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How to start making small birthday cakes for money

how to start making small birthday cakes for money

Many people purchase cakes for different occasions, ranging from baby showers to weddings and birthday parties. Even those who know how to bake well find it time-consuming to make the perfect treat for their celebration, so they patronize a bakery or cake decorator. Cake decorators perform the same duties as those who work in a bakery, but often offer lower prices since they have lower overhead costs. If you want to start a small cake decorating business, you will need more than great recipes, creativity and talent to become successful. Focus on a niche. For instance, you can sell wedding cakes, special occasion cakes or cakes that resemble three-dimensional objects. To keep your business small, you need to go after a very specific target market. Obtain the licenses needed in your city to start a food business. Most states don’t allow home food businesses, so you may need to rent a commercial kitchen. You may also be required to obtain a food enterprise license, food manager certification or food how to start making small birthday cakes for money permit. Make and photograph examples of your best work to create your portfolio. For instance, if you plan to sell special occasion cakes, make one suitable for an anniversary, a cake for a child’s birthday and another that is ideal for a graduation party. Buy wholesale equipment and ingredients needed to make your cakes. Doing so will save you a considerable amount of money, as opposed to paying retail at a grocery or craft store. Gain actual client testimonials to garner new business.

We stumbled upon this idea and thought, WOW! Watch the reaction here on a clip we found on Youtube….. Then enclose them in the cellophane wrapping and stick them shut. Then using sticky tape, join each of the cellophane money sleeves end to end to form a long row. Starting at one end of the long Money strip, roll it up put aside for later — this will be inserted into the toilet roll. Tape one end of the roll shut and leave the other end open. Insert the roll of money into the open end of the toilet roll and feed the start of the money through the slit. Then tape the open end of the toilet roll closed. Attach the length of ribbon or string onto this beginning edge of the Money Roll. Then using a knife, cut a hole into the middle of your Birthday Cake sponge the size of the toilet roll and insert the toilet roll into the hole. Using the bits of cut out cake sponge, refill around the gaps near the toilet roll — ensure the ribbon is poking out the top. Lastly, attach the ribbon to the bottom of your Happy Birthday Sign or Candle or just leave poking out of the cake — ready to be pulled out! The fairies are celebrating a new decade with their own Fairy Calendar. It is so How to keep Christmas alive for older kids? Almost every child loves to write Santa a letter every Christmas and we have the Email address:. Opening Fairy Doors. Watch the Money Cake Video Tutorial …. Fairy Fishing January 12, Fairy Calendar January 2, Summer Fairy Fun December 27, Free Santa Letters December 6, Subscribe to our Fairy Newsletter Email address:. Our Door is Always Open.

Working from home running a cake business is often the choice of those who are trying to juggle having a family with needing to earn a living and pay the bills. It often starts out as a hobby and progresses into doing cakes for friends and family and spirals from there. This is most often down to a lack of experience in business and pricing. It is however something you can learn and change so that you are soon making the cakes you love and turning a profit whilst working from home. Get your product range right, making cakes in every size, style and flavour will never make anyone rich. Instead choose a small range of cakes you will offer, for example if you have a core range of three products, you will have something to suit all clients. An example of this is Cupcakes either boxed or in a cupcake bouquet for the lower end of your pricing, then celebration cakes in standard shapes and from servings, finally your bespoke range which can be anything from your carved cakes to wedding cakes. Then go away and do a detailed quote for them with three options of a cake for them. A budget option , less detail on the cake, outline everything that will be included. Then a second option which is bang on the money, the right amount of detail to create the theme and the price to warrant your time spent. Then finally detail an all singing all dancing cake for them with the cake fully themed and put the price that covers the time it will take you. Quite often when you give a quote like this the customer appreciates it as they then have a choice and they can go with head or heart as to which design they decide on.

how to start making small birthday cakes for money

This easy DIY Money Cake is full of money inside to pull that would be a perfect surprise for a birthday, wedding, graduation, or any other special event! Learn how to make a money cake as well as some of the tips and tricks I learned along the way. This DIY money cake has been quite a hit. Sorry, I know this is a long post, but there was a lot I wanted to share. The cake can be a little tricky, but not hard to make. There are all sorts of versions out there. They seem to be popular in Asia and like Singapore and the Philippines from what I can tell. Therefore, a lot of the videos and posts are not in English. I pieced together what I could from all over, and made my own. The kid never asks for anything, EVER. All he wanted was a homemade cake and money to save up for a few things. I looked through various money cake ideas and knew this one would be perfect for him. This cake with money inside is a little different than other money cakes such as those where you roll up money and place it on the OUTSIDE of the cake or a cardboard cake. The bad news is that it does take a little bit of time and effort. Check out my Amazon list with all of the above and more specific supplies that will help you get started. Be sure to check out the video at the bottom of the post for much better directions and information. I made a delicious and easy chocolate peanut butter cake. I included the recipe at the bottom of the post. My popular Cannoli Cake would also be great for this. Or this Carrot Cake or Funfetti Cake would be fun too!

If you love to bake and have a creative spirit, a customized cake baking business combines both passions. Birthday cakes today take on many forms. Any shape you can imagine can be sculpted into a cake. Whether you offer simple cakes or towering masterpieces, customized birthday cakes offer flexibility for your home bakery business. Ask your local health department and state business licensing office about any local laws regarding home bakeries and obtain any necessary licenses and permits.

Some states have a cottage law that allows home bakeries, others require a separate kitchen, and still others outlaw home bakeries. If home baking isn’t allowed, rent a commercial kitchen. Buy cake baking and decorating equipment. One of the biggest expenses in starting a home-based birthday cake business will be for supplies such as cake pans, a professional mixer and icing tips.

Look for these items through a local restaurant supply store. Order business cards with your name, what types of cakes you offer and your contact information. Make up a brochure that shows pictures of your work and gives a general idea of prices and how much time is needed to create a cake. Include how far you will travel to deliver a cake or if the customer needs to pick it up.

Give away a few cakes at first to gain experience. Offer to create a birthday cake for your best friend’s birthday party. Make the cake as unique and interesting as possible and take pictures to show clients. Do this several times with different family members and friends.

This will give you pictures to show, and those at the party may want to order cakes for their own events. Let everyone in your address book know you bake cakes. Once you’ve created a few, orders from those who’ve seen your work will begin to arrive. If business gets off to a slow start, place an advertisement in the local newspaper or how to start making small birthday cakes for money with a local business that offers birthday parties, such as an indoor playground. Lori Soard has been a writer sincecovering a variety of topics for local newspapers and magazines such as «Woman’s World.

Soard is also the author of several published books, both fiction and nonfiction. Skip to main content. Tips Create a website and upload pictures of your cakes so potential customers can see your work. Try different cake and icing recipes until you find a few that your family and friends love and that are easy for you to work with as a decorator.

Keep the supplies for these on hand to make these basic cakes in case you get a rush order. About the Author Lori Soard has been a writer sincecovering a variety of topics for local newspapers and magazines such as «Woman’s World. Accessed 18 January Soard, Lori. Small Business — Chron. Note: Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site .

How to Decorate Your First Cake



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