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Dead trigger 2 how to make money fast

dead trigger 2 how to make money fast

Dead Trigger 2 is a new zombie shooting game that has been compared to jow XBox or PS4 game as far as the quality of the graphics. There is a huge batch of new levels and level types, as hw as a storyline — things that were not present in the original Dead Trigger. Money is the main type of currency in the game, while gold coins are the premium currency. Read on to find out how to get more of both! If you have a hard time beating the medium and hard stages, stick to noney easy stages, and if you have a hard time beating the hard stages, stick to the medium stages. Higher afst pay more objective money but only if you win. You can pick up money from the zombie drops whenever you kill a zombie. Go to a stage where zombies spawn endlessly, such as a supply drop stage or a stage where you have to complete a specific set of tasks in order. Go find a zombie spawn point, stand in front of it and kill zombies for as long as you want.

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Dead Trigger 2 is one of the best first-person action games for free mobile phones with a frankly simple proposition. The planet has been ravaged by an infection, turning every human being into a zombie. A great technical section, its direct gameplay and without concisions in addition to improving our weapons are some of the tricks of this game. Here are some Dead Trigger tricks that will undoubtedly surprise you and for good because it will make your life easier in this great action game for Android and iPhone, so popular, so downloaded on both platforms. In theory, the zombie horde that stalks you is relatively easy to overcome because the individuals that compose it are very easy to defeat as far as their life is concerned. That is, they fall easily if you point and shoot correctly. The biggest difficulty they have is that they can be very numerous and this makes you have to be agile pointing and you do not run out of ammunition. This method or mode of shooting is a little more difficult. It may seem obvious, but it is. Your source of painkillers often means the difference between winning and losing, as they restore your health and also hold time for 2 seconds , something to be thankful for. Health is always restored and no matter what the damage, so health can reach values of more than Not having a maximum can be fine. Weapons are the vital element in Dead Trigger 2. Therefore updating as soon as possible is the best advice. The game has several global events where you have to kill a certain number of zombies. The more you kill, the better the rewards you get. If you do not register, a new offer will be displayed through a pop-up window, with more free offers. Offers are for other apps that you can download and run. If you do, you will have your reward in gold. Mini-heads like the scientist, Kamikaze and Vomitron can be extremely difficult to kill without taking a ton of painkillers. To make it easier, you should try using gasoline barrels, which are red in color. By the way it will also damage other nearby zombies. Explosions help a lot, as if you were in Boom Beach! You can earn extra money by doing things like using melee weapons. If you are a butcher, you cut off a head, a leg or an arm you will get extra bonuses. Repair downed barricades for another bonus. Another option is to find the piggy banks for each stage and shoot them.

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Dead Trigger 2 is just the type of game you need to play on those darker holidays Halloween, for instance. This is video of an alpha build, so this is a glimpse, but nothing included is finalized. After registering, a new pop up offer wall will come up on the screen. Make sure you take advantage of all the free apps that come up on that 2nd, hidden wall. Download all the apps, start them, end them then go ahead and reload Dead Trigger 2. Pulling off a bunch of successful headshots will fill your pockets a lot more if your aim is pretty solid. Two other ways to make money will involve you interacting with the environment and raising the difficulty level. Minibosses are the only zombies in the game who will drop blueprint pieces, but on defend stages, you can simply evade them until time runs out, and on other stages, you can run away from them and accomplish whatever objective you need to in order to win except for the assault stages. Kill them all, and even stick around the zombie spawn points for awhile to draw out even more of them, so that they can drop more blueprints. Painkillers can often mean the entire difference between winning and losing. Not only does each painkiller restore a portion of your health, but they also stop time for one or two seconds at a time. As soon as you lay eyes on it, take off in the opposite direction of that frightening icon. Taking off in another direction will keep you somewhat safe and place you in a less packed location. Your life will be all the better if you pay attention to that red skull icon. Share these Dead Trigger 2 tips and cheats! Share Tweet Email.

2. Headshots Are Your Best Bet

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Dead Trigger 2. How to Get Money Fast {no boosters, no hacks}

Download — Dead Trigger 2 | How To Get Money Fast!! No Hacks

Dead Trigger 2 is shooting its way up the App Mmake charts as we type, and with good reason — it’s not just a great game, it’s a superb showcase for the potential of touchscreen gaming. We gave it a well-deserved score of 4. If there’s one thing you can’t have enough of in the game, it’s cold hard cash so you can keep those weapons coming and the gizmos flying. We’ve picked out our best ways to make your cash go a little further, and come in a little quicker. Follow these tips and you’ll be swimming in money in no time. Any time you kill fats zombie, there’s a pretty good chance it’ll drop a handful of cash. Make sure you move over this essential currency to hoover it up. But it’s not just about raining hell down on the enemy in any way you fancy. If you can pull off a clean headshot, you’ll get bonus money for your impressive dexterity. This is very easy to do when you’re up against small packs of enemies early on in the game. Get some distance between you and the shuffling fools, and take your time to get the aiming reticule right between their eyes. It might take more than one shot to finish them off, so just keep that aim straight and whittle their health. This gets easier and faster with practice, and trigber always benefit you. Before you start each mission, you’ll be given the option to choose an Easy, Normal or Hard version.


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