelings, and views powerful and healthy? Are you committed to making the living you want? If not, what will be my plan to grow myself, my knowledge and skill set — to be part of the minority segment of high-earners in the coaching field? If not, where will I get support, learn new skills, and how will I fund this growth? If you conduct a deep exploration of your answers to these questions and come up ready to move forward to pursue life coaching as your career, fantastic!! If not, then perhaps other avenues and outcomes of career reinvention are more suited to you, and will make you happier and more fulfilled. Here are some first great steps:. Find a successful life coach to hire who could serve as your mentor business coach. My specific tip here : Use a business coach who has already achieved what you long to. Gain a thorough grasp of your financial situation — what you need to earn, what you spend, what you can cut back on, how you will fund your reinvention, and so on. Get a great financial consultant to help you sort out your situation, and set realistic, stretching goals.


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