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Kingdom come making money reddit

kingdom come making money reddit

A first-person, open world, realistic RPG that will take you to Medieval Europe in a time of great upheaval and strife. Official Website. The rules of reddit and reddiquette also apply. Please use the report function sensibly. Suggestion Best way to makinv money for From the Ashes? My time spent rebuilding Pribyslavitz has been tedious as I continue to find myself low on groschen. Any tips? It took me awhile poring Groschen into rebuilding. I am now making money for only around Groschen. I built a Bakery, Stables, Forge with the armour smith upgrade and the trader. If your Henry is inclined to theft, I know where the Rattay armorsmith’s chest is. He always has several thousand groschen by mid-game. Go up the stairs at the back of the Rattay rathaus and through the door. Take kingcom right and you’ll redeit a very hard locked door in front of you. Get kingdom come making money reddit that and there’ll be a few chests with all his armor and groschen.

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A first-person, open world, realistic RPG that will take you to Medieval Europe in a time of great upheaval and strife. Official Website. The rules of reddit and reddiquette also apply. Please use the report function sensibly. Question How do you make so much money? I’ve watched videos and everything about it from lock picking and bandit hunting and I do all that and sell things to the fences but how do you people get over k when I end the game with 20k and the last 3k of that was from the last few missions. I haven’t even been to Neuhoff yet but I have over 20k just from a few hunting trips. Yeah, hunting is ridiculously OP. Even the hares are worth a fortune. You just have to remember to cook it or it’ll go bad and be worthless and uncooked meat is also marked as stolen, since you’re poaching. Sell all your bandit loot to the same shop owner. His amount of money will begin to rise. My Merch has about 80k now lol. Then get your lockpicking skill up to level 15 and take all that money from his lock box. I think it’s that the more goods you sell to him, the more money he can make selling those goods to others. So his business gets better over time since he’s buying cheap from you and selling to others high. The stuff I sell to him doesn’t stay with him long. All the items you sell to them gets converted to their max sell value and added to the merchants wealth in days when their stock reset. Grab everything you got, sell to the Miller. Doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have enough money, just give him everything for free. Wait days, the Millers should now have money equivalent to the max sell value of the items given to him. Go up to the trunk above the beds in his house.

kingdom come making money reddit

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A first-person, open world, realistic RPG that will take you to Medieval Europe in a time of great upheaval and strife. Official Website. The rules of reddit and reddiquette also apply. Please use the report function sensibly. Question Any tips to make money early game? I’m fairly early game I’ve done a few story missions and side quests. Right now I’m just having fun running around boosting herbalism and hunting. However, I can’t seem to really find a good way to make some cash early game. All I want to do at this point is to make enough to go over to the armory in Rattay and buy a nice kit of gear before I continue on with the story. Does anyone know of any good ways to do this? I’ve been trying my hand at picking and selling herbs but it doesn’t seem very efficient. Go hunting with Hans Capon. Once you complete the mission you will be able to purchase some fancy gear. After that you might want to kill bandits for sir Bernard. Even if you are not very good at fighting you still can kill everyone in the bandit camp if you sneak inside at night while they sleep. Meh, better time for sneak kills is during day. Sneak around and every now and then some bandit goes away from camp where rest of them can’t detect your kill. Edit: You don’t need to buy any equvip early on, just clear camps for Bernard, that will give you decent armor for starters. You don’t need to buy full plate which sells Armorer in Rattay as this is basically endgame stuff, you will hardly find anything better during whole gameplay. I just randomly ran into them while doing the bird quest and managed to kill them all by kiting them with a bow which auto-fired since I didn’t have the skills yet. How early and how much money do you need? The game is very slow to start as you have no skill and no assets, but by advancing one of these the other becomes almost obsolete. The easiest way is to pick A Lot of herbs, get the leg day perk and vitality bonus. Take your haul to the rattay alchemist and start brewing whatever you can. Getting herbalism and alchemy to level 15 or higher will get you tons of money fairly early without facing challenging opponents, and the potions you brew can double your effectiveness in combat, stealing, and persuading early game, which can open up more quest options. Another option is to dive into combat. You may miss some opportunities if you don’t take breaks to level speech and do errand quests if you try advancing to far. I’ve made a fucktone of money 3k by stealing everything from rathaus. Hunting is also good — drive-by shooting of hares lends around each time i travel between villages.

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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Kingdom Come: Deliverance Store Page. Global Achievements. Showing 1 — 14 of 14 comments. Befram View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Befram :. Lightning View Profile View Posts. You could knockout the guy in his house without anyone seeing, loot all the stuff he had on him and take everything in the house I think I had around 25g total and was able to buy all 10 easily.

Moe View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Moe ; 13 Feb, pm. If after selling all of Kunesh’s stuff you still don’t have enough money then kill some chickens and throw them on the fire.

Originally posted by ManletPride :. Nevermissabeat View Profile View Posts. Go to the arena where you practice sword fighting, pick up some sage. It sells for a lot of money. It also increases your herbalism skill. Enorats View Profile View Posts. Knock out a guard, steal his polearm. After that you outta have enough to buy the charcoal. Of course, the guy probably won’t sell to you after that. On the plus side, you’ll even get to see if your own family will join in the defense of the village against you.

Snakekiller View Profile View Posts. Tamiore View Profile View Posts. And an awesome bonus from herbalism you can level up to Last edited by Tamiore ; 18 Feb, am.

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kingdom come making money reddit



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